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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Psychology2, 485:personalities. According to the realized soul development upon the physical plane will be thePsychology2, 487:The result of all this is twofold. One is the development of a spirit of great hopefulness amongPsychology2, 510:quiescent waiting brain. According to the mental development and educational advantages of thePsychology2, 515:plus the problems arising out of the premature development of the lower psychic powers as well asPsychology2, 518:but is a determining factor in the successful development of the human unit. Therefore, it is ofPsychology2, 521:idea of the subject, indicate certain lines of development and relationship anent the seven majorPsychology2, 522:The whole process is, as you can see, one of development, use and transference, as is the case inPsychology2, 522:transference, as is the case in all evolutionary development. There are two major transferringPsychology2, 526:good change and tends correctly to a rounded out development. It is only temporary, for still thePsychology2, 532:is unpleasant. In the early stages of mystical development, if there were right guidance of thePsychology2, 532:are closely allied in this particular period of development. If right help can be given at thisPsychology2, 535:is, as we have seen, primarily the result of the development of a man's personality to the point ofPsychology2, 537:is no creative expression of any kind as the development of the man does not permit him to bePsychology2, 538:prevented from full expression, through lack of development or other causes, leads to cancerousPsychology2, 538:at this time to trace the true history of the development of the difficulties connected with sexualPsychology2, 539:efforts should be to achieve a rounded-out development which brings into use sequentially,Psychology2, 553:The race is advancing so rapidly in its development that this center will soon compete with thePsychology2, 555:idea (should I say Fact, for such it is?) of the development of an increasing capacity to includePsychology2, 555:factor, the Self, which brings about this steady development, needs emphasizing. From thePsychology2, 556:can be consciously developed. Hitherto, the development has been natural, normal and part of thePsychology2, 556:much distress among those who believe that the development of the lower psychic powers is aPsychology2, 556:psychic powers is a hindrance to true spiritual development. Certain mystics regard these powers asPsychology2, 556:powers, their correct placing upon the path of development, and a comprehension of the distinctionPsychology2, 556:idea which I would have you bear in mind is the development of Inclusiveness. This inclusiveness isPsychology2, 563:we call consciousness; it is in reality, the development of a gradual expansion of capacity to bePsychology2, 572:sets its recipient apart, thus tending to the development of a Messiah complex. [573] I like thatPsychology2, 574:much to the assistance and aid of humanity. The development of the psychic powers is basically duePsychology2, 575:are connected with, and dependent upon, the development of the centers. In the low grade humanPsychology2, 575:next race for, in the next great cycle of racial development, there will be no people with aPsychology2, 580:threshold of consciousness is the intent of the development planned for the Aryan race. I wouldPsychology2, 581:This is the stage of psychic development. The ajna center between the eyebrows, corresponding toPsychology2, 581:sensitized and used. This is the stage of mental development. The head center, involving the entirePsychology2, 584:It might here be pointed out that mystical development and aspiration are the way of escape fromPsychology2, 586:a course of intellectual training and of mental development which would, if persisted in for aPsychology2, 592:to just this difference in the evolutionary development of the vehicles, the stage of the expandingPsychology2, 594:The disciple has now reached the point in his development where the etheric web, which separatesPsychology2, 595:the diaphragm, then there is much danger of over-development of the sense of egotism,Psychology2, 597:not preserving the right or ordered sequence of development, as outlined above; that they arePsychology2, 598:of a more advanced kind and dependent upon the development of the mind nature more than upon thePsychology2, 598:Problems of Disciples and Mystics Problem of the Development of the Mystical Vision This process ofPsychology2, 601:of the vision in astral matter, its development through the power of emotion (masquerading asPsychology2, 606:mystical vision is the necessary though passing development in the human being of the "dreaming"Psychology2, 612:direction of all the life forces and a right development (following ray indications) of all thePsychology2, 613:three types of difficulties, emerging out of the development and the unfoldment of the psychicPsychology2, 623:life are fortunately for humanity far from full development, but much of the present worldPsychology2, 630:idealists. The dangers to the race and to its development of a disastrous war or wars, and thePsychology2, 630:disastrous condition of no real or definite development, but simply decades of the present impassePsychology2, 631:bringing the race to its [631] present point of development, but which must now disappear if thePsychology2, 631:Those who stand behind world affairs and the development of humanity have been hard put to it toPsychology2, 644:being no formal organization) but through the development of the necessary qualities andPsychology2, 651:with the Plan, and is strenuously working at its development. Those who have responded to thePsychology2, 652:now on foot is in line with the evolutionary development going on upon our planet. It is thereforePsychology2, 657:of world unfoldment and integration. The development of self consciousness and of the uniquelyPsychology2, 657:the right and desired technique in the past. The development of group consciousness, through thePsychology2, 676:incapable of application. It is the plan for the development of a group of people, gathered out ofPsychology2, 706:of the soul which is the creator aspect. This development will produce definite habit changes inPsychology2, 707:and the shift of the earth's pole. 3. The development of the new art. This will be expressive of aPsychology2, 716:of other human beings and their spiritual development as a result of the stimulation and thePsychology2, 725:necessity of renewed and fresh efforts. But the development and actual functioning of the plansPsychology2, 728:as to Their ray and background of evolutionary development - have already established. This attemptPsychology2, 733:being. The hope of the world today lies in the development of good will - not peace as the word isPsychology2, 743:the evolutionary law. It is the next great human development. Behind, in the distant past of thePsychology2, 747:of the day of opportunity; it will require the development in all of the spirit of silence, forRays, 5:body and the place it plays in the student's development. It should be recognized as the shadow ofRays, 6:man. The more advanced should follow this. The development of the faculty of mind control, so thatRays, 7:through temptations for those final stages in development which will put into his power: TheRays, 11:as in the evolving Ego, the moment of greatest development is oft the moment of greatest pain (ifRays, 28:of these ideas the same basic and profound development must take place, and a group of disciplesRays, 36:the members simultaneously into the same group development is not required. Basically, what I amRays, 39:conscience into greater control, and the steady development of the "fiery aspiration" to whichRays, 45:the rule which governs this particular stage of development. Toward a newer tension. TheRays, 46:truth. In the next stage, that of initiate-development, the Son, in its turn, becomes the feminineRays, 49:pass on to another expression and to the next development in the life of the initiate, which isRays, 49:of human will-to-good - the first phase of the development of the will aspect. It is the higherRays, 52:human need in that phase of material and form development. I refer here also to the development ofRays, 52:and form development. I refer here also to the development of mind or of the mental form. TheRays, 60:vital and significant of tremendous growth and development. The initiate has heard the Word whichRays, 85:precipitated this world crisis: The growth and development of the human family and (as you haveRays, 85:creates the manifested world as a field for soul development and as an area wherein divine purposeRays, 88:of life, and their first major task must be the development of right human relations, through theRays, 88:of the masses. This means the paralleling development of an enlightened public opinion, which isRays, 89:and Humanity. He can do this because the development of the Wisdom aspect in His nature makes itRays, 95:we have formulated doctrine and mental development. The work now being done by Shamballa and theRays, 110:in humanity as a step preparatory to the development of response to divine purpose. It isRays, 114:antahkarana. The nature of the intuition and its development, as it supersedes the mind in its twoRays, 116:result of agelong experience and evolutionary development. He is told by the Christ that he mustRays, 122:is, however, ready for exceedingly rapid development and this readiness will demonstrateRays, 123:work demanded by Shamballa is to be found in the development of the Art of Visualization. ThroughRays, 123:Such will be the new vision - an outcome of the development of the sense of vision. 2. Groups,Rays, 124:behind all world phenomena, all evolutionary development, all unfoldment within the capacity of theRays, 139:The nature of consciousness, through the development of psychology. The doctrine of the Trinity, asRays, 141:give only faint and inadequate clues. To the development of this system of identification theRays, 144:is true whether the statement is applied to the development of the individual or of the group. TheRays, 155:All the time the Hierarchy is aiding in his development and at the same time protecting the WayRays, 163:is indicative of process, progress and development. It is this aspect of the Law of Life (or theRays, 170:increasingly conscious of reality through the development of an inner mechanism of light which - inRays, 178:cosmic etheric planes, and one of the lines of development (confronting the initiate) is toRays, 179:and activities. These indicate his point of development. The devas are the agents of the divineRays, 187:life from the massed desire of humanity. Human development along astral lines, expressing itself asRays, 189:Black Lodge. One of the results of this mental development was the sending of the disciples out
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