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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Rays, 191:the various veils. This is the next needed development. The groups must focus the energy at theRays, 198:marks a very exalted state of Being and stage of development. It was into the blackness andRays, 206:yet been able to reach the state or condition of development which would warrant Their forming aRays, 207:Those Who are responsible for the planetary development, along certain predetermined lines, makeRays, 208:essentially a pioneering effort. That such a development was inevitable, if the evolutionary growthRays, 210:the outer group of some Ashram but desire for development, for achievement and for liberation. TheRays, 216:factor in the long cycle of personality development; it was the principle of intelligent synthesis,Rays, 231:group progress will bring about many types of development. It is this different approach to theRays, 234:through joy." It seems to be a law for group development to receive recognition from the side ofRays, 238:Hierarchy, must and does (as part of a normal development) feel the effect. From the Christ down toRays, 253:will necessarily depend upon their own point of development and also upon their ability toRays, 256:individual purity or consecration or to mental development or to group relationships, as they workRays, 268:principle reached its [268] highest stage of development; They embody in Themselves in a mostRays, 282:universal sentiency is taking its place. To this development I have given the inadequate name ofRays, 282:is only a beginning of an entirely new phase of development; consciousness eventually drops belowRays, 283:which is brought about by the unfoldment and the development made possible upon the three levels ofRays, 289:planet as a whole. In the hierarchical stage of development which Christ had attained and whichRays, 290:enabled Jesus on His own level of spiritual development to take the fourth initiation, that of theRays, 295:of expression does not consequently concern the development and personal progress of the initiate.Rays, 295:He has been taken into the Ashram because of his development and because of the contribution heRays, 295:interpret it. According to their spiritual development and their intelligent perception, so will beRays, 297:the Plan can be learnt. When this phase of development is completed the disciple can then begin toRays, 312:to the Plan, under hierarchical impression. The development of monadic sensitivity. It might be ofRays, 312:interest at this point if, in view of this third development - responsiveness to pure will - weRays, 313:the life of the Christ wherein this process of development within His consciousness, this monadicRays, 325:step further on and indicated the next stage of development ahead of the disciple. The time hasRays, 333:and upon the inevitability of evolutionary development itself, but the reappearance of theRays, 346:and initiates at all points of evolutionary development and of all grades and degrees; these allRays, 348:have been developed. Naturally, the character development must be present and assumed to be stableRays, 360:planes (the four levels of so-called spiritual development); these are conditioned by three forcesRays, 361:initiations are to the initiate at this stage of development what the first and second initiationsRays, 362:in the Ashrams from the angle of their own development; they are not prone to remember that theRays, 362:the quality of the Ashram but that His own development and His eventual decisions are closelyRays, 364:as participation in an initiatory process; the development of the so-called irreligious man into aRays, 364:the human being forward towards some form of development (physical, emotional, intuitional, and soRays, 365:- may not and frequently will not express this development in terms of what is now regarded asRays, 365:of the seventh initiation. These all register development in group awareness, as well as in theRays, 371:whole than can initiates of lesser degree and development. It is this capacity which makes ThemRays, 371:the choice between the seven Paths. With this development and decision we shall later deal. TheRays, 377:is the lowest aspect of the will. Their development produces a reorientation which becomes aRays, 392:- is a major undertaking; it is related to the development of understanding the Will, and concernsRays, 393:impression is, however, made possible by the development of the intuition, and has no relation toRays, 399:of that divine unfoldment and receive the needed development and education than on the Earth. OnRays, 400:forward via humanity and modern scientific development. There are many Masters Who do not work withRays, 406:which indicate an advanced state of evolutionary development. Their work is to further progressiveRays, 406:Their work is to further progressive development of identification. They begin with theRays, 419:each ray Lord, whilst following His own path of development, has certain qualities to express andRays, 421:also plays a peculiarly interesting part in the development of our entire planetary life. For theRays, 424:the changes necessitated by the abnormally rapid development of mankind, with its consequentRays, 424:it used to be, owing to the mental and intuitive development of man, that this fact has forcedRays, 426:achieve the goal but who lack as yet the full development of the manasic principle. This being theRays, 426:solar system of love-wisdom or of astral-buddhic development, the fourth Path includes the largerRays, 434:dealing with them here because of the stage of development now reached by the human mind, becauseRays, 447:can "hold itself steady in the light," and the development of a cultured right interpretation, soRays, 452:activity of the lower nature corresponds to the development of continuity between theRays, 455:in this task of unfoldment, of evolution and of development, the mind of man has to understand,Rays, 455:is essential, for it is not only through the development of creative ability in the three worldsRays, 458:the eye. [458] The heart doctrine governs occult development; the eye doctrine - which is theRays, 461:conclusion - for this world cycle - through the development of the three aspects of mind upon [462]Rays, 463:Mental Plane Lower mental awareness. The development of true mental perception. Soul awareness orRays, 467:their foundation and their recognition and development are the objectives upon the Path ofRays, 469:revealed Whole. The part, through the magnetic development of its own nature, comes into touchRays, 472:new fields of spiritual experience and of divine development - incomprehensible as yet, even to theRays, 480:very many, people are at the Atlantean stage of development of "auric sensitivity." A few - a veryRays, 483:been necessary and a part of the evolutionary development of the human consciousness. The kingdomRays, 497:takes place at the most advanced stage of development is the complete fusion of the unifiedRays, 498:to the fact that the race is now at the point of development which warrants complete change in theRays, 498:laid upon purification, upon the need for the development of the Christ life, upon the mysticalRays, 509:This corresponds to the much earlier stage of development in which the mind was held steady in theRays, 521:of very great, but at the same time, arrested development. This was of course impossible, but theRays, 526:energies, attributes, and to further their development within the body of the planetary Logos. TheyRays, 526:of Their period of appearing, the point in that development which had been reached. TheseRays, 530:live and move and have our being. Through the development of the antahkarana and its conscious,Rays, 539:sense; it permeates his nature according to his development at any point in time and space; itRays, 540:fuse and blend this sum total of his achieved development. The potency of his thinking along theseRays, 543:the impression" upon the mental plane. The development of sensitivity to contact, and theRays, 543:part of the great Science of Impression. This development - in the early stages of human evolutionRays, 550:for the first time in the long history of human development, energy from Shamballa has made aRays, 558:Every human being, in the earlier stages of his development (in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, orRays, 564:while to point out that, when this stage of development is attained, it then becomes possible toRays, 564:take place within the phase of initiatory development which intervenes between initiation [565] andRays, 570:indicates a stage in the growth and the development of this new factor in the human consciousnessRays, 571:the likeness of what he essentially is. This development is demonstrated at the third initiation,Rays, 576:nature, his lower psychic faculties, his astral development and the potency of glamor are now allRays, 583:the effects of the sixth ray are as follows: The development of a tendency to clarify the worldRays, 591:These great Lives reached Their present state of development in the previous solar system. ThisRays, 601:ideas - ideals Psychology - in process of modern development [602] This fifth ray energy operatesRays, 610:past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapid development and steady progress. The activity ofRays, 628:nations, ideas, political theories, immature development, corrupt politics, and childishRays, 629:balancing must inevitably lead to a rapid development, with a consequent assumption of power, aRays, 642:- action which is, however, concerned with human development and welfare. The 8th and the 9thRays, 642:the exoteric angle, evolution means growth and development and is largely applied to the form sideRays, 642:of the form nature. It might also be applied to development within the three worlds and to theRays, 644:different nature to any hitherto experienced. Development and revelation or (if you so prefer it) aRays, 656:at your particular stage of evolutionary development. Rays, 660:the whole evolutionary process - including the development of the subhuman kingdoms in nature - isRays, 668:and to the magnetic pull of the Ashram. Such a development in the recognition of relationshipsRays, 681:a real danger to world peace and human development and their activities have been endorsed by theRays, 681:again organized their attack on the spiritual development of humanity. The world today stillRays, 694:The Fixed Cross governs the five worlds of human development and conditions the experiences of all
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