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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENTS

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Astrology, 59:together" and present conditions, possible developments and relationships, and the immediate futureAstrology, 260:gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet whichAstrology, 306:them with intensity. This produces the following developments: The sun - Full self-consciousness.Astrology, 341:higher and the lower senses. These are important developments for the soul who has chosen toAstrology, 350:periods of reorientation, preparatory to fresh developments and new activities. It might be ofAstrology, 351:The proved reality of this is one of the developments of the initiatory process at the end of theAstrology, 456:evolutionary development of consciousness. Other developments are proceeding simultaneously, suchAtom, 46:I cannot deal tonight with the different developments of this intelligence animating all atoms, butAtom, 84:sequence that grows out of all these earlier developments. First, the primordial stuff, essentiallyAtom, 124:system, let us now see what are the different developments which may be expected as theAtom, 125:try, if we can, to follow some of the different developments in connection with our four types ofAtom, 125:cosmic atom. One of the first and most important developments will be conscious response to everyAtom, 129:- The Goal of Evolution There are several other developments during the evolutionary process withAtom, 130:need. Let us consider in this connection certain developments which may be looked for in theAutobiography, 180:whilst I [180] stayed behind to see what the developments were and to take care of the children.Autobiography, 229:into the Occident. One of the interesting developments in the school has been our steady stiffeningAutobiography, 230:in the position to watch and recognize certain developments which under the guidance and influenceBethlehem, 3:and sponsor them in their own philosophies. The developments which the Carpenter of NazarethBethlehem, 29:above ideas must be grasped, and certain great developments are necessarily presupposed. TheseBethlehem, 79:which confront us? If a study of these five developments in the life of Christ are of no profit toBethlehem, 127:into power, though victory achieved led to developments which had in them the possibility ofDestiny, 118:as yet to be truly comprehended, and with those developments which will be eventually brought aboutDestiny, 149:light-bearer. In the Aquarian Age two momentous developments will take place: The Birth InitiationDiscipleship1, 93:of service. These powers are conditioned by past developments and the presence of these capacities,Discipleship1, 104:of the present moment must the future possible developments be forgotten. For you should come theDiscipleship1, 190:I have referred much to healing and to the new developments in relation to the etheric body. WillDiscipleship1, 253:disciples as comrades and friends? In the developments of the next two years see that these wordsDiscipleship1, 295:aspects of ray energy will be one of the coming developments in the field of esoteric psychology;Discipleship1, 348:has to master. The implications of these three developments and their effect upon your daily lifeDiscipleship1, 594:run. The group work entails many things and many developments within the group consciousness. OneDiscipleship1, 722:When a man becomes a chela in the Light, certain developments take place which enable him to seeDiscipleship2, 270:if they will pass on to a fuller grasp of the developments since 1425 A.D. Much that I am givingDiscipleship2, 271:civilized methods of conduct and cultural developments eventuate. All this is traceable to theDiscipleship2, 285:they concern world movement, great and universal developments, and human progress (as a whole)Discipleship2, 290:disciple and warrant careful attention. As these developments take place, the spiritual willDiscipleship2, 300:I have very briefly outlined for you the new developments which are possible if the disciple isDiscipleship2, 301:the next one hundred years will see great developments in my Ashram. It is, as I have told you, oneDiscipleship2, 327:to prepare the race of men. All these planetary developments are attended by risks, and none moreDiscipleship2, 368:dealing, because they are strictly aspirational developments and are available as a result ofDiscipleship2, 632:to the Master's radiation evokes in him certain developments, stimulates certain qualities and newDiscipleship2, 688:environing outer conditions, but concern inner developments, attitudes and mental processes. TheseDiscipleship2, 706:the personality angles or the need for special developments and growth, for no trained disciple,Educationtheory and practice. A survey of current developments proves that, at long last, the professionalEducation, 111:Plan and to Those Who are working out the new developments, the form side of life, the outerEducation, 133:Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments Trends Indicative of FutureEducation, 133:Future Developments Trends Indicative of Future Developments As I said before, this subject ofEducation, 133:can be made which will be indicative of future developments and point the way to where the changedEducation, 137:Age - Chapter IV - Trends Indicative of Future Developments 5. The sex relation has, therefore,Externalisation, 5:and on to our planet and thereby making possible developments hitherto frustrated in expression,Externalisation, 5:crisis as inevitable and brought about by the developments in man himself; They look upon theExternalisation, 70:confronts mankind due to certain evolutionary developments: The point reached by humanity itselfExternalisation, 360:steadily removed from the ways of men. These two developments have been brought about by theExternalisation, 399:costs to recognize truth and presented spiritual developments. I would ask all of you, therefore,Externalisation, 408:has demonstrated that again and again these developments are the results of the appearance and theExternalisation, 418:part of what I said elsewhere concerning future developments along this line. (The Reappearance ofExternalisation, 502:in the world of forms. In all the progressing developments, the old outlines can be seen -Externalisation, 521:plane. This is preparatory to later envisioned developments. If this can be done then otherExternalisation, 521:developments. If this can be done then other developments may be possible. An extension of theExternalisation, 521:externalization is possible indicates certain developments which are the result of the past, of theExternalisation, 558:on the physical plane) is the factor of the developments and the adjustments going on within [559]Externalisation, 564:to change in response to new situations and developments. To represent, finally, within theFire, 304:in bringing about some further noticeable developments. As before, his consciousness expands, butFire, 417:of the mind in man and hint at some probable developments; we shall endeavor to show that manas, asFire, 418:which [418] distinguish it from other developments which may be seen. The subject therefore will beFire, 418:The characteristics of manas. Probable developments of the human mind. Manas in the final rounds.Fire, 424:by the student. In the foretelling of mental developments along these four lines and theFire, 453:be possible to state in broad outline the coming developments and to tabulate the results to beFire, 486:of consciousness, but owing to the disastrous developments in Atlantean days, and the consequentFire, 499:like to point out that so far-reaching are these developments that every department of nature,Fire, 650:connected with man that one of the immediate developments ahead will be his awakening to aFire, 854:only brought in so that they may perfect certain developments in their own nature, to carry outFire, 908:reason, and their promiscuity is due to certain developments of the animal nature in its lowestFire, 1088:that in this solar system, for instance, certain developments are only recapitulations ofGlamour, 82:the soul, there silently and patiently to await developments, knowing that the light will shineGlamour, 167:steadily removed from the ways of men. These two developments have been brought about by theGlamour, 271:and eventually group initiation. With these developments, it is not my intent to deal, for I haveHealing, 306:what he was studying. Beginners need to await developments in themselves and expand theirHealing, 314:Yet the cure is only possible in these early developments then the cure can be effected, but onlyHealing, 375:and principles involved in healing. The exoteric developments of the New Age healing will grow outHealing, 378:of the eighteenth century. The discoveries and developments lying ahead in the twenty-first centuryHealing, 382:to create bodies free from tendencies to morbid developments. The Masters are entirely free fromHealing, 562:an operative case. There are other possible developments but upon them I do not propose to dwell. IInitiation, 28:signified, among other things, the following developments: - The Planetary Logos of our earthIntellect, 4:of interest is in itself of importance. The next developments which will carry the race forwardIntellect, 58:When this happens, a crisis is reached and new developments and unfoldments become possible. AllIntellect, 134:at once into its subject, and sees all its developments without much difficulty... Hence it followsMagic, 108:the spine are geometrically aligned and certain developments then become possible. In these twoMagic, 276:rapport with the seven planetary schemes. Real developments in astrology may not be looked for,Magic, 333:worked as souls, and all the most amazing of the developments in the realm of physics andMagic, 334:in terms of light, and the effect of the coming developments in this department of human thoughtMagic, 334:rule of the enlightened. Note here, that these developments will be the work of the scientists ofMagic, 336:itself will be most interesting. These three developments will usher in the new age, will produceMagic, 373:sense and in his vivification many interesting developments eventuate. In three ways this is beingMeditation, 37:found also on that of the Higher Self. Certain developments also, incidental to the factors of timeMeditation, 250:planes will bring about many interesting developments. They will be partially an outgrowth of thePatanjali, 57:centers of the disciple, thus rendering certain developments possible. More about the Sacred WordPatanjali, 223:to be found in the etheric body. Through certain developments and knowledge which come to thePatanjali, 268:cycle through various forms. This covers future developments. This will give the yogi the completedPatanjali, 294:follows thought," all the unfoldments and developments [295] which the aspirant desires are broughtPatanjali, 399:The product of the contacts, unfoldments and developments which have governed him from the earliest
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