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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENTS

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Problemsautomated and computerized world. Significant developments within the many branches of orthodoxProblems, 110:processes, and agricultural and economic developments. The destiny of this great land will clarifyPsychology1, 43:of ideas, and in the tracing of historical developments - national, racial, human andPsychology1, 68:names are studied in connection with modern developments or modern culture and science, it willPsychology1, 98:of the mechanism of man to the approaching developments, and the race as a whole is being broughtPsychology1, 177:apprehension of new states of awareness. These developments will be brought about by the workers inPsychology1, 262:are also, as I told you in my writing anent the developments during the next three years, fivePsychology1, 268:Because of this, we can look for the anticipated developments in that human function which wePsychology1, 353:an outstanding instance. These three important developments indicate the activity of the third rayPsychology2, 140:when grasped by the aspirant bring about two developments. First, they initiate a period ofPsychology2, 178:would be possible to go on listing the various developments which indicate to the onlookingPsychology2, 197:It will be apparent, therefore, that certain developments must have taken place in the individualPsychology2, 216:here set forth on these matters must await later developments during the coming century, andPsychology2, 239:are unification and sight. For humanity, these developments will produce the integration of thePsychology2, 239:the following unfoldments and possible developments, each of which constitutes an expansion inPsychology2, 261:the Church, the great and wonderful scientific developments of the immediate past, and the presentPsychology2, 342:As the evolutionary cycle runs its course, three developments take place: The forms for expressionPsychology2, 449:opportunity will be lost and certain undesirable developments will appear and need later to bePsychology2, 450:of Psychology What is the result of these developments in the world of [451] subjective spiritualPsychology2, 563:intellect as group consciousness. These higher developments are brought about by the application ofPsychology2, 600:trance conditions and other pathological developments, but sometimes to death itself. Psychology2, 612:stages and the embryonic beginnings of these developments. They are indicative, [613] therefore, ofPsychology2, 649:It has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past ages and also through thatPsychology2, 705:simplest way to proceed is to state some of the developments [706] which will manifest when the rayRaysmental plane. This involves necessarily certain developments within the aspirant's own nature. TheRaysWhat is needed is self-exertion, the resultant developments of which might be touched upon asRays, 18:conditioned by two progressive and evolutionary developments: A much closer contact - invocativeRays, 51:The nature of the Word, the AUM, and its later developments, the OM and the Sound. Much confusionRays, 58:is the result of the effect of all preceding developments and to which we give the name ofRays, 93:underlying true events give us great steps and developments in the work of the Christ as HeRays, 118:and They have not been in touch with current developments. Hitherto, all contacts and spiritualRays, 316:will aspect. But in the third initiation these developments are sufficiently present to merit theRays, 317:by Purpose, but faces still greater evolutionary developments; of these I do not need to speak, asRays, 348:disposition and possessing certain character developments such as those portrayed in such books (byRays, 348:of facing discipleship; they are unavoidable developments and connote simply the reaction of theRays, 416:which is related to certain great evolutionary developments that enable the life or spirit aspectRays, 595:characteristic of the Universal Mind. These developments can be regarded as the initial steps ofRays, 613:the awakening of humanity to certain major human developments and possibilities, and secondly, itRays, 623:conflict - constantly in mind in relation to developments in your own life, in the life of yourReappearance, 133:steadily removed from the ways of men. Those two developments have been brought about by theSoul, 69:superseded by that of "dynamism," owing to the developments taking place within the humanTelepathy, 19:Telepathy 3. Intuitional Telepathy is one of the developments upon the Path of Discipleship. It isTelepathy, 56:Monad gives. Sight is the greatest of all the developments in this world period in which the LogosTelepathy, 75:an individual can become telepathic. All those developments within the area or region of
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