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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPS

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Astrology, 81:- in travail and pain - forges the equipment and develops painfully the mechanism which will enableAstrology, 108:sign the man who is embodied first ray force develops the power of organization, of control overAstrology, 138:and developed by the Uranian influences and he develops into a leader. He brings about desiredAstrology, 229:the activity wherein the personality grows and develops, and yet at the same time it veils andAstrology, 331:planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops, the influences pouring from theAstrology, 606:or the Power to see. [606] Ray III - That which develops sensory perception into knowledge,Astrology, 629:man in incarnation. As the abstract mind of man develops, these subjective themes, leading to theAtom, 21:which controls, formulates, binds, constructs, develops, and brings all to an ultimate perfection.Atom, 104:and see how the consciousness of the human being develops, bearing ever in mind [105] that in theAtom, 106:you will become aware, for instance, that a baby develops the five senses in a certain [107]Atom, 107:ordered sequence, usually. The first sense it develops is hearing; it will move its head when thereAtom, 122:In the human being, as he evolves and develops, these two stages can equally be seen. There is theAtom, 132:to dominate the air, and as the intuition in man develops and grows, so will his control of the airBethlehem, 34:As man's physical and mechanical equipment develops to meet his expanding consciousness, he isBethlehem, 42:work proceeds, and the Christ-life unfolds and develops in the man until the second and thirdBethlehem, 73:the race progresses and the more the mind develops, the greater seems the capacity for suffering.Bethlehem, 93:which the forms reveal, surely as our equipment develops and our mechanism of contact improves, weBethlehem, 104:increase of light which shines upon our way and develops that inner radiance which enables allBethlehem, 196:at the same time of the kingdom of God. As man develops, his definitions alter, and the crudeBethlehem, 196:approaches. As our sense of God changes and develops, and as we approach nearer to reality, ourDiscipleship2, 255:the world of meaning, so the initiate-disciple develops an attitude to living processes and toDiscipleship2, 289:heart; i.e., from soul levels. As the intellect develops and the power to focus upon the mentalDiscipleship2, 292:later, upon the Path of Initiation, the initiate develops his tiny correspondence to the planetaryDiscipleship2, 297:divinity. It makes man conscious of his destiny, develops in him predictive power and gives himDiscipleship2, 395:a needed continuity of consciousness, but he develops also a sense of proportion which has aDiscipleship2, 423:universe. His capacity then to include rapidly develops and his sense of awareness can (after theDiscipleship2, 450:form intact and gaining added beauty as strength develops. My blessing rests ever upon you, and myDiscipleship2, 474:understanding and request and - as his intuition develops - he recognizes them as his own; heDiscipleship2, 484:by you and established in action. Each disciple develops his own technique. You have yet toDiscipleship2, 623:is however becoming understood as the mind develops. It is the result of a measure ofDiscipleship2, 695:how increasingly, as this particular group [695] develops, I have ceased to give stanzas andDiscipleship2, 708:increasingly needed by you as the work grows and develops. Discipleship2, 713:to emerge. The Old Commentary says: "The seed develops five flowers and five only. One flower long,Education, 40:goes forward upon the Path when a man develops the mystical consciousness anew, after he has evokedEducation, 112:in partisanship and personalities, and thus develops into a glamor and an illusion, confusing theEducation, 148:of the antahkarana, the soul first of all develops sentiency down upon the physical plane, andExternalisation, 207:is the concern, therefore, of all. [207] This develops the Principle of responsibility and lays theExternalisation, 568:a sacred planet. This process, as it unfolds and develops, will have a potent subjective and deeplyExternalisation, 587:ashramic life will deepen as his world service develops. The statement in the Bible (or ratherExternalisation, 620:that his "body consciousness" steadily develops until it eventually dominates his life; it is thenExternalisation, 650:hand. As the momentum of this spiritual activity develops, so will the responsiveness among menFire, 115:to coordinate His cosmic buddhic body, and as He develops cosmic mind He will gradually achieve, byFire, 125:mind. It is this aspect of the manasic fire that develops under the forms of instinct, animalFire, 143:of these forms He gains the needed contact, and develops full consciousness on the five planes ofFire, 193:of the five senses, when coupled with manas, develops within the subject a concept embodying theFire, 231:is in him at his particular stage, and gradually develops from the stage of the antenatal periodFire, 231:complete, brings the form more under control and develops a conscious realization of the Self untilFire, 262:which we call the seven principles. Man develops seven principles, which might be enumerated asFire, 287:brain as a receiving plate, but at the same time develops certain centers in the head, and thusFire, 464:stimulates the four Heavenly [464] Men and develops Their apprehension, enabling Them to expandFire, 488:upon the form. Third. The white Magician develops the inherent energy of the sphere concernedFire, 508:at initiation, the life within steadily develops these potentialities, and produces certainFire, 593:in the Monad. Love in the Personality gradually develops through the stages of love of self, pureFire, 593:kind and with His kin. Love in the Ego gradually develops from love of humanity into love universalFire, 764:are interdependent, and as the lower self develops, or the personality becomes more active andFire, 919:pointed out, will be brought about as the race develops etheric vision, and the truth of theFire, 1085:karma that govern the development of the world, develops a lower four and this four is started byFire, 1194:all the knowledge of an Adept. The Bodhisattva develops it in himself as he proceeds on the path.Fire, 1263:upon their habitat. The method whereby the adept develops the needed powers for this Path have beenFire, 1264:he is responsible. The quality which the adept develops as he treads this Path can only be given inGlamour, 112:rapidly growing as the mental power of the race develops, for illusion is the succumbing to theGlamour, 192:to a new environment; each of them eventually develops power in the initiate or disciple which canGlamour, 209:goes a long way towards dissipating glamor. He develops the ability to draw on the light of matterHealing, 60:Causes of Disease Similarly, as the race develops right emotional control we shall see the gradualHealing, 152:center is related to the first initiation and develops great activity when that point in experienceHealing, 159:occult sciences present, and as the heart center develops and the thymus gland is returned to adultHealing, 161:but becoming worldwide as his spiritual power develops and he thinks in terms of the group and ofHealing, 193:nations and great planetary areas. As humanity develops, diseases become more personal (if I mightHealing, 467:the onlookers. As the race of men progresses and develops, this triple struggle will become muchHealing, 513:life becomes increasingly potent and the man develops into an intense individual. The head centerHealing, 514:awakening state of awareness, as the lower mind develops; the man no longer drifts - asleep andHealing, 683:man in the three worlds. Esoteric living (as it develops) falls into three stages, broadlyHercules, 92:demonstrates as intellect in a human being as he develops self-consciousness and emerges from outInitiation, 8:[8] eventually is Divine. As the human being develops, the faculty of awareness extends first ofInitiation, 86:learns to control his mental vehicle; he develops the capacity to manipulate thought matter, andInitiation, 89:he becomes versed in occult technicalities and develops fourth dimensional vision, if he has notInitiation, 89:the buddhic vehicle, and in its coordination he develops the power of synthesis, at first in smallInitiation, 136:his contacts with the physical plane and thus develops. The same general idea of development mustIntellect, 14:can subject himself which coordinates him and develops in him a new and subtle [15] apparatus, byIntellect, 59:life. As the intellect takes hold and the mind develops, this may temporarily fade into theIntellect, 128:Philosophy at Armstrong College, adds that there develops in man a "growing awareness of an object,Intellect, 142:brief at first but as progress in control develops, it lengthens. The key to the whole process isIntellect, 144:I think, its really characteristic quality. It develops the power of apprehending the Absolute,Intellect, 181:struggles (becoming more fierce as the intellect develops) to know, to understand, and answer theMagic, 27:something more synthetic still, and gradually develops the consciousness of the greater life whichMagic, 59:from the soul, via the mind. As the intuition develops, the radius of awareness grows and newMagic, 149:came. In the occult life of the disciple, as he develops a new and subtler use of his responseMagic, 213:the light of the spiritual sun. As the aspirant develops he becomes aware of the light. I refer toMagic, 226:consciousness in the world of forms, and develops ability to react to those forms with wisdom andMagic, 229:a potency all its own whereby it attracts and develops its [230] own sign language, so a vitalMagic, 248:possible as the student in his meditation work develops facility in focusing his attention in oneMagic, 323:of the Law of Periodicity and if the student develops as desired, each pralayic period is succeededMagic, 522:soul, and through the medium of the soul, spirit develops a sentiency and a conscious awareness andMagic, 526:field of contacts. It is that which eventually develops in man a recognition of the whole, of theMagic, 535:governing the vegetable and animal kingdoms, develops into intellect in the human family. LaterMeditation, 73:Word, nor is it desirable that they should. It develops normally if the aspirant himself - as aMeditation, 93:of purpose and of aim, and not that which develops one sole line of method to the exclusion of allMeditation, 124:is the mental. In coming days as the mental body develops, one may expect perhaps to see more ofMeditation, 150:through the fire that builds, that fuses and develops form. He has, through meditation, to learnMeditation, 195:in these matters is of real importance and develops a connection between that faculty and its
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