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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVITALIZATION

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Discipleship1, 157:physical plane activity is hampered by etheric devitalization, though the causes producing theDiscipleship1, 525:and this is a fact upon which you can count. Devitalization of your physical life is due to theExternalisation, 358:through the medium of its sweeping potency, the devitalization or the removal, as by a wind, of theFire, 99:subjected to a process of intensification or devitalization, according to the condition, healthy orFire, 107:and this leaves the victim a prey to inertia and devitalization. Putting it otherwise, the ethericFire, 110:seen what produces temporary disorders, and the devitalization or the over-vitalization of theFire, 668:are concerned, working through vampirism and the devitalization of their victims. They deal withFire, 735:force from the etheric body or coil, and its devitalization. The etheric coil is but an extensionFire, 987:the method of pranic stimulation or of pranic devitalization, and why, also, most of his effectsGlamour, 42:steady in the light Maya Etheric Inspiration Devitalization Path of Probation PurificationHealing, 301:and progress - to a condition of constant devitalization. Where this is present, resistance toHealing, 414:of the life force from the etheric body, and its devitalization... - Page 735. c. The third stageHealing, 562:of thought) will lead: To a condition of great devitalization with a consequent and unavoidable illHealing, 594:receives its impact; or he is the victim of devitalization (producing consequently many forms ofHealing, 595:be an unwholesome and undesirable stimulation or devitalization of the substance of the centers,Healing, 605:abstracted, or whether there is a condition of devitalization and the energy of the center involvedMeditation, 243:of the etheric body? Does it show symptoms of devitalization or of congestion? Is the patientPsychology2, 599:to which such mystics are prone are four: 1. Devitalization. The mystic is drawn so constantlyPsychology2, 600:him emotional satisfaction and reward. This devitalization was often so excessive that it led notPsychology2, 602:sometimes as "the lifting of the heart to God. Devitalization and delusion are the frequent casePsychology2, 602:life. When the delusions of the mystic and his devitalization have gone beyond a certain point, hePsychology2, 604:upon the difficulties of the mystical life - devitalization, delusion, delirium and detachment -
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