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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVITALIZED

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Discipleship1, 138:large - will increase. You have the problem of a devitalized etheric body and also of a heartDiscipleship1, 143:and leakage of the etheric body. This keeps you devitalized and hence the emphasis I have sought toDiscipleship1, 505:too loosely combined, tending, therefore, to a devitalized condition; the integration between yourDiscipleship1, 527:preoccupation with details which keep you always devitalized. Enter into the joy and strength ofFire, 558:withdrew His life. All that is left is the devitalized shell; the two other aspects have gone andFire, 561:The period of dissolution, wherein the form is devitalized, destroyed and dissipated. In the firstFire, 733:into another. Though the unit may be temporarily devitalized as regards its form, yet the greaterFire, 939:few hours in the etheric double. This in turn is devitalized, and so the process is carried on tillGlamour, 252:maya or the world of etheric energies becomes devitalized, and only those forces and energies areHealing, 79:the etheric form or counterpart. This leads to a devitalized and debilitated condition, whichHealing, 96:energy. As a consequence, the physical body is devitalized and falls heir to bad health. When theHealing, 327:need to remember, however, that where there is a devitalized etheric body, and conditions are suchHealing, 338:be a carefully cultivated habit or attitude. A devitalized condition, largely of an etheric nature,Magic, 245:the flowing away from it of vital energy and is devitalized, because not the subject of attention.Magic, 309:Magic - Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 3. A devitalized condition of the physical body. This isMagic, 487:What then is there to do? Truth cannot be devitalized or disintegrated. The Law of Absorption willMagic, 489:futile. The entire life is embittered and devitalized by the embodied worry, hatred or desire. AllMagic, 637:an enforced working with a group, which has been devitalized of its best elements and which has inPsychology2, 597:of the truth has been paid again and again by a devitalized body and by the [598] inability of the
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