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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVOID

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Astrology, 544:They are the spirit of materialism embodied, devoid of all true feeling and perception, lacking theAutobiography, 122:have such stupid habits; they are completely devoid of intelligence; the only exciting part aboutDiscipleship1, 534:makes his own crises and where a life is devoid of crisis (at your stage of development) it meansDiscipleship1, 704:call "ashramic consciousness" - a consciousness devoid of self-interest and always preoccupied withDiscipleship1, 750:for peace. Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbance which distinguishesDiscipleship2, 205:remembered that ashramic meditation is entirely devoid of personality elements. It is in the natureDiscipleship2, 312:law for you to comprehend. Pure destiny, devoid of all evil intent, is an enigma to the averageDiscipleship2, 367:the closer to realization, the more subtle and devoid of form will be the revelation. This is, ofDiscipleship2, 475:Draw near to me in closer personal touch, devoid of personality. This paradox is clear. [476] Discipleship2, 688:the relationship of tenderness and strength when devoid of selfish interest and unrestrainedDiscipleship2, 706:pressures of family life (and no family life is devoid of pressures) and the exigencies of the workEducation, 40:activities were mystical and devotional, devoid of any mental understanding. They wereExternalisation, 694:abstract consciousness and yet to be quite devoid of all intuitive perception. For example, this isFire, 1194:merged in the universal consciousness, or soul devoid of every attribute. Once a Dharmakaya, anFire, 1219:The same idea must be applied to the units devoid of a physical vehicle who form a component partFire, 1229:the standpoint of the esoteric student) to be devoid of form and therefore incognisable by theHealing, 29:It will be left silent and empty of the soul; devoid of light, yet sound and whole; it will thenHealing, 346:the initiate it means a mental attitude which is devoid of selfish thought, and free from theIntellect, 182:Soul (paradoxical as those words may be), is devoid of all sense of separateness; hence the unionIntellect, 194:the great schools of intellectual meditation (devoid in the final stages of feeling and emotion)Meditation, 346:so to train the emotional body that it becomes devoid of color, has a still vibration, and is clearPsychology2, 24:is inert, inchoate and unorganized; it is devoid of mind as we understand it, and is distinguishedRays, 698:of the Renunciation experience, this time [698] devoid of the crucifixion aspect; the initiate atRays, 701:but which, after this fourth initiation, is devoid of suffering. A hint as to the purpose for whichSoul, 67:and blankness, without energy or purpose, and devoid of life. Into this inorganic universe there isTelepathy, 105:is attained will the recorded impression be devoid of error. It will not then be tinctured with any
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