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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVOTED

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Astrology, 115:is the product of our mental processes and of devoted idealism (two of the three aspects of theAstrology, 338:and determination. The man is one-pointedly devoted to personality achievement. The threefold lowerAstrology, 508:or for that to which he aspires. The warrior, devoted to a cause, comes into being upon the fieldAstrology, 556:of sorrow and ignorance upon the Earth must be devoted to the Great Consummation. Then when theAutobiography, 14:her brains are superlative. I have always been devoted to her though she has no use for me, being aAutobiography, 77:somewhat untrue. I have women friends and am devoted to them but, as a general rule, I prefer theAutobiography, 87:could not make out why on earth he could be so devoted. There had been other interested men butAutobiography, 181:to him is very great. I think they are devoted to him and well they should be. This entirely newAutobiography, 226:psychologist, quick tempered, very artistic and devoted to her husband. Later, Ellison married aAutobiography, 262:are composed of groups of people with devoted spiritual intention, animated by great aspiration andAutobiography, 263:without exception, a close corporation of devoted adherents to the teacher; these devotees can beBethlehem, 6:which was designated WISDOM, and those who were devoted to its prosecution were first denominatedBethlehem, 30:of sorrow and ignorance upon earth must be devoted to the one Great Consummation. Then when theDestiny, 5:The energy of idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention, embodied in the sixth ray. The energyDestiny, 10:first, the individual who accepts and is devoted to a particular ideology would cease fightingDestiny, 127:ideas. I am generalizing. There have been many devoted and holy sons of God who have never beenDiscipleship1, 126:your service in the world. To what have you been devoted? This is an important question for you toDiscipleship1, 126:the mind and the physical nature - serve your devoted personality. You should reverse this, myDiscipleship1, 126:and let the intelligent soul control your devoted personality. There lies your problem. The need ofDiscipleship1, 215:your polarization is essentially that of the man devoted to the Hierarchy and whose link isDiscipleship1, 243:steely, brittle, determined, dynamic will of the devoted aspirant must change into the steadfast,Discipleship1, 261:increasingly potent astrally, increasingly "devoted" to what you are doing, increasingly criticalDiscipleship1, 261:the service of the soul with deep consecration, devoted love and fluidic intent. By fluidic, I meanDiscipleship1, 271:leading to wrong attitudes, even among the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity toDiscipleship1, 315:of I. B. S., its major quality is devotion and devoted persistence, and not fanaticism. This energyDiscipleship1, 637:intensifies your problem for it leads you to be devoted to the superficial phenomena which youDiscipleship1, 647:of a sixth ray personality and astral body. This devoted, idealistic one-pointedness is an aid toDiscipleship2, 22:learn that the past methods and techniques were devoted to bringing the personality into relationDiscipleship2, 350:and - as we [350] have seen - with the use of devoted, emotional zeal as the medium of thatDiscipleship2, 430:beg you to repudiate all that makes you feel a devoted follower of the individuality of any MasterDiscipleship2, 478:head and ajna centers. The waiting, dedicated, devoted personality and the soul. Thus a greaterDiscipleship2, 480:You begin to realize yourself as a pledged, devoted servant. Then in your own words, and aloud, youExternalisation, 19:by Them as a more dependable instrument than a devoted fanatic. The light of his soul will revealExternalisation, 520:intelligent people everywhere, and also with the devoted acquiescence (though blind acceptance) ofExternalisation, 556:center in every country. A trained nucleus and a devoted band of believers is in process of beingExternalisation, 628:approached. There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made forExternalisation, 695:is a basic and fundamental factor. The ordinary devoted person, who constantly pledges andFire, 483:however, Theosophists, and of the best and most devoted, who do suffer from such weakness forGlamour, 33:otherwise be the case by the effort of many devoted idealistic men to impose these distortedGlamour, 77:is today one of the potent glamors of the really devoted aspirant. They are devoted to a cause, toGlamour, 77:glamors of the really devoted aspirant. They are devoted to a cause, to a teacher, to a creed, to aHealing, 253:groups largely are in the hands of fanatics and devoted, unintelligent people; they refuse allHealing, 295:to penetrate. It is for this reason that I have devoted so much time to the consideration of theInitiation, 57:not a young one, and he is a Tibetan. He is very devoted to the Master K. H. and occupies a littleMagic, 399:mystical vision, and who loved deeply and were devoted to the spiritual ideal. They were notMagic, 399:they learnt through ceremonial; they were devoted to the Great Ones Whose names and forms stoodMagic, 483:all that no aspirant, no matter how sincere and devoted, is free from faults. Were he free, heMeditation, 41:you have the fighting for ideals and the devoted adherence to a cause, as demonstrated under theMeditation, 315:must be on the Probationary Path and earnestly devoted to the work of assisting evolution andMeditation, 315:devoted to the work of assisting evolution and devoted to the service of some one Master. They mustMeditation, 316:As you will see here, all these teachers will be devoted to the definite training and innerPatanjali, 47:heart; He is to be reached through pure love and devoted service, and when reached He will be seenPatanjali, 190:or spiritual teacher, and leading him also into devoted service to Ishvara or the divine Self asPsychology1, 81:of man's consciousness today. Man is essentially devoted (to the point of fanaticism) to whateverPsychology1, 209:books, either in poetry or prose. He is devoted to beauty and color and all things lovely, but hisPsychology1, 231:server. The work is oft-times handicapped by the devoted offering of the emotional aspirant. ThePsychology2, 358:His astral symbol, or of the form built by His devoted disciples and followers. The Master HimselfPsychology2, 372:from his painted picture of himself as the devoted follower and disciple, following his Master untoPsychology2, 570:so will be his contacts. If he is an earnest and devoted Christian, he will see one of theRays, 461:of its innate being. Through dedicated and devoted service it brings the divine Plan into activityRays, 462:human stage (integrated, aspiring, oriented and devoted), the man stands firmly upon the lowerRays, 579:essential qualities of ideological recognition, devoted adherence to truth as sensed, profoundReappearance, 20:into the Western countries and finding devoted adherents in every land. The Buddha is the symbol ofReappearance, 177:approached. There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made for
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