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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVOTEE

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Astrology, 170:mode of pilgrimage in India, by which the devotee passed or progressed from one holy place toAstrology, 508:house of action in the physical body that of the devotee who fights for that which he desires orAutobiography, 253:for me by the curious, the inquisitive and the devotee. A.A.B. is responsible for the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 256:To be a probationary disciple, one can be a devotee and then the emphasis can be laid onAutobiography, 301:the Hierarchy as compared to the position of the devotee who operates on the principle ofBethlehem, 44:Neither is the initiate a well-meaning devotee. He is a man who has added a sound intellectualBethlehem, 284:The call is not for fanatics or for the rabid devotee who, in attempting to express it, has soDestiny, 113:is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupied by the method ofDestiny, 113:method of its application. The man becomes the devotee of an ideal which may or may not be embodiedDestiny, 126:than do disciples on other rays. The sixth ray devotee is far more abstract and mystical in hisDestiny, 145:Ray VI Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee. Ray VII Incantation Magic Ritual The Ritualist.Discipleship1, 79:I am leads you into the dangerous path of the devotee, it will be good for you to discover thatDiscipleship1, 111:as any of the aspirational objectives of the devotee. The psychic life of a disciple is a definiteDiscipleship1, 243:first ray power is to manifest. Your fanatical devotee will must be superseded by the purpose,Discipleship1, 562:to see you less committed to the attitude of the devotee, and more impersonal, more free to serveDiscipleship1, 599:are other things to be done than simply to be a devotee of the Tibetan brother. Follow theDiscipleship1, 602:"There are other things to be done than to be a devotee of the Tibetan brother" or of the TibetanDiscipleship1, 785:for me by the curious, the inquisitive and the devotee. I have dictated none of the policies of theDiscipleship1, 788:To be a probationary disciple, one can be a devotee; the emphasis can then be laid on purificationDiscipleship2, 24:the spasmodic rushing activity of the intense devotee or the lazy moving forward of the awakenedDiscipleship2, 171:used by him was distorted and misapplied by the devotee type of which the Theosophical Society isDiscipleship2, 172:and advocated spiritual independence. No devotee is independent; he is a prisoner of an idea or aDiscipleship2, 295:had to deal almost entirely with the emotional devotee is past, and this has come about far moreDiscipleship2, 546:that is that you are a sincere and intelligent devotee; intelligence and devotion go hand in handDiscipleship2, 658:you in no way regard yourself as a "fanatical devotee." Nor do I so regard you. The fanaticismEducation, 103:state, or the dream of the communistic devotee, the [104] effect upon the consciousness of humanityExternalisation, 511:Church finds its mission in the helping of the devotee, in aiding the great public which isFire, 454:into form so that the true spiritual devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspirant will takeFire, 455:[455] The true occultist is a scientist and a devotee, and where these two are not merged, we haveGlamour, 27:as well as emotional, which is a point the [27] devotee oft forgets) these three conditions (withGlamour, 79:the world of glamor which surrounds the [79] devotee, and the mists of his devotion (upon which heGlamour, 97:unity and then there emerges the one-pointed devotee. He is found in all fields - of religion, ofHealing, 117:his thinking and his aspiration. He is a devotee and one who loves the apparently unattainable -Initiation, 80:6th Ray Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee. 7th Ray Incantation Magic Ritual The Ritualist.Initiation, 87:comes more easily. Hence the path of the devotee is easier in some ways than that of theIntellect, 59:from the emotional and sensuous angle of the devotee and mystic. Direct experience is sought.Intellect, 59:This method is not that of the mystical devotee who through the driving love of his emotionalIntellect, 91:the work from the standpoint of the mystical devotee or the intellectual aspirant, there areIntellect, 184:or spiritual progress. In the first, the devotee is subject to injunctions and prohibitions...Intellect, 184:are to a certain extent relaxed, although the devotee is not yet altogether free. In the third, theMagic, 203:in the early stages is practically always a devotee. To measure up to the standard set by a lovedMagic, 263:causes primary disruption. 3. The Form of the Devotee. Yes, I mean just that word, for it expressesMagic, 263:learns. Purely astral maybe the aim of the devotee - love of wife or child, or family, pride ofMeditation, 106:as a man could he go on to the life of the devotee. This was the rule for the average. WithMeditation, 109:on the heart side, too much of the devotee; he may have spent many lives in dreaming dreams and inMeditation, 118:by the group thought-forms and becomes himself a devotee, following a devotional meditation andMeditation, 251:possible. Think not that only the religious devotee or mystic, or the man imbued with what we callMeditation, 283:Ruler. It means the giving wholly to the one the devotee aspires to. It means the consecration ofPatanjali, 43:This is the line followed by the bhakti, the devotee and the saint and brings him to a knowledge ofPatanjali, 47:in his hands the "jewel in the lotus." Thus the devotee finds Ishvara. When the devotee becomes thePatanjali, 47:lotus." Thus the devotee finds Ishvara. When the devotee becomes the raja yogin then Ishvara willPatanjali, 47:the heart, then He will reveal the Father to His devotee. But the devotee has to tread the Path ofPatanjali, 47:will reveal the Father to His devotee. But the devotee has to tread the Path of Raja Yoga, andPatanjali, 120:will, Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of the heart or the devotee, Karma Yoga - the yoga of action. RajaPatanjali, 124:certain factors which it is valuable for the devotee to realize. A capacity to decentralizePatanjali, 135:a beautiful painting, or the adoration of the devotee for Christ or his guru. It is all attachmentPatanjali, 214:control. Bhakti yoga, or the yoga of the devotee was the yoga of the Atlantean or fourth root-racePatanjali, 214:Yoga plus bhakti yoga - he should be a mental devotee. The Lemurian disciple learned to control thePatanjali, 415:he can be sensed and felt by the mystic and the devotee but knowledge of him (in the usualPsychology1, 80:The Visioner of Reality The Divine Robber The Devotee of Life The Hater of Forms The Warrior on thePsychology1, 329:of cause and results. The mathematical type. The devotee type - full of idealism. The business typePsychology1, 412:6th Ray Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee 7th Ray Incantation Magic Ritual The Ritualist Psychology2, 335:who had functioned during life as a religious devotee, and who then switched the center of his lifePsychology2, 372:his task, his ideas, and his activities. He, the devotee, is lost in his devotion. He, thePsychology2, 375:It is hard for the man who is the one-pointed devotee to free himself from the prevailingPsychology2, 456:become so potent that he finds he is an avowed devotee, unable to retreat from his position. He canPsychology2, 602:attract - like magnets - the aspiration of the devotee which follows century after century the sameRays, 127:of a devotion which handicaps the service of the devotee and of the Master he seeks to serve. HeRays, 365:is now regarded as "spiritual" by the religious devotee and by the man used to the wording and the
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