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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVOTION

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Hercules, 101:of Will and of Sacrifice, Lords of Boundless Devotion, and these terms, characterizing theHercules, 102:has only been possible because of the boundless devotion to a dimly sensed objective that hasHercules, 160:us from seeing it. We talk about spiritual love, devotion to the Christ, devotion to the elderHercules, 160:about spiritual love, devotion to the Christ, devotion to the elder brothers of the race, to theHercules, 199:to an end, an undesirable friendship will cease, devotion to some religious form of thought thatInitiation, viii:and a life of self-effacing and self-abnegating devotion. At the same time, it must be rememberedInitiation, 47:ray of concrete science or knowledge. The ray of devotion or abstract idealism. The ray ofInitiation, 56:body of pupils. He is upon the sixth Ray of Devotion, or Abstract Idealism, and his pupils areInitiation, 56:frequently distinguished by that fanaticism and devotion which manifested in earlier ChristianInitiation, 80:Knowledge Science The Scientist. 6th Ray Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee. 7th RayInitiation, 224:or Science. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic, or Law. TheIntellect, 60:and pure reason are blended with [60] love and devotion in an entire readjustment of theIntellect, 68:intangible, being based on pure aspiration and devotion, and also those which are the outcome of anIntellect, 83:to their longings, as giving them sweetness, devotion, inwardness and other such-like things... TheIntellect, 95:discipline and transmute emotion into spiritual devotion can be saints, and many do so subjectIntellect, 156:has been ecstasy. His technique has been that of devotion, discipline, an emotional strivingIntellect, 156:has been experienced. Then a fresh cycle of devotion and discipline is initiated, until again theIntellect, 158:is perhaps true that the mystic way of love and devotion should be the goal, but for the thinkersIntellect, 168:characterizes the ecstatic condition. Passion, devotion and a rapturous going-out to the source ofIntellect, 222:fiery aspiration, spiritual reading, and devotion. Third, right poise. When a person is harmless inIntellect, 239:It is a step in the right direction, but devotion, unbalanced by good sense and brains, leads toMagic, 4:They think thereby, through their misplaced devotion, to contact certain authoritative personages,Magic, 120:for it is the blending of the intellect and the devotion. Unity is sensed in the heart; itsMagic, 129:search for aspirants of strong heart, fervent devotion and trained minds, and that I am a disciple,Magic, 176:a disciplined physical body and a whole-hearted devotion to humanity. Where these qualities areMagic, 177:of life, their singleness of purpose, their devotion to humanity and the very karma of serviceMagic, 180:agent. If, however, he couples intelligence, devotion and service, with his capacity to receive andMagic, 183:of all. Unless these are present, no amount of devotion or aspiration, and no purity of life andMagic, 204:gains [204] ground. Later, this object of his devotion and ardent effort is superseded by devotionMagic, 204:his devotion and ardent effort is superseded by devotion to one of the Great Ones, the ElderMagic, 241:psychology, and the misuse and misapplication of devotion and of the arts. They are largest inMagic, 247:the body of ether, and so works with intelligent devotion. Magic, 263:idea. Each person of every degree has his devotion, that for which he lives, that for which - inMagic, 263:law as he can grasp. Purely physical may that devotion be, centered in flesh, in lust for gold, inMagic, 263:the astral. Higher still may be the form of his devotion, - love of art, or science or philosophy,Magic, 263:and mental, and always the form is that of devotion. Always the vibration measures up to the goal,Magic, 328:a government, who are distinguished by a pure devotion and love, but refuse recognition to theMagic, 328:intelligence with which they are gifted. Their devotion, their love of God, their strict butMagic, 328:as devotees, but they are blinded by their own devotion and their growth is limited by theirMagic, 328:generation and the hope for them lies in their devotion and the fact that evolution itself willMagic, 329:They recognize each other; they accord equal devotion to the spiritual leaders of all races, andMagic, 398:and formed a functioning unit. Then the "yoga of devotion" or bhakti yoga was initiated for theMagic, 403:aspiration, a desire to serve humanity, devotion and occasionally a fair mental equipment, but thatMagic, 429:We have had "bhakti yoga" or union through devotion. Raja Yoga is now receiving emphasis, which isMagic, 429:Gita gives us primarily the key to the yoga of devotion. Patanjali teaches us the yoga of the mind.Magic, 481:who, through their one-pointed application and devotion to business, to science, to religion or toMagic, 517:of occultism who have demonstrated their devotion and their mental poise, and who (to use theMeditation, 18:in the loving service of his race. The Ray of Devotion is pre-eminently the ray of sacrifice. WhenMeditation, 24:guides wiser than himself, of a wild unreasoning devotion for his environing associates, and of anMeditation, 41:in the present half century. The sixth Ray of Devotion passes away and the Ray of Ceremonial LawMeditation, 43:this direction. The monads of the sixth Ray of Devotion find conformity more difficult, untilMeditation, 108:nature; it may be the building in of unselfish devotion by the appeal of needy dependents; or itMeditation, 146:most largely used, and is the path of love and devotion. In the second method the student picturesMeditation, 146:those whose ray is not so colored by love, by devotion or by harmony. It is not so common as theMeditation, 147:is that of the mystic, or the path of love and devotion. In the next solar system the path of leastMeditation, 147:The mystic mounts by aspiration and intensest devotion to the God within or to the Master Whom heMeditation, 148:works through the Rays of Love, Harmony and Devotion, or by the path of the second, the fourth andMeditation, 150:he harmonizes, he loves and he works through devotion. He meditates by attempting to eliminate theMeditation, 152:Ones. This form will be wreathed in the mists of devotion, and will pulsate with floods of colorMeditation, 168:working through knowledge, through ceremonial or devotion, or it may be just pure love and wisdom,Meditation, 173:for what they have given to the world, and devotion to the same idea that impels them to action.Meditation, 173:the world may, in their place and through their devotion to the ideals of work or science or evenMeditation, 213:Indigo... and a color not disclosed. The Ray of Devotion. Indigo-violet... The Ray of CeremonialMeditation, 218:Law 5. Ray of Concrete Knowledge 6. Ray of Devotion 5. Ray of Concrete Knowledge [219] This is butMeditation, 359:or Science. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic, or Law. ThePatanjalithere is yet another way. 23. By intense devotion to Ishvara, knowledge of Ishvara is gained. 24.Patanjali, 44:or higher mind. The other way is the way of pure devotion. Through intense adoration and entirePatanjali, 44:in other lives he set his foot upon the way of devotion and found the Christ, the Buddhi within. InPatanjali, 46:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 23. By intense devotion to Ishvara, knowledge of Ishvara is gained.Patanjali, 47:meaning of this sutra is that through intense devotion to, and love of Ishvara, the Christ inPatanjali, 112:soul is fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara. 2. The aim of these three isPatanjali, 112:fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara constitutes nijama (or the five rules).Patanjali, 112:with the soul (or divine One). 45. Through devotion to Ishvara the goal of meditation (or samadhi)Patanjali, 112:soul is fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara. We must here bear in mind thatPatanjali, 123:to touch the subject lying back of the object, Devotion to Ishvara, which relates to the astral orPatanjali, 123:aspiration is the sublimation of karma yoga. Devotion to Ishvara is the sublimation of bhakti yoga,Patanjali, 123:reading is the first step to Raja Yoga. "Devotion to Ishvara" is a large and general term coveringPatanjali, 124:which is the objective of the kingly science. Devotion involves certain factors which it isPatanjali, 124:are counted as loss provided the object of one's devotion is attained. Obedience to the belovedPatanjali, 187:fiery aspiration, spiritual reading and devotion to Ishvara constitutes nijama (or the five rules).Patanjali, 190:This will be dealt with later in Book III. Devotion to Ishvara may be briefly stated to constitutePatanjali, 211:spiritual reading, 5. The one Existence, God devotion to Ishvara. Thus a "right attitude" to allPatanjali, 211:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 45. Through devotion to Ishvara the goal of meditation (or samadhi)Patanjali, 213:eight means of yoga dealt with in Book II. Only devotion to Ishvara or true love of God, with itsPatanjali, 384:of the dream state, [384] The way of devotion. 2. The way of eliminating obstructions. (See BookPatanjali, viii:Yoga and the foundation of that mysticism and devotion, which has been the underlying incentivePsychology1, 8:the ray governing the personality is that of devotion, we can more truly gauge our opportunity, ourPsychology1, 25:of the sixth Lord is waning. 6. The Lord of Devotion and Idealism. This solar Deity is a peculiarPsychology1, 25:militant focusing upon the ideal, a one-pointed devotion to the intent of the life urge, and aPsychology1, 45:the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, we here call devotion, the characteristic of the attractivePsychology1, 45:personalities might more rapidly transmute that devotion into its higher correspondence - love ofPsychology1, 48:and of Love, and also of the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. We might, in order more clearly toPsychology1, 48:expresses itself through the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. Here devotion is not the quality to whichPsychology1, 48:through the Lords of Ceaseless Devotion. Here devotion is not the quality to which I referredPsychology1, 48:force, a Lord of persevering and ceaseless devotion to the pursuit of a seen and determinedPsychology1, 51:V - Concrete Knowledge - Mental Plane. Ray VI - Devotion, Idealism - Astral Plane. Ray VII -Psychology1, 52:a trained mental apprehension. The sixth Ray of Devotion embodies the principle of recognition. ByPsychology1, 79:their Answers The Sixth Purpose of Deity Ray VI. Devotion or Idealism This ray, which is just goingPsychology1, 81:of the emotional nature. This outgoing ray of devotion to the ideal, and the incoming ray ofPsychology1, 89:beauty, music and unity. Ray VI - The ray of Devotion to the ardor of aspiration, and of the
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