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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVOTIONAL

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Astrology, 646:(S.D. Vol. III, 459) 27. "Saturn - governs the devotional faculties. Mercury - governs theAutobiography, 196:him that we dropped hundreds of the emotional, devotional type and that if only we could workAutobiography, 281:not a school for probationary disciples or for devotional aspirants. The Arcane School trains adultDiscipleship1, 239:the influence of glamor has been to feed your devotional nature, to emphasize your development,Discipleship1, 258:You have, therefore, to transmute your sixth ray devotional and fanatical tendencies into spiritualDiscipleship1, 562:your group brothers; shut them also upon those devotional aspirations which you direct so oft toDiscipleship1, 566:allied, accounts for the dominance of your devotional will in your physical expression. Ponder uponDiscipleship2, 268:approach is now mental, and not as heretofore, devotional and emotional and aspirational. It hasDiscipleship2, 355:i.e., its physical application, its emotional or devotional expression, and its mental formulation;Discipleship2, 761:me as you know me to be; let not your sixth ray devotional nature play any part in this process orEducation, 40:and their religious activities were mystical and devotional, devoid of any mental understanding.Fire, 454:of the new Church, which will be no longer along devotional and idealistic lines but which will beGlamour, 78:the increased potency of their vibrations, this devotional sentiment can be particularly difficult,Meditation, 118:and becomes himself a devotee, following a devotional meditation and unwisely omitting to balanceMeditation, 316:intuitive development and for the spiritual and devotional touch they will bring to the lives ofPatanjali, 424:transferring from the path of feeling and the devotional heart approach (the mystic line) on to thePsychology1, 118:level of the astral plane, of a high order along devotional lines, but none of this will be thePsychology1, 187:the one humanity. I ask for no sentimental or devotional response to this challenge. I would remind
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