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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIAGNOSIS

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Astrology, 75:impression of this new approach to astrological diagnosis (as far as the individual is concerned)Autobiography, 50:there is just a chance that I am wrong in my diagnosis and prescription. I have also a staunchDiscipleship1, XIV:note how infallibly right the Tibetan was in his diagnosis of the rays involved. In reading theseDiscipleship1, 111:should be proof to you of the accuracy of my diagnosis. Psychic unfoldment, when not originating inDiscipleship1, 347:2nd month - The cultivation of patience in diagnosis. 3rd month - The factor of time in healing.Discipleship1, 349:major points should be considered in all true diagnosis? Which of the bodies does the factor ofDiscipleship1, 355:upon the planes of personality expression. This diagnosis of mine will, I think, surprise you. TheDiscipleship1, 581:their heart or their life. Will you accept this diagnosis, my brother and my friend? You know myDiscipleship2, 485:from it correct deduction, is the secret of all diagnosis where psychology is concerned. When thisDiscipleship2, 601:yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial coloring and consequentDiscipleship2, 753:will find in due time that I am correct in my diagnosis. Reapply and reinterpret this virtue ofFire, xv:the development of the intuition, of spiritual diagnosis, and a discrimination which will lead to aHealing, 57:inner emphasis; this last aids him in the diagnosis of the first. Healing, 76:and indications, a far more accurate diagnosis can be produced. The key to all release (eitherHealing, 77:of the centers, and upon this knowledge all diagnosis and possible cure will be based. TheHealing, 206:he must apply knowledge and - after right diagnosis, after right modern therapeutic methods, afterHealing, 206:energized (or lessened, as the case may be and diagnosis requires), and the blood stream releasesHealing, 250:the growth of understanding, by the intuitive diagnosis of disease, and by the magnificent work ofHealing, 255:but the case of the new mode of treatment or diagnosis must be rightly proven and statisticallyHealing, 271:next Rule in this treatise: Rule six A careful diagnosis of the disease, based on the ascertainedHealing, 271:investigation and its successful or unsuccessful diagnosis, will still be required until such timeHealing, 272:and preventive aspects, and in its process of diagnosis. This is all that is possible at this time.Healing, 272:is founded on a sure knowledge of anatomy, its diagnosis of requirements can be intelligentlyHealing, 279:practice systems founded on the Abrams mode of diagnosis, and many advocates of the chiropracticHealing, 281:you) with the symptoms of disease, with medical diagnosis or with systems of applied physical meansHealing, 286:be in the hands of a reputable physician for diagnosis and medical care during the time that theHealing, 286:be determined by careful, orthodox medical diagnosis. The age of the patient, his birth date andHealing, 308:visually where the difficulty lies. This form of diagnosis is not always accurate and can beHealing, 385:dealing with the totally unenlightened. Correct diagnosis of the disease by a competent physician,Healing, 481:is indispensable. In spite of mistakes, faulty diagnosis and much error, humanity cannot do withoutHealing, 534:and ill health disappears. Rule Four A careful diagnosis of disease, based on the ascertained outerHealing, 556:illumined by the soul, in the psychological diagnosis of the causes of the disease which heHealing, 556:acquiescence or spiritual control. Physical diagnosis and the locating of the area to which reliefHealing, 601:over the untrained healer, because their diagnosis of the disease will be more apt to be correctHealing, 605:and, therefore, to arrive at a more accurate diagnosis. Ordinarily, the spiritual healer isHealing, 605:the spiritual healer is depending upon the diagnosis of the medical man in attendance, if he is notHealing, 630:rule runs as follows: [630] Rule Four A careful diagnosis of disease, based on the ascertainedHealing, 630:list these instructions: There must be careful diagnosis, based on the ascertained outer symptoms.Healing, 630:are employed. It is on this question of careful diagnosis that most modern so-called healers goHealing, 630:is not psychically equipped to arrive at a true diagnosis in an occult manner. He therefore fallsProblems, 22:brotherhood into being. Can you accept this diagnosis of that great unknown quantity which isPsychology2, 300:the accuracy or the inaccuracy of his own diagnosis, and thus develop a better sense of proportionPsychology2, 334:pronounced development to allow of a true diagnosis, it is not possible to say definitely what isPsychology2, 335:of duality. It will also be capable of expert diagnosis from certain physical and psychicalRays, 751:person, community and nation should begin with a diagnosis of their own attitude towards goodwill,Telepathy, 38:a group sensitivity of such a quality that your diagnosis of conditions will be relatively
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