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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DICTATES

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Astrology, 371:and unavoidable acceptance of the inscrutable dictates of a potent, inescapable Providence, butAutobiography, 197:are taught, however, prompt obedience to the dictates of their own soul. As the voice of that soulBethlehem, 51:as economic conditions make possible and destiny dictates. We are journeying hither and thither. WeDiscipleship1, 385:optimistic speculation. Live today as your soul dictates and the future will round out itself inDiscipleship2, 674:and see (as far as is possible and common sense dictates) everyone who seeks to contact you, andInitiation, 71:the guidance of the higher self and not the dictates of his threefold lower manifestation. AMagic, 104:I am a humble member, let it be to follow the dictates of your own soul and the prompting of yourMagic, 388:He can work through and with energy as the Plan dictates. Note these last words, for they hold thePsychology2, 148:upon the consciousness of the aspirant, and dictates to him those higher impulses and thosePsychology2, 282:of the larger issues. We have, as the occult law dictates, begun with the relation of the form toRays, 121:- Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation Synthesis dictates the trend of all the evolutionaryRays, 278:His physical body becomes obedient to the dictates of his mind, which is becoming responsive to theRays, 541:the Spiritual Triad. The same general process dictates all the desired fusions and produces those
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