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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DICTATION

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Autobiography, 167:hours and it was clear, concise, definite dictation. It was given word for word, in such a mannerAutobiography, 168:care. It is not just a question of taking His dictation and then submitting it, after I have typedAutobiography, 216:souls were their own and that they should accept dictation from no one, either from me or the headsDiscipleship2, 77:illness. She has never been too ill to take my dictation and send it out to you and to the worldExternalisation, 481:the memory of what He said but not upon direct dictation. To these two messages, the Christ willMagic, 180:development to enable the aspirant to receive dictation. In the fourth case, you have the abilityPsychology1, 107:number of cases, the man who is receiving a dictation or writing is in telepathic rapport with somePsychology1, 108:M. and K. H.) are at this time working through dictation with Their disciples. They are too muchPsychology1, 108:Masters are working telepathically and through dictation with several accepted disciples, and TheirRays, 251:this factor of timing. A.A.B. takes down to my dictation an average of seven to twelve pages ofRays, 251:I have found that she would gladly take my dictation daily if I so desired; weeks sometimes elapseRays, 251:I so desired; weeks sometimes elapse between one dictation and another. I write the above
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