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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DICTUM

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Autobiography, 42:he simply accepted what he was told was God's dictum and that was that. This was my spiritualAutobiography, 170:section and every lodge. Unless one accepted the dictum of the E.S. members in every lodge, one wasAutobiography, 231:When this is so and the person accepts the dictum of their horoscope their free will is completelyFire, 26:the third cosmic heaven entered into debate. The dictum then went forth. The laggards in theGlamour, 45:some rule, some set of laws, some authoritative dictum, emanating from state control, from the ruleHealing, 248:of the end," but only up to a certain point. The dictum of the soul and the fiat of the planetaryInitiation, 27:know may state a fact to be thus and so, but the dictum of another person and the enunciation of aRays, 217:of its members. It is by adhering to the ancient dictum that "as it is with the Macrocosm so willReappearance, 70:position because of the prevalent theological dictum as to Christ's divine perfection - anTelepathy, 66:the significance and the importance of the dictum in The Secret Doctrine that the Hierarchy and all
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