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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIED

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Astrology, 97:"The fire blazed forth and through that fire I died to life and so was born to death. And thenAstrology, 97:life and so was born to death. And then again I died to form (Aries). The heat of earth, the fieryAtom, 158:apparently stupendous facts which we fought and died for down the ages, and emphasized as theAutobiography, 15:As a child I was terrified of him, yet before he died, he showed me another side of his nature andAutobiography, 16:conditioned my sister and me. Both my parents died before I was nine years old and both died ofAutobiography, 16:died before I was nine years old and both died of tuberculosis (consumption, as it was called inAutobiography, 17:her in her Scotch home for years and, until she died (well over 80 years old) she wrote to meAutobiography, 18:Maxwell, but her husband, my Uncle David, died before his father and, therefore, never inheritedAutobiography, 19:I have no recollection of my mother for she died at the age of 29, when I was only six years old. IAutobiography, 23:to Australia. We never saw him again as he died en route to Tasmania from Australia. I rememberAutobiography, 29:to her deeply spiritual influence. Until she died she kept in close touch with me, even though IAutobiography, 48:and for which many of them have suffered and died. I found myself eventually possessed of aAutobiography, 67:me and was utterly shocked. I did not go and he died alone. I have never forgiven myself - but whatAutobiography, 78:were dying acted differently. One, in Lucknow, died cursing God and his mother and railing againstAutobiography, 81:and go to Heaven unless he believed that Jesus died for his sins in order to placate any angry God,Autobiography, 83:entire world, before Christ came? Had they all died unsaved and gone to hell? I knew the triteAutobiography, 92:point where I did not care whether I lived or died. I had closed up the Soldiers' Home in RanikhetAutobiography, 104:but it was a failure. I think I would have died of misery and despair had it not been for theAutobiography, 106:wanted. No, I have never married." He has since died and I regret it much; I had hoped for a closerAutobiography, 113:doing the washing, and knowing that I had nearly died ten days before, she sought out Walter EvansAutobiography, 114:kissed, and I believe this held true until he died a few years ago. In spite of all this, he wasAutobiography, 116:for her child. I did all I could, but the baby died in my arms. Nothing could save her, and she hadAutobiography, 124:We are saved by His life. The death that He died, we can die too - and triumphantly, the Bible saysAutobiography, 175:my tombstone there should be the words: "She died smothered in papers." Today my record is aboutAutobiography, 190:use them at any time and have used them. When he died many years ago his theosophical library cameAutobiography, 210:friendship which lasted until the Grand Duke died and after. He constantly went down with FosterAutobiography, 226:She was a friend of high and low and when she died not long ago there were hundreds besides myselfAutobiography, 228:us. All these men were old and have gradually died off until today there seem no more for me to beAutobiography, 302:Tibetan have definitely stated that after she died He would not continue to function through anyBethlehem, 114:available to any of us. Many in the past have died for others; many have faced evil withBethlehem, 175:inevitably will live as brothers because Christ died, and the true nature of the kingdom of GodBethlehem, 176:in order that you and I might go to heaven. He died as the result of the very nature of the serviceBethlehem, 178:God and existing with him from all eternity' - died to save the world; The Egyptian Osiris wasBethlehem, 186:and to share in His suffering and die even as He died; in the hope that I may attain to theBethlehem, 186:that one should simply believe that Christ died for one's sins. [187] Bethlehem, 187:it would appear really transpired when Christ died upon the Cross. He rendered up the form aspectBethlehem, 188:be its theme, and not a dying Savior. Christ has died. About that let there be no mistake. TheBethlehem, 190:us as individuals, believing that had He never died we could never enter heaven. On these truthsBethlehem, 190:St. Paul says, in order that we may live. Christ died to all that had its existence in form,Bethlehem, 194:meaning, and in His Person as perfect man He died the death of the Cross to show us (in pictureBethlehem, 194:truly express itself only when man, as man, has died in order that the hidden Christ may live. TheBethlehem, 194:was given out by Christ to the world of men. He died for all so that all might live. But this isBethlehem, 195:die in order to live as Gods, and therefore He died. He did sum up in Himself all the traditions ofBethlehem, 201:power of the universe. He suffered and died because He loved and cared enough for human beings toBethlehem, 208:fact that He was not understood. Many men have died violent deaths. In this, Christ was in no wiseBethlehem, 209:thus calling attention to the kingdom which He died to establish. The work had been completed, andBethlehem, 211:his recognition of divinity. Christ had not yet died, and the blood sacrifice of Christ had not yetBethlehem, 211:rendering of His teaching, down the ages. Christ died in order to bring to our notice that the wayBethlehem, 227:a doctrine of hate. We have taught that Christ died to save the world and have endeavored to showBethlehem, 235:to heaven, because so many millions die, or have died, without ever having heard of Christ.Bethlehem, 235:that God is love. Yet the truth is that Christ died and rose again because He was divinity immanentBethlehem, 236:tells us of many of these Sons of God who died and rose again, and finally ascended into Heaven. WeBethlehem, 243:as yet beyond the fact that Sons of God have died and risen again, and that behind that fact lies aBethlehem, 251:- The Resurrection and Ascension Christ died and rose again. He lives. And some people in the worldBethlehem, 261:of expressing divinity, lived and served and died. But none of them came at the particular periodBethlehem, 276:mind; to have everlasting life because Christ died two thousand years ago does not proveDiscipleship1, 441:significance to the Tibetan's words. P. D. W. died later in the year, and "ceased from the outerDiscipleship1, 551:phrase "where'er you live that life." K. E. S. died a few months later. Discipleship1, 679:certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out. [680] Discipleship2, 33:the children of the world (including those who died victims of the horrors of war), preservingDiscipleship2, 33:them from complete disintegration. K.E.S., who died prior to the reorganization of the New SeedExternalisation, 386:their children that for which we have fought and died, the best that we have inherited, and allFire, 393:'man' till the causal body that has already died (by the birth of Pragna, or wisdom) is completelyFire, 853:bodies have disappeared, or whose lotuses have "died out" leaving a vacuum in force substance whichFire, 1080:turmoil, and the noise of clashing forces have died away will purpose be seen emerging. This isHealing, 58:from these groups of infections; they have died and been buried and in their millions haveHealing, 59:and to the untold generations of those who have died upon the earth, the "germs" (so-called by theHealing, 229:the entire race was riddled with it and died out, nature taking its toll and exacting itsHealing, 278:less scientific aptitude would normally have died. In this developed skill and knowledge, and inHealing, 303:His attention; then the creations He had made died [304] and disappeared. He had no lasting successHealing, 304:of life, to some too little; and so both kinds died and failed to show the beauty of the Lord WhoHealing, 399:of the values for which men have fought and died down the ages and which are deemed essential toHealing, 437:is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times and shall die again and again.Healing, 439:in the process of so doing, he himself "died" in the sense that, for a free soul, death and theHealing, 661:(1914-1945) was a striking instance. Millions died; more millions suffered cruelly in their formHercules, 117:it under compulsion but with no love? And so she died. Even so we are told that evil must come, butHercules, 142:the hydra could not live, and so drooped and died. The use of the fire, in the preliminary effort,Hercules, 152:have thought as we did. That line of thought has died. It is valuable to get the big picture andHercules, 175:they were canonized hundreds of years after they died. But now there are so so many aspirants, soHercules, 186:materialism, as we know it, will have completely died out at the close and when the whole life willMagic, 386:certain ancient ceremonies that have long since died out. Magic, 436:in a previous life cycle. If it, for instance, died in the month governed by the sign Leo, it willMagic, 494:is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times and shall die again and again.Magic, 546:which bringeth forth the seventh. Two words have died away, four sound today. One sounds in realmsProblems, 134:taken its toll of every nation and millions have died as a result of the inhuman processes of war.Problems, 174:modern example, for he gave of his best and died in the service of humanity. There are enlightenedPsychology1, 104:and relatives, of men or women who have just died, before any word of their death has beenPsychology2, 168:the Mixer of sweet sounds to quiet. His sounds died out within the Sound and only the great chordPsychology2, 172:In the process of so doing, he himself "died", in the sense that, for a free soul, death and thePsychology2, 174:guards the doorway into the Holy Place. He died. He entered the strife. He learnt the way ofPsychology2, 600:the symbol for the reality. Sometimes he died of the ecstasy induced by his identification with hisRays, 221:served its purpose - dies and is destroyed. So died, according to theological injunction, theRays, 221:injunction, the Christ upon the Cross. Yet He died not, and still lives, and by His life are allRays, 317:resurrection of the Christ after he supposedly died upon the Cross. Resurrection teachesRays, 354:offered by His perfected personality. He died upon the Cross. All the four aspects of HisRays, 355:Him, the Christ. It was the Master Jesus who "died" and entered into the tomb, thus climaxing HisRays, 676:which was visioned and for which men lived and died was the material world, material comfort,Soul, 42:arrival at the clinic, he rapidly grew worse and died in a month. An autopsy showed a tumor of the
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