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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIET

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Autobiography, 154:that in spite of all the talk about a balanced diet, they were not a particularly healthy lot, andAutobiography, 259:to this work, and when the discipline and diet necessarily began to take effect, the work wasAutobiography, 301:physical plane disciplines particularly as to diet and the often fanatical allegiance given to theDestiny, 125:This is today proceeding with rapidity. Diet and athletics, open air and sunshine are doing muchDestiny, 134:a great revolution take place in medicine, in diet and in the handling of daily life activity. ThisDiscipleship1, 139:made to C. D. P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefully controlled and regulated...Discipleship1, 139:group the methods they should follow as regards diet. Such things differ for each individual. YouDiscipleship1, 141:care and keep the earlier rules I gave you as to diet, etc. You may find that in the coming years,Discipleship1, 157:your physical body through its instrumentality. Diet, fresh air and freedom from concern all aidExternalisation, 18:hinder the student far more than [18] can wrong diet, and they feed the fires of separativenessExternalisation, 19:organized that excessive meditation, a fanatical diet, the curtailing of the hours of sleep orFire, 812:action, substituting sunshine, a vegetarian diet, and the application of the laws of magneticFire, 994:right continence, clean living, vegetarian diet, and rigid self-control, the man gradually raisesHealing, 67:and many efforts are made to cure this by diet and the regulation of the life in terms of rhythmicHealing, 326:a better etheric control are: Sunshine. Careful diet, with the emphasis upon the proteins andHealing, 330:north. Certain diseases are the result of wrong diet, used over unnumbered centuries. One of theHealing, 334:- Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On Diet No set diet could be entirely correct for a group ofHealing, 334:IV - Some Questions Answered On Diet No set diet could be entirely correct for a group of people onHealing, 334:find this out for himself. There is no group diet. No enforced elimination of meat is required orHealing, 334:of meat is required or strict vegetarian diet compulsory. There are phases of life and sometimesHealing, 334:the physical body, and a man works free of the diet complex and lives without concentration uponHealing, 334:preparation for certain initiations, a vegetable diet has in the past been deemed essential. ButHealing, 373:cure-all and despises all other systems of diet or method, it will not be possible to establish theHealing, 613:the physical disciplines, to vegetarianism, to diet and to fasting, and to the present modes ofInitiation, 196:can not shine forth when meat is included in the diet. This is a drastic rule for applicants, andInitiation, 196:and the strictest attention must be paid to diet. A disciple must confine himself to vegetables,Initiation, 197:cheese are sometimes better eliminated from the diet, but this is not in any way compulsory. It isInitiation, 197:find it necessary to retain them in the diet. A few exceptional people can subsist and retain theirInitiation, 197:and retain their full physical energies on the diet mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but thereInitiation, 197:to move slowly when effecting changes in the diet and in the habits of a lifetime. Everything inInitiation, 198:the necessary preparatory purification of the diet. Magic, 84:and grains, cooked and uncooked, form the sole diet of the evolving sons of men, then will be builtMagic, 262:He starts to build anew his physical body by diet and discipline, instead of working from the innerMagic, 420:and teach them not to lay emphasis upon diet, celibacy, times and seasons, and so distract theirMeditation, 334:By pure food. This involves a vegetarian diet, chosen with wise discrimination; it requires thePsychology1, 241:insistence upon the necessity for a vegetarian diet, and which gives force and truth to thisPsychology1, 241:But unless the goal of a vegetarian diet is this field of service, the arguments for its followingPsychology1, 241:arguments for its following and for that form of diet are usually futile and of no real moment.Psychology2, 421:the vitamins in food and to give a balanced diet is all to the good. Psychology2, 423:to the thyroid gland, plus the regulation of the diet. Attention to the physical coordination ofPsychology2, 590:be forced to take a long rest in bed, with light diet and complete freedom from all contacts. ItRays, 125:with the emphasis upon the need for a vegetarian diet at a certain stage of the preparatory
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