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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENCE

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Rays, 437:of the Master I would have you note here the difference between the two headings. I refer in oneRays, 459:and objectives. The distinction (I said not "difference," and would have you note this) between theRays, 502:differing ray methods make their appearance, the difference being determined by the quality of theRays, 503:of some advanced chemical formula. The only difference, scientifically speaking, is that the wholeRays, 704:the most primitive to the advanced initiate, the difference consisting in that which each brings toReappearance, 22:in the world. There is, therefore, this unique difference between the expected coming of the ChristReappearance, 109:the many sects, churches and religions. The difference between a sect and a church is, after all,Reappearance, 111:religions or not; all who see no true or basic difference between religion and religion or betweenSoul, 88:intellect. Vesalius, the first to discern the difference between the gray and white matter of theSoul, 112:be seven hundred and twenty millions; but the difference here is more apparent than real, since, asSoul, 112:are constituted by bloodvessels. But the only difference between the nerves and the bloodvessels isSoul, 112:between the nerves and the bloodvessels is the difference between [113] the vehicles of theSoul, 149:far superior to the animal soul, but that this difference is immeasurably greater than theSoul, 149:this difference is immeasurably greater than the difference in their bodily structures. TheSoul, 149:The comparison revealed also an element in this difference which towers high above all the otherTelepathy, 28:yourselves steady in the light" mentally. The difference is that this time you do it for theTelepathy, 89:has mastered to some degree the significant difference between messages from his own subconscious
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