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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENCES

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Problems, 118:scale is offered to the [118] inhabitants; differences in families, in churches, in municipalities,Problems, 125:as yet sadly impossible because of doctrinal differences), they present a somewhat futile groupProblems, 147:is only one humanity without distinction or differences in its essential nature, in its origin, itsProblems, 148:divinity in all its fullness that temporary differences become apparent. It is the temporaryProblems, 148:differences become apparent. It is the temporary differences and the sins which ignorance andProblems, 156:men are tired of doctrinal and dogmatic differences and quarrels; the study of Comparative ReligionProblems, 162:of every world faith will end their doctrinal differences, agree on the essential religious truthsProblems, 180:have a world program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels and to end racialPsychology1, 176:consciousness. Though in some ways religious differences are the hardest to bridge or heal, yetPsychology1, 187:your antipathies, your hatreds and your racial differences, and attempt to think in terms of thePsychology1, 199:and the right use of speech, settle all differences, and thus change the mode of animal initiation,Psychology1, 332:upon him. It might here be asked: What are the differences between the influences which are rayPsychology1, 371:interesting data will be discovered; when the differences between the physical bodies of thePsychology1, 371:a new and very fruitful field of study. These differences are largely in the realm of the nervousPsychology2, 107:shoulder to shoulder in the One Work, then the differences, the divergences, and the points ofPsychology2, 108:joy of struggle and on the way of service the differences will disappear and the general good willPsychology2, 108:it is not. But to the inner Teachers, the outer differences are abhorrent. They leave each otherPsychology2, 438:way that he has come, failing to recognize the differences in background, ray type, point inPsychology2, 504:of groups rather than individuals, etc. These differences, when carefully studied, will bePsychology2, 635:no barriers in religion, and no separating differences. We are therefore dealing with humanPsychology2, 644:no national or racial barriers or religious differences. Year by year there should develop muchPsychology2, 654:at this time. Practically all world problems and differences are based upon an economic situation.Psychology2, 663:all movements, which are struggling to overcome differences and which express similar aims. ItsPsychology2, 664:are no racial distinctions nor any religious differences. The second source from which the NewPsychology2, 666:message of good will, sacrifice our personal differences, our petty interpretations, and ourPsychology2, 671:is the general situation, with certain national differences of no major importance in the light ofPsychology2, 671:same in the religious field, but the religious differences of the race are [672] of such oldPsychology2, 672:few, plus the class distinctions, the racial differences, and the religious feuds in bothPsychology2, 672:and right sufficiency for all? How can national differences be healed and racial hatreds be ended?Psychology2, 680:subjected to attack. Racial hatreds, religious differences, and national ambitions are to bePsychology2, 682:international program which tends to heal world differences and national quarrels, to work for aPsychology2, 682:and harmonizing, when they are true healers of differences and under the guidance of men of goodPsychology2, 725:and are willing to sink their organization differences in the needed activity which would salvagePsychology2, 745:understanding to each other across the gulf of differences. They meet in thought upon thePsychology2, 745:- and ignore all outer barriers, and separative differences in mental ideas and material ways ofRays, 171:the consciousness of the initiate, and all differences of every kind disappear. This preamble isRays, 174:and all-embracing that distinctions and differences disappear. The disciple realizes that they areRays, 208:and prove strong enough to offset personality differences, preferences and barriers. It has notRays, 265:on until he sees no distinction, registers no differences and is aware of no separate reaction, andRays, 410:what may appear to you as contradictions or differences. This is not truly so, but the casualRays, 410:may feel them to be present even though the differences are apparent more than real. Two causesRays, 523:this largely accounts for the relative differences and difficulties which characterize all theRays, 624:true activity until she has resolved her many differences and has returned to the old ways ofRays, 627:all the separativeness, the cleavages and the differences in the human arena in France, making itRays, 746:aims are making their presence and their differences clearly felt; the spiritual issue, as I haveReappearance, 118:of the Kingdom of God. It accounts for the differences among men and - in connection with the LawReappearance, 118:the Law of Karma in the East) - it accounts for differences in circumstances and attitudes to life.Reappearance, 185:their national, religious and organizational differences in the carrying out of those forms ofSoul, 83:souls are fundamentally identical in nature. The differences are due to the physical organizationsSoul, 95:is on the final analysis of one kind, and the differences in the various kinds of matter depend onTelepathy, 88:when the disciple begins to realize certain differences, a new type of registration will awaken andTelepathy, 148:out of every aspect of the form nature. The only differences which exist are those in
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