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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Astrology, 15:and direct his personality affairs from their different "stations" in the twelve houses of hisAstrology, 20:land. I may revolve and turning face the many different ways; I face some wide horizons and yetAstrology, 36:reference will be found to the Hierarchies under different numbers. This serves to conceal, but itAstrology, 65:charts and tabulations can differ so widely and different planets can appear as ruling theAstrology, 70:the horoscope of the soul, which is sensitive to different combinations of forces to thoseAstrology, 70:the medium of the lower centers will have a very different type of chart to that of the discipleAstrology, 70:of the disciple and initiate. It will require a different mode of interpretation. I have referredAstrology, 70:the planets affects the candidate in a totally different manner than earlier. Cyclically theAstrology, 71:and unique revelation, but their effect is very different to the earlier experience. At the fifthAstrology, 88:The two many-petalled lotuses. All these different periods show different triangular radiations. WeAstrology, 88:lotuses. All these different periods show different triangular radiations. We must not infer fromAstrology, 90:the old ones, thus putting the man in touch with different forces. Finally the time will come whenAstrology, 95:"three deaths" are undergone: Aries, which at different points along the Path of Life forces theAstrology, 96:these three signs of death is to be found in a different cross: Aries - The cardinal cross ScorpioAstrology, 106:and motives and, in reality, introduce four different cycles of progress upon the Path in itsAstrology, 115:that this plan and purpose may be vastly different to our surmise which is based upon ourAstrology, 127:the influence of planetary experience (which is different to individual experience) in order toAstrology, 128:him. It is these words also which, from a different angle, govern the processes undergone upon theAstrology, 132:plane and is no longer mediator between two different stages in consciousness but between life andAstrology, 132:life and consciousness itself; this is a very different matter and effects the higherAstrology, 137:lines of demarcation separating two entirely different areas of experience and consciousness uponAstrology, 140:personality or form nature becomes magnetic in a different manner, and so attracts to itselfAstrology, 177:of the charts of the human family at all the different stages, from the time of the Mutable CrossAstrology, 185:of the Zodiacal Constellations The case is quite different in connection with the subjective sideAstrology, 214:death through the influences of Mars are widely different. Death in Pisces through the energy ofAstrology, 214:thousand years ago. Death in Scorpio is of a different nature and is also described in the sameAstrology, 236:for men. But mankind is reaching maturity and a different interpretation of the purposes andAstrology, 251:sign are again dual in their presentation by different schools of astrologers. Sepharial gives usAstrology, 252:equipped and fitted to manifest it in a manner different to any other expression of divinity and soAstrology, 266:of the various signs are attracted by the different planets according to their stage [267] ofAstrology, 280:rules four signs and each of them represents a different element out of the four which areAstrology, 285:that you have the appearance of the dictators in different countries at this time, and it isAstrology, 312:the clash of idealisms. The two groups bring a different approach to the world problems as we nowAstrology, 312:closely connected yet are widely separate and different in effect. Cancer - mass consciousness -Astrology, 331:influences and to his environment will be different to those of the disciple or initiate and theseAstrology, 369:find that Sepharial and Alan Leo give entirely different ruling planets, and yet both are right.Astrology, 383:Venus holds a unique relation to the Earth, different to that of any other planet and this,Astrology, 400:is fashioned anew and [400] motivated in a different manner and so is "raised up into Heaven" andAstrology, 400:is told by the various women who figure in the different constellations and around them some dayAstrology, 425:of humanity as a whole. This connotes two different though interrelated conditions of perception.Astrology, 432:yet the seven still are there. Their light is different from the other lights. This light evokesAstrology, 437:influence and to be swayed consequently by different streams of force to those hitherto evokingAstrology, 469:to realize two things, the case will be different. These are: First, that the threefold energiesAstrology, 486:and in the emergence of the new types in the different kingdoms in nature. This activity has onlyAstrology, 506:of a sacred planet or a non-sacred one are very different, for one will affect primarily the lifeAstrology, 513:rays - in this world cycle - are related to the different planets. As given earlier, they are asAstrology, 515:in another. Each changing personality sees a different ray force enter and each ray governs orAstrology, 515:the Sun sign in each incarnation will be different, leading necessarily to a different rising signAstrology, 515:will be different, leading necessarily to a different rising sign and therefore to a complete newAstrology, 572:of the Great Invocation separately and at different times. You learnt thereby the difference ofAstrology, 573:blended invocation and the united call from the different levels of the human consciousness willAstrology, 581:and distinctive quality of divinity which is so different that even Christ Himself was unable toAstrology, 604:where the configuration of the relationship is different. This is dependent upon the nature of theAstrology, 611:their rulers. [611] The indicating of planets, different to those involved in the inflow of firstAstrology, 624:until the desired goal is reached. This is a different expression to the will of the first rayAstrology, 637:planet can stand to each of the others in twelve different aspects their combinations must beAstrology, 642:planet can stand to each of the other in twelve different aspects." (S.D. Vol. I, 626) 3. "TheAstrology, 643:ready to be inhabited by Monads under seven different karmic conditions." (S.D. Vol. II, 223) 14.Astrology, 683:in physical form. Psychically the link is of a different nature, and such a link is found betweenAstrology, 685:there are several such triangles, varying at different stages; according to their relation to eachAstrology, 685:to each other, the differentiated force of the different schemes can pass from scheme to scheme,Astrology, 685:to scheme, and thus the units of life on the different rays or streams of force become temporarilyAstrology, 685:two points of the triangle represent each a different polarity, and one point represents the pointAstrology, 688:two points of the triangle represent each a different polarity, and one point represents the pointAstrology, 689:of man, certain triangles of force are found at different stages of evolution, or (to word itAstrology, 689:stages of evolution, or (to word it otherwise) different centers become geometrically linked, suchAtom, 16:and some can see the unity underlying the different aspects. Others are prone to think that theirAtom, 22:choice. There are, in the textbooks of different schools, many words which are used to [23] conveyAtom, 23:to mean one thing, and by another for something different. If we can find a word similar in intent,Atom, 36:and of the metaphysician were four totally different things. That is another reason why it is notAtom, 38:it would be interesting if one were to take the different scientific books dealing with the subjectAtom, 41:with the desire for life." If you take these different qualities of the atom - energy,Atom, 46:of Substance I cannot deal tonight with the different developments of this intelligence animatingAtom, 58:laid our emphasis upon that out of which all the different forms as we know them are built - allAtom, 66:up to the mission upon which it was sent. In the different schools of thought everywhere the sameAtom, 67:for God is intelligent loving Will. For all the different grades and types of atoms there is a goalAtom, 68:quality. The atom is then built into all the different forms at varying times and stages, and eachAtom, 70:life of the planet, and Who holds all the different kingdoms of nature within His consciousness.Atom, 70:solar system. May it not be true that among the different grades of consciousness, extending, forAtom, 80:we considered the atom as it was built into the different forms in the various kingdoms of nature,Atom, 81:lives. Very briefly then we touched upon the different kingdoms of nature, and traced theAtom, 90:for each one of us? What is the goal for these different atoms with which we are concerningAtom, 91:of the atom within the body is a very different thing to the consciousness of a man, and this weAtom, 98:life, utilizing a form and demonstrating the different qualities we have enumerated; and then weAtom, 102:of a rudimentary nature. It is responsive in a different way to the mineral. In the animal kingdomAtom, 103:to manifest. In all these kingdoms you have different grades and types of consciousness showingAtom, 104:that which passes around us, it is that of the different grades of mentality which we meetAtom, 104:of mentality which we meet everywhere, and the different types of consciousness among men. We meetAtom, 111:any particular line of thought) will differ for different people and different types. The religiousAtom, 111:of thought) will differ for different people and different types. The religious man, the mystic,Atom, 112:breathing exercises with meditation, which teach different types of physical postures, and teachAtom, 124:in the solar system, let us now see what are the different developments which may be expected asAtom, 125:Let us try, if we can, to follow some of the different developments in connection with our fourAtom, 126:in, but simply the difference in the ability of different grades and types of men at differentAtom, 126:ability of different grades and types of men at different stages of evolution to respond to contactAtom, 127:day and we would not notice anything so very different in Him from the other good and unselfishAtom, 133:great fundamental unity that underlies all the different religions, and the fact that each faith isAtom, 134:teach the treading of this Path, calling it by different names, such as the Way, the nobleAtom, 145:many quarrels it causes in the world between the different thinkers of the human family. TheseAtom, 147:influence the [147] atoms that constitute the different bodies, mental, emotional, and physical;
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