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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Atom, 157:fact, or we would not have it hinted at in the different mythologies. There must be something thatAtom, 158:to include within our consciousness other and different aspects than our own. In doing this we areAutobiographymade. Various people worked with Mrs. Bailey at different times on the text and copies of portionsAutobiography, 14:me. Leading astrologers, to my amusement, assign different signs as my rising sign - Virgo, becauseAutobiography, 31:by the note that they struck. They were very different. Miss Godby was plain, quite ordinary inAutobiography, 34:bearing on the question; [34] I knew nothing different than to express my spirituality in attendingAutobiography, 43:It turned out that our interests were totally different and the first cleavage between us appeared.Autobiography, 47:far apart, our interests were and are widely different, and our relationship now is that of friendsAutobiography, 51:remember once when eight or nine people (all of different nationalities) and my husband and I satAutobiography, 54:of "Tommy Atkins" and ran her homes along very different lines to those usually found in army campsAutobiography, 54:to those usually found in army camps and very different to the usual Gospel work to be found in ourAutobiography, 62:there that I learnt to discriminate between the different types of drunks. There is, of course, theAutobiography, 63:affected and the technique employed for each is different. Many is the time when working amongAutobiography, 70:It was all so new, so strange, so utterly different to anything I had imagined. Color, beautifulAutobiography, 112:was steadily growing worse. Members of all the different churches, except the Catholic, attendedAutobiography, 130:were under obligation to me, the story would be different, but all this expressed the spontaneousAutobiography, 142:and age) that it should be acceptable now in a different time and age, under a differentAutobiography, 142:now in a different time and age, under a different civilization and with widely different problems.Autobiography, 142:under a different civilization and with widely different problems. If God's truth is truth then itAutobiography, 142:of God, and a son of God today may be a very different expression of divinity from a son of GodAutobiography, 147:really the anointed of the Lord; as if they were different from other people and not just humanAutobiography, 152:[152] at this time seems to indicate something different? I believe firmly that when I can, throughAutobiography, 152:but when it does come we shall have learned a different sense of values and will not be using ourAutobiography, 157:Krotona. All phases of the work and all the different policies and principles governing theAutobiography, 171:everywhere in the world, working along the many different lines to bring humanity into the lightAutobiography, 195:told him that in the Arcane School we had four different brands of Theosophists, four differentAutobiography, 195:had four different brands of Theosophists, four different kinds of Rosicrucians and that not one ofAutobiography, 197:true one. We have students belonging to four different groups of Rosicrucians. We have churchAutobiography, 204:we left Stamford. I cannot remember all the different boys that gathered around. Two of them areAutobiography, 219:on the Continent and have listened to what the different people say about each other and the wayAutobiography, 221:down the Rhine with her daughter. She had a very different conception as to how to enjoy a foreignAutobiography, 222:watch how they live and what [222] they do at different hours of the day. So we were going toAutobiography, 222:So that is what we did whilst she went off in different directions. I never took the girls to seeAutobiography, 227:three years had brought a number of people of different nationalities into the school and theseAutobiography, 229:of travel we met many types of occultism in the different countries in Europe. Everywhere smallAutobiography, 232:to astronomical happenings the story is very different. People hear the statement made that we areAutobiography, 235:the organizing of Units of Service in nineteen different countries and in finding those men andAutobiography, 241:of Europe. During the next five years we went at different times to Holland, to Belgium, to FranceAutobiography, 241:and stayed there for a little while. People from different parts of Europe would meet us there. ItAutobiography, 242:him switch with equal facility to half a dozen different languages. Prior to the war he did a fineAutobiography, 242:the work in Spain were two very bright spots and different as these countries were in temperamentAutobiography, 267:The new schools, now forming, convey very different ideas to their students and very differentAutobiography, 267:very different ideas to their students and very different techniques of training. 1. An esotericAutobiography, 269:Master, now active in the world, for higher and different work. 7. An esoteric school is,Autobiography, 272:a reality. Esoteric schools can be divided into different categories, dependent upon the point ofAutobiography, 289:to the supervision of a secretary of a different nationality to their own; this is part of theAutobiography, 289:students daily has been translated into sixteen different languages. (By 1951 this number hadBethlehem, 8:herewith the old phenomenon takes on a new and different meaning. Thus, Catholicism, Protestantism,Bethlehem, 11:if within [11] Christianity, supposedly so different from other faiths, there is nothing originalBethlehem, 12:the same basic truths, but phrases them in a different manner, which can help us nevertheless to aBethlehem, 17:and Western hemispheres, separating two most different civilizations. Modern thinkers would do wellBethlehem, 25:and who are known to us under many names in different parts of the world and in different ages.Bethlehem, 25:names in different parts of the world and in different ages. They are called in the West, ChristBethlehem, 33:Father. The study of the relationships of these different faiths, and the manner in which theyBethlehem, 62:been, it is said, one hundred and thirty-six different dates fixed on by different Christian sects.Bethlehem, 62:and thirty-six different dates fixed on by different Christian sects. Lightfoot gives it asBethlehem, 78:and manifest divinely, if they had a different kind of home, a different environment or setting.Bethlehem, 78:if they had a different kind of home, a different environment or setting. Had they marriedBethlehem, 94:the delineation of a new being, with a [94] different set of wishes, desires, ideals, and methodsBethlehem, 94:another kingdom which is pictured as utterly different. Yet is this so? All aspects of the threeBethlehem, 101:so that for ever after he is altered and different. An initiation takes place whenever a manBethlehem, 110:before men. Now they have to undergo a different test. From the crowd and from the experience HeBethlehem, 115:in the order given by St. Matthew, which is different from that given by St. Luke. St. Mark simplyBethlehem, 123:God, and cast thyself down. This temptation is different from the first, though it appears toBethlehem, 125:when there has been "a sense of Divine access as different from other experiences, as original andBethlehem, 131:into the field of the world makes that field different. Christ went about doing good, "teaching inBethlehem, 138:for integration, for coordination of the different aspects of man, and the fusing of his nature inBethlehem, 155:of energy, and life is forever after different. That which has been believed is known as fact, andBethlehem, 177:"I cannot of course go at length into these different cults, but I may say roughly that of all orBethlehem, 187:for these evil inclinations the case is different. We can no longer accept the appallingBethlehem, 196:average "nice" citizen of modern times involve different attitudes of mind and judgment, and surelyBethlehem, 196:attitudes of mind and judgment, and surely different punitive approaches. As our sense of GodBethlehem, 197:only today are we slowly beginning to realize a different expression of divinity. OurBethlehem, 208:violent deaths. In this, Christ was in no wise different from thousands of other farseeing men andBethlehem, 220:- The Crucifixion Although each son of God at different stages upon his way of initiation preparesBethlehem, 222:forsaken me?" Then followed three Words of a different quality altogether. In the words, "IBethlehem, 235:such as purgatory, or the various stages of the different faiths on the road of departed spirits toBethlehem, 241:and personal issue. People face death in many different ways; some bring to the adventure a feelingBethlehem, 241:be more than these things, and can be met in a different way. It can be made to hold a definiteBethlehem, 242:prelude to further living experience, takes on a different meaning. It becomes a mysticalBethlehem, 249:consciousness are undergone which render him a different man from what he was before. The OrientalBethlehem, 249:The objective is identical. The school is in a different place, and the consciousness is unfoldedBethlehem, 252:which Christ expressed, is seen to be something different from what had earlier been supposed. TheBethlehem, 269:low order. Inspiration is something entirely different. It is a penetration into the world ofDestinyin number. They are called by many names in many different lands, but for our purposes theDestiny, 22:to spiritual impulses, emanating from three different centers, but all equally divine in theirDestiny, 31:of human beings themselves, working on all the different rays but in any given time and in anyDestiny, 35:through right relationship, we shall see a very different world. The world problem is essentially aDestiny, 35:the thought of a handful of advanced men in the different nations were not so potent as they areDestiny, 60:materiality but to a materiality which is very different from that of the French, for the citizenDestiny, 69:9th An analysis of the signs ruling the different comities will make certain outstanding conditionsDestiny, 91:it veils Uranus. This produces a conflict of a different nature than that which takes place whenDestiny, 110:The race had, of necessity, to achieve a different and right orientation to [111] the world ofDestiny, 116:and frequent conflict a situation entirely different and changed from that which existed prior toDestiny, 117:in the other kingdoms in nature, producing a different quality in the manifestation of the soul ofDestiny, 124:as men are sensitive to the vibration of the different rays and can isolate a ray rhythm in theirDestiny, 130:work. You must remember that disciples upon different rays will wield these laws according to theDestiny, 132:the same goal achieved but there may be different procedures, varying safeguards and changedDestiny, 134:bring about changed attitudes to life and very different methods of daily living. These three are:Destiny, 146:exception in every land and they work on all the different rays; they express many points of view;
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