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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Fire, 380:in the method of individualization. The different rate of vibration of the two centers. The fact,Fire, 380:that in each chain the planetary Logos takes a different initiation, affecting different centers;Fire, 380:Logos takes a different initiation, affecting different centers; and so bringing into manifestationFire, 380:centers; and so bringing into manifestation different lesser entities. Students, when consideringFire, 381:fact, - but the time is not yet. The different polarities of the schemes will be studied, andFire, 389:prior to continuing with our subject, name the different chains of the Earth scheme. We must bearFire, 401:Logos and equally (within the system) of the different planetary Logoi, proceeded satisfactorily toFire, 410:case, the number of entities evolved from different combinations of these three primary causesFire, 410:in future years will lead to the study of the different polarities of the different spheres (from aFire, 410:to the study of the different polarities of the different spheres (from a planetary scheme to anFire, 429:a factor in the case. The connection between the different planes will be sought, and the analogyFire, 432:planetary Logos pours forth His influence in different rounds, planes, chains, globes, races, andFire, 434:Logos upon another planetary Logos during different stages of evolution. This influence has waxedFire, 437:source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos, to the different centers in His body. Viewed from theFire, 447:Ray, both on the deva and human units in their different kingdoms that entirely new environmentsFire, 449:and Human Factor Certain Words belong to the different aspects, and the Words of the first aspectFire, 451:the deva evolution which control, and bring different groups of devas into the line of the will ofFire, 455:and the preparing of the way for them in the different countries, specially in Europe and NorthFire, 460:which take place under religious guise in different lands. The source of these enormities must beFire, 469:c. Types of Karma We might here enumerate the different types of KARMA, even though we have not theFire, 469:karma of a Heavenly Man, which is just as different from that of another Heavenly Man, as is theFire, 469:of another Heavenly Man, as is the karma of the different members of the human family. The Karma ofFire, 470:kingdom. This is necessarily the karma of the different lunar Lords who ensoul these kingdoms, andFire, 471:karma. Family karma. Individual karma. All these different types of karma are intermingled andFire, 485:how close is the cooperation between the different groups, and how interrelated are theirFire, 488:and their reaction visualized in connection with different elements, atoms, and forms. To return toFire, 488:of the life, or the transference of energy into different forms. Fire, 491:of the volatile essence. At all the different stages, the fire elementals perform their part, aidedFire, 492:which primarily concern us in the three worlds - different groups of devas coming into actionFire, 496:nature's notes, and by its due sounding forth in different keys and combinations will come theFire, 506:deal with the subject of the causal body in two different ways - one along the old lines and theFire, 521:quality, only Lives emanating from different sources, each distinctive and apart, and onlyFire, 527:It concerns the secret of the position of the different kingdoms of nature within the logoic body,Fire, 529:in reality; [529] there is only force of different kinds, and the effect produced on consciousnessFire, 535:kingdom in its diversity of manifestation in different globes, chains and schemes. Through sixFire, 548:the method of arousing consciousness on the different planes by action upon the fires of the causalFire, 557:of manifestation, as we understand it in the different kingdoms of nature, is an expression of theFire, 559:will be viewed by the average man in a very different manner than at present. Creation willFire, 604:all that gives light and heat. So that there are different species of Agni (fire); but "whateverFire, 622:it is superseded as far as man is concerned by a different purpose and goal. Therefore,Fire, 641:wise nor right yet for the true nature of these different forces and powers to be fully known;Fire, 643:one. It will be found that between each of the different stages of consciousness (from theFire, 645:other. The vegetable kingdom is in a totally different situation, and part of its karma has lain inFire, 647:in the petals of the egoic lotus of the different units of the human family, and (on cosmic levels)Fire, 648:consciousness as it expresses itself through the different kingdoms of nature - manifesting throughFire, 674:will be apparent that the astral vehicles of the different planetary Logoi differ. This differenceFire, 674:being a part of the Wisdom) the nature of the different schemes, as regards their watery aspect,Fire, 676:Third. Various groups of devas, performing different functions carrying out varying activities, andFire, 703:God comes cyclically under the influence of the different Hierarchies or forces, all of whichFire, 728:and embody His will and purpose. They are of two different kinds. The first type is a manifestationFire, 733:is, it might be of value if we considered the different kinds of pralaya, and pondered upon thoseFire, 735:developed, the thought of death will assume very different proportions. When a man can be seenFire, 750:consciously be over-shadowed by an exponent of a different type of force, which blends with hisFire, 769:jivas unfold in differing order and at different periods, so the egoic groups also unfold diverselyFire, 783:for human, planetary and solar vehicles. The different stages might be enumerated as follows: 1.Fire, 789:atoms as a nucleus of force but is the result of different forces, and primarily of group force. ItFire, 793:Logoi of the seven sacred planets are at different stages of evolution; Their vibratory response,Fire, 804:divided into three divisions, in each of which a different type of energy is demonstrating,Fire, 813:and the refining of the substance of the different vehicles. Men will also be taught their definiteFire, 813:marital troubles, and the abolition of abuses of different kinds, so prevalent now in many familyFire, 824:Elementals Though we have thus divided off the different stages of development, we have but dealtFire, 840:to the highly developed causal bodies of the different disciples and initiates, who wereFire, 870:pure love. The force in this group calls in a different factor, that of the Manu, as well as theFire, 874:In the mystery of Polarity, we have three different types of force manifesting and thus it isFire, 880:vibrations. It involves an apprehension of: The different key vibrations. The centers whereby forceFire, 881:ebb and flow of energy in connection with the different types of planetary manifestation, includingFire, 882:of his own Ray Lord, Comprehension of the different groups of existences who are participating inFire, 887:activity of the greater Builders are forced into different directions in space, being built intoFire, 887:vitalized with new life, and impregnated with a different type of energy. In the union of the lifeFire, 908:and the low types of humanity, is based upon a different reason, and their promiscuity is due toFire, 925:the kingdom, and of the lesser beings who ensoul different families and groups within any specificFire, 928:has seven meanings and can bring about seven different results. There are various mantric forms,Fire, 928:Sacred Word, which, sounded rhythmically and in different keys, accomplish certain desired ends,Fire, 928:and adepts. Mantrams connected with the different rays. Mantrams used in healing. Mantrams used inFire, 934:coherently the scattered facts already given in different occult books. Science is treading on theFire, 937:Lord imposes a certain rhythm and vibration upon different aspects of lower manifestation.Fire, 943:the etheric centers, and their response to the different planetary centers. The keepers of theFire, 944:Through it the cosmic forces must pass to the different planetary schemes. Fire, 944:with the fires of the human body, and with the different gases to be found within the humanFire, 992:black magicians, and coming under the force of a different number. The few who do not do so in thisFire, 1004:vibration will result in an aggregation of a different type of divine life-substance around theFire, 1019:if the subject may be approached from a different angle, and thus [1020] somewhat clarify,Fire, 1022:forces. As the planet passes around the sun different types of solar energy are contacted, andFire, 1024:be in a position to discriminate between the different ethers, and to note the special hue of theFire, 1024:ethers, and to note the special hue of the different levels, thereby ensuring a balanced buildingFire, 1024:will drive this idea into objectivity. As the different types of forces meet and coalesce, a dimFire, 1032:time (literally, the awareness of the form), a different type of force or motion becomes apparent.Fire, 1047:The three monadic centers are distinguished by different types of energy: Monadic - dynamic energyFire, 1058:a cyclic fashion through the Heavens. This is a different activity to the drift or progressiveFire, 1062:possible to bridge the gaps existing between the different forms of life, and the "elements" inFire, 1071:ore, or which produces tin, is emanated from a different center in the body of the Entity informingFire, 1071:ascertain how to group the various types in the different kingdoms according to the type of energyFire, 1075:the two. By understanding the laws of the different kingdoms, much can be learned anent theFire, 1082:is of equal interest but is of a totally different nature, carrying to the initiated and intuitiveFire, 1104:is brought about by the inflow of energies of different kinds. These various factors, as they areFire, 1105:upon the mental bodies of all human beings as different Rays pass in and out of incarnation. TheFire, 1105:energies which become active or latent during different cycles. The interplay between planets, orFire, 1105:and will demonstrate qualities and motions different from its brothers. For instance, throughFire, 1119:the stage prior to the revolution of the different tiers of petals, and this revolution only [1120]Fire, 1126:an antahkarana, but of quality and objective different to that of the student of the white magic.
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