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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Fire, 1142:series of files in the records give - under a different formula - information as to what isFire, 1148:which we have considered as affecting the different incarnating units have a vital effect on theirFire, 1148:such rules exist, and are governed by seven different formulas for the three main types. WithinFire, 1152:This, of course, has been oft emphasized in different occult books but the following tabulation mayFire, 1153:permit of the interplay of energy between the different planetary schemes, and thus bring to moreFire, 1155:and obscuration. - S. D., II, 72. Pralaya is of different kinds: Cosmic pralaya - The obscurationFire, 1160:is a creator in mental matter of a caliber different from the unconsciously working average man. HeFire, 1161:We have seen the close connection between the different centers and the gradually demonstratingFire, 1165:within the greater whole, and at an angle different to that of the whole revolution. Finally, theseFire, 1165:and microcosmic, which constitutes the different grades of alignment, for it must never beFire, 1177:of schools and teaching which is given on the different planets. All that can be done is to give anFire, 1183:all systemic phenomena. These streams pass in different directions, and in the knowledge of occultFire, 1184:the spiral. Another stream of energy follows a different route, which is a little difficult to makeFire, 1209:principles, which are the manifestations of the different hierarchies. The true revelation willFire, 1235:the physical plane. As he passes through the different grades in the Hall of Learning his abilityFire, 1254:the guidance and the stimulation of a totally different group of cosmic workers. It is difficult toGlamour, 17:period of the full moon. Contact is made on the different planes according to the focus of theGlamour, 30:of mass illusion. The mental plane manifests a different sort of distortion to that of the astralGlamour, 37:small groups such as this, if established in different countries and cities and if successful inGlamour, 49:using that phrase as a symbol. This light is different in its appeal to the individual. Yet it isGlamour, 57:body itself, which may be, and usually is, different to that of the soul ray. These are the secondGlamour, 81:upon the personality life are likewise different. Glamor is not dispelled through the means of theGlamour, 86:of a pair of [86] opposites. These are of a different nature in some respects to those found uponGlamour, 96:mentioned, but the man experiencing it is a very different person to the one who now seeksGlamour, 112:and find the masses recapitulating the different steps upon the evolutionary way, with the lowestGlamour, 115:glamors are dependent upon the expression of the different forces which constitute a man's lowerGlamour, 117:The nature of these glamors differs with different people, for the ray quality determines the typeGlamour, 119:these relatively similar conditions are totally different - though alike in their effects. TheGlamour, 131:by some disciple or intuitive - a very different thing. An illusion can, therefore, be defined asGlamour, 136:salvation of humanity. They are found expressing different and varying degrees of realization,Glamour, 139:of illumination. The revelation vouchsafed is different to that of the intuition for it is theGlamour, 151:They cease their outer labors, pausing to do a different work. Within their hearts is rest. TheyGlamour, 156:coming, the Dweller will present slightly different personality forces: Personality ray - 5th -Glamour, 191:stands visible to him as light-substance (a different thing to the Reality, revealed by theGlamour, 197:developed. This illusion will produce vastly different results to those which follow when men liveGlamour, 270:The necessity to use the will in a new and different manner. The need to cross the burning ground.Healing, 2:"mechanism" in these instructions I refer to different aspects of the instrument, the body or formHealing, 11:as it lies hid in the mind of God, may be very different to what man may conceive today, and cosmicHealing, 17:story: Magnetism and Radiation. They are different in their effects as we shall later see. Rule oneHealing, 19:quite true, but the work to be done is somewhat different to that accomplished when dealing withHealing, 20:the effect of the catalyst produce a third and different substance - carry in them much of theHealing, 47:shifting triplicity, and each man will be different from his fellowmen as to emphasis, as to theHealing, 66:is dependent upon the ray quality. People on the different rays are predisposed to certainHealing, 72:[72] and all types of force pass through it to different parts of the physical form, producing goodHealing, 79:to laryngitis is another - to mention two widely different disorders. The connection can also be soHealing, 83:of evolution, can he hope to register all the different areas of divine expression. Only when theHealing, 118:The spiritual technique, however, is entirely different. The personality problem and the process ofHealing, 136:are resistant to or assimilative of higher or different types of energy. Let me therefore start byHealing, 138:been taken, the physical vehicle is of a totally different caliber and quality, and the Rules andHealing, 151:[151] Our study will, however, be somewhat different, for we shall attempt to discover the diseasesHealing, 227:have gained during life experience - something different, however, to that which they contribute toHealing, 241:under the direct control of the soul - a very different thing to the control of the centers by theHealing, 284:be known of the effects of these two basic and different techniques before a healer dare work.Healing, 288:he should not be dropped, but a definite and different technique can then be used to ease the pathHealing, 305:all the planets along with our Earth, has a different goal, and the second divine aspect, that ofHealing, 305:solar system it was. In this, the principles are different and it is in the clash between what isHealing, 317:because highly evolved. I am not listing these different forms of insanity or imbalance under theHealing, 328:the solar plexus and the throat, and affect in different ways the physical spleen, the stomach andHealing, 330:old age. The reason for this lies in the very different type of emotional body as found in theHealing, 334:for a group of people on differing rays, of different temperaments and equipment and at variousHealing, 342:involved. The diseases of mystics are also in a different category. These latter diseases involveHealing, 376:The coming science of electricity will be as different next century as the modern usages ofHealing, 414:developed, the thought of death will assume very different proportions. When a man can be seenHealing, 419:of abstraction. This "plane of abstraction" is a different one for the entities involved: a. ForHealing, 421:of more adequate refinement, and vibrating to a different measure. In these three thoughts liesHealing, 428:be. Here I would like to present a somewhat different picture, indicating what is known by theHealing, 431:of death, and other causes, come under a totally different directive process; they may not evenHealing, 448:if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me." A different word to this word of His will be spokenHealing, 471:the first divine aspect. There the condition is different; individual karmic necessity may not beHealing, 488:process of a similar nature, but employ a different technique within the process. For the sake ofHealing, 497:the eliminative process. Humanity is at so many different stages - intermediate between the threeHealing, 540:person. In the case of initiates, it is somewhat different, because they frequently remain fullyHealing, 555:emanating from the patient's soul - a very different matter and one which must be most carefullyHealing, 560:to life and circumstances and people along a different line. But they are hopelessly wrong inHealing, 567:and the range of man's desires are widely different and dependent upon the point in evolution; itHealing, 596:point of view, are not redundant but express different meanings. Healing, 599:makes the two, the five, and then the seven - a different enumeration, and one which when broughtHealing, 615:a spiritual sense also; this latter is slightly different to the other two, as all initiates of theHealing, 635:an involutionary, precipitating karma, entirely different to that of the planetary Logos, Who is aHealing, 643:in the healer's personality, and indicating two different points in evolution on the part of theHealing, 643:soul. The two types of energy are of a widely different quality, for one is purely of theHealing, 645:of relationship can be conductors of many different types of energy, transmitted by the healer toHealing, 653:healing. We shall now be dealing with a very different situation than that of the one we have justHealing, 655:The order of the triangle of energies created is different. The means of contact are subtle and notHealing, 669:he is surrounded. This is something totally different to the evil with which I have been dealing,Healing, 673:disciple and that of the initiated Master are different, for one concerns the effect of the threeHealing, 699:rays are identical and the personality rays are different. The personality rays are the same butHealing, 700:in the case of some disease (each based in a different location in the human body), and thenHercules, 32:it. It is the same force, but used in two different ways, dependent upon whether the divine userHercules, 32:time with a new focus, a fresh interest and a different vision. He has had held before him theHercules, 50:occident and in the orient, and the attitude of different races towards sex is widely diversified.Hercules, 50:legality or the illegality of relations varies. Different epochs and different civilizations haveHercules, 50:of relations varies. Different epochs and different civilizations have seen relationships that wereHercules, 56:Antaeus, vanquished, spoke: "I come again in different guise at the eighth Gate. Prepare again toHercules, 70:of the names of the various stars found in the different constellations, we should be able toHercules, 81:the aspirant is concerned, the story is somewhat different, for in these four signs, he preparesHercules, From n:venture forth and try his mettle with a foe of a different sort? Can he now pass the sixth greatHercules, 115:equipped and fitted to manifest it in a manner different from any other expression of divinity andHercules, 116:that this labor was indeed with an enemy "of a different sort". It is interesting that the twoHercules, 128:stirring in his heart and mind. Think how different will be the experiences of these two men in
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