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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Hercules, 139:all is God in manifestation; it is all energy in different categories. Christ was the perfectHercules, 149:the hydra as one monster, not a beast with nine different heads. As long as he sought to disseverHercules, 165:say what is right for you because we all have a different equipment, different heredity, differentHercules, 165:you because we all have a different equipment, different heredity, different tradition andHercules, 165:have a different equipment, different heredity, different tradition and background, differentHercules, 165:heredity, different tradition and background, different racial tendencies. We are all so diverse,Hercules, 165:and carrying that thought on, we all come along different rays. We have different egoic rays andHercules, 165:on, we all come along different rays. We have different egoic rays and different personality rays,Hercules, 165:different rays. We have different egoic rays and different personality rays, and the more you knowHercules, 203:speak you in the light." Each one will be told a different thing according to the need of theHercules, 207:the disciple's life, may enable us to achieve a different attitude and release us into that joy onHercules, 225:given are approximate, they vary according to different authorities.) through the capture of theInitiation, 4:and to have control on that plane are two very different conditions, it becomes apparent how remoteInitiation, 13:that at various periods the emphasis is laid on different grades of expansion, and always theInitiation, 21:work may be gained if we briefly summarize the different aspects of consciousness to be developedInitiation, 33:are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations, unrecognizedInitiation, 38:known, and has already been given out in the different occult books. Yet in the wise and carefulInitiation, 41:agencies which bring in the right Egos on the different rays at the correct times and seasons. WithInitiation, 46:rule. Under the Manu work the regents of the different world divisions, such as, for instance, theInitiation, 46:and initiates who direct the activities of these different schools of thought. In illustration: TheInitiation, 58:He occupies himself with various pupils of different Masters who can profit by his instruction, andInitiation, 69:owing to the great need in the world, a slightly different policy is being pursued. An intensifiedInitiation, 80:express the idea of discipleship in terms of the different rays-meaning by this, discipleship as itInitiation, 81:form, and in their inability to understand the different points of view of others. As time elapses,Initiation, 87:[87] through direct contact, a method different to the individualization as shown in this fourthInitiation, 87:expansions of consciousness that occur at the different initiations. Again, a vision is accorded ofInitiation, 95:might therefore be regarded as one in which the different points of light (or human sparks) areInitiation, 99:the initiation during which the man contacts the different types. These facts involve the secretsInitiation, 106:it is who decides upon the "advancements" in the different departments, and who settles who shallInitiation, 109:at that time into one Identity, manifesting different aspects. Suffice it to say, in concludingInitiation, 114:wait. That which is recognized differs at the different initiations, and might be roughlyInitiation, 120:is shown to him. He becomes more aware of the different group units with whom he is intrinsicallyInitiation, 127:functioning as the occult Hierarchies in the different planets. Again, he it is who, with the solarInitiation, 137:convey to the mind of man fundamental truth from different angles. By the time the fourthInitiation, 139:of the lotus, have a close connection with the different spirillae in the permanent atoms, forInitiation, 148:Logos. [148] This great oath is couched in different terms, according to the initiation undergone,Initiation, 148:triple nature becomes available according to the different sections of the oath taken. This energyInitiation, 151:exists within each greater sound and affects different groups. It [152] must be remembered alsoInitiation, 156:of speech energy when not needed, - a very different matter. It involves a realization of cycles;Initiation, 173:lesser ones: The processes of at-one-ment in the different kingdoms of nature. The bridging betweenInitiation, 178:place in the body of a Heavenly Man differs in different planetary Schemes; the Heavenly Man, whoInitiation, 192:Path. The man who seeks initiation is in a different position, and having once made application hasInitiation, 195:evolution possible, and thus each life, in the different kingdoms of nature, consciously orInitiation, 197:very little cheese. Milk and butter come under a different category, and most initiates andInitiation, 199:of some kind, or might help the group if put to different work. The effect of the Sacred Word willInitiation, 224:some chosen from among many, and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the LogosIntellect, 33:to controversy, for we live, each of us, in a different environment; we have each our specialIntellect, 37:success... It is possible, however, to get a different 'feel' of one's world if one is able toIntellect, 53:to every being that has life in it, and the different souls are fundamentally identical in nature.Intellect, 55:as one expression of world-plan, of mind as a different expression of that world-plan, of Spirit inIntellect, 69:behind the world of appearance and utterly different from it. This Reality is regarded with anIntellect, 102:information from various sources, and by different means. Through the five senses, information isIntellect, 115:evolution and of God. As he passes through the different stages, his ability so to work and hisIntellect, 120:a certain organ which receives and connects the different impressions of the senses, and which,Intellect, 122:one expression of the world-plan, of mind as a different expression of that world-plan, of SpiritIntellect, 133:that of contemplation, which is of an entirely different category, there comes a transition period,Intellect, 157:Eckhart, pages 114, 83, 288. The Knower has a different method from that of the mystic. His is theIntellect, 161:divine consciousness making its presence felt in different spheres of human awareness and behavior.Intellect, 217:affairs of the soul, we shall live the day in a different manner. If this becomes a habit, we shallIntellect, 248:in several ways. They emanate from many different interior sources. They are curiously alike; theyMagic, 12:brings with it faculties and knowledge of a different order than that in the animal soul. TheseMagic, 30:essential quality which makes each man different, which produces that complex manifestation ofMagic, 32:their monads or spiritual aspects are inherently different just as in the prism (which is one)Magic, 33:all equally right, but all presenting a slightly different angle of vision. When the aboveMagic, 33:realization is coupled to such factors as the different points in evolution, varying nationalitiesMagic, 34:species of the animal kingdom and makes one man different from another in his appearance, natureMagic, 46:on White Magic - Introductory Remarks The different types of force can all be registered in theMagic, 55:world forces, but now our objective is something different; I seek to interest the minds and brainsMagic, 95:ever to link up the analogies between the different aspects of divinity, as they express themselvesMagic, 120:undergone on the Mount of Illumination is a different thing to the joy experienced on the Mount ofMagic, 159:cases, in a condition of deep abstraction of a different kind. There is no time or purpose inMagic, 163:word 'meditation' is not used. The thought is a different one. The meditation [164] process,Magic, 171:The vibration of the Master. All three are different and it is easy to confuse them, especially atMagic, 190:and in any case, the esoteric colors are widely different from the exoteric. 1. The base of theMagic, 193:in the vale of illusion regarding themselves as different from other men, placing themselves upon aMagic, 246:or immersed in the form in order to function in different aspects of the divine whole. TheMagic, 282:of a coarse brutal animal natured man will be different to that of the refined beautifying resultsMagic, 288:fact that each ray holds within its teaching a different approach and a different method for thoseMagic, 288:within its teaching a different approach and a different method for those souls who are foundMagic, 293:other of the appetites. The situation is however different in connection with the astral body forMagic, 296:the astral energies that they are turned in a different direction. Desire becomes aspiration. ThusMagic, 317:upon the sentient body must be recognized as different. The question has to be asked: Is thisMagic, 332:gradually be discarded and a new approach and a different fundamental concept as to the nature ofMagic, 332:years, emerging out of the two seemingly different ideas as to the nature of the atom, aMagic, 379:that the whole trend of Their work was in a way different and necessarily so, to that of the adeptsMagic, 379:man of this time to comprehend, owing to the different state of his consciousness. The IbezhanMagic, 406:of World Servers Under the influence of the different rays as they cycled in and out of activity,Magic, 411:a word of comment. Their work is curiously different to that of the other groups and their ranksMagic, 417:a general idea of what is going on in the different countries. They possess in truth no nationalityMagic, 430:of distinction, and of being set apart or different from one's fellow men. Third: the possession ofMagic, 452:essential quality which makes each man different, which produces that complex manifestation ofMagic, 469:Stage IV Into the dark the life proceeds. A different voice seems to sound forth. "Enter the caveMagic, 483:reached a stage of high initiation, the case is different. The seed ideas he seeks to convey, theMagic, 485:who is still learning to think, the problem is different. He is still prone to use thought matterMagic, 513:be remembered that each planetary Logos has a different pulsation, a varying periodic interlude,Magic, 532:to what are called evil conditions is so different to that of humanity that it is difficult for usMagic, 544:for the humanity of the sixth round will be so different in nature to ours and those who willMagic, 545:be in a position to discriminate between the different ethers and to note the special hue of theMagic, 545:ethers and to note the special hue of the different levels, thereby insuring a balanced building ofMagic, 546:will drive this idea into objectivity. As the different types of forces meet and coalesce, a dim
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