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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Magic, 546:mouth. "Each day of man the words take form and different seem. In... the words will be as follows.Magic, 548:remembered that all that I have here said has a different meaning on each plane and in relationMagic, 576:has to learn the nature of the forces in the different centers, how to transmit and unify them andMagic, 591:This latter is the energy, present in matter yet different from the fire of matter itself, whichMagic, 592:at specific rates, which differ for the different centers, and according to the point in evolutionMagic, 602:himself as essentially a spiritual entity, different in nature, objectives and methods of workingMagic, 614:nature, for man is "under illusion" in a sense different to the conscious awareness of any otherMagic, 620:then there was little interrelation between different races or between human families, and thereMeditationthe truth is a many-sided diamond, and that its different aspects will appear at different times,Meditationand that its different aspects will appear at different times, as those who guide the race see aMeditation, 15:the type of meditation. Each ray necessitates a different method of approach, for the aim of allMeditation, 16:Ray, the method is somewhat different. Not so much the driving forward, not so much the gradualMeditation, 16:of the Adaptability Ray. All these three different methods have the same result, and areMeditation, 19:from life to life, each life being based on a different note and demonstrating a different color.Meditation, 19:based on a different note and demonstrating a different color. In this way the causal body is moreMeditation, 22:the egoic body. Each ray necessitated, we saw, a different process. Then we took up the function ofMeditation, 25:which has suffered polarization are grouped in a different geometrical form to those which have notMeditation, 34:by individuals from time to time. These egos at different stages of development are all linked withMeditation, 35:Ego is consequently aided on lower levels by two different disciples, one working on emotionalMeditation, 36:downward more and more until gradually the different vehicles come into line, and the man stands onMeditation, 38:of incarnation are differentiated and capable of different work. Egos whose reflections are inMeditation, 38:vibrate more readily to each other than those on different rays, and it is only as the second orMeditation, 40:seen how each ray aimed at the same goal along a different route, and that each ray necessitated aMeditation, 40:route, and that each ray necessitated a different type of meditation. We have touched on theMeditation, 46:and (though aiming at the same goal) following different routes. You will later see these schoolsMeditation, 49:the man himself, and his relationship with four different groups. All this is possible and willMeditation, 51:of sound. That on each plane the Word has a different effect. [52] That according to the note ofMeditation, 52:each of the three solar systems) the note was different, and the sounds pitched to a different key.Meditation, 52:note was different, and the sounds pitched to a different key. In system one, the completion of theMeditation, 59:can find out much that should transpire on the different subplanes of each plane, especially inMeditation, 60:for me, nor wise and appropriate to give to you different keys in which the Sacred Word can beMeditation, 67:and noted. The elimination of individuals from different groups and their assignment to otherMeditation, 80:of evolution, by the uneven awakening of the different centers due to the type of a man's lives; itMeditation, 94:due to certain conditions; each man presents a different problem, and each body causes a differentMeditation, 94:a different problem, and each body causes a different reaction, and each totality in his threefoldMeditation, 101:months - as that great cycle comes around in different quarters of the earth - the fire devas, theMeditation, 110:will, therefore, be apparent to you that these different temperaments carry with them their ownMeditation, 111:the fire with dire results. The dangers now are different. The development of [112] mind carriesMeditation, 113:mantrams may be chanted by units or by groups, different centers may be the object of specializedMeditation, 114:of the Great Ones this danger is being offset. Different methods for different races, diverse formsMeditation, 114:danger is being offset. Different methods for different races, diverse forms for those of variousMeditation, 115:These groups are many and diverse and at different periods of a man's life may change and differ,Meditation, 116:are diverse, as before I have said, and vary on different planes. Let us briefly enumerate them: 1.Meditation, 124:causes are four in number and each responds to a different treatment: One cause is a definiteMeditation, 131:against any of his three vehicles and may be of different kinds. Let me briefly point out some ofMeditation, 140:outline. What I intend to do today is something different. I purpose to do four things which weMeditation, 144:for himself. The aspirant is aiming at something different; he seeks to merge himself with hisMeditation, 147:we will take up this same subject from a different angle and study the difference between theMeditation, 149:The form used by the two types is entirely different and when seen clairvoyantly is veryMeditation, 160:the lower bodies or body. In apportioning forms different aims will be in view. Where, forMeditation, 163:As you know, each plane vibration responds to a different key and note, and its matter isMeditation, 169:manifests - as a result of meditation - in three different ways. The results of meditation asMeditation, 169:really the same aspects of manifestation under different terms or conditions. Let me tabulate themMeditation, 174:in evolution and force in involution are two different things. That is a preliminary statement.Meditation, 177:are, as you know and have been told above, of different kinds, and are primarily four: Of primeMeditation, 179:is great, and the force pouring in on all the different centers is apt - unless duly regulated - toMeditation, 181:lives around him the dangers would be different or rather would demonstrate in the opposite effect,Meditation, 188:many lesser groups which work specifically with different bands of elementals and devas. [189] WeMeditation, 194:for the forces of life. These effects upon the different centers will be definitely felt on one orMeditation, 206:and build. Colors have certain effects on the different vehicles, and on the planes on which thoseMeditation, 209:the softness and the exquisite quality of the different hues grow with each transition. When theMeditation, 211:color form a circulating ring which, moving at different rates of vibration, passes through all theMeditation, 216:grouping lies much of interest. We now come to a different group of colors, and one that fallsMeditation, 219:is the manifested universe. All seven at different times play on the different aspects. [220] Meditation, 219:All seven at different times play on the different aspects. [220] Meditation, 228:is in the study of these correspondences in the different departments of the manifested universe,Meditation, 233:of the Aryan are widely diverse, and radically different. We have, therefore, demonstrated ourMeditation, 234:of the stage attained and the progress made. Different rays come in bearing units colored by thatMeditation, 234:rays pass out carrying with them units of a different basic hue. In the period of transition theMeditation, 243:But as things are now, disease, corruption of different kinds and trouble in all the bodies isMeditation, 247:of pure bodies, and to study the effect of different colors on the dense physical. It has been butMeditation, 267:though it entails passing into the group of a different Master. This takes place after the secondMeditation, 271:"accepted disciple" progresses (and it varies in different cases) the disciple advances ever closerMeditation, 275:center. He superintends the work of the pupil on different planes and makes records of the extentMeditation, 289:each following certain rounds of lives totally different from those of others, offer a wide fieldMeditation, 294:Other groups, formed of units diverse and under different rays and Masters, will guard their doorMeditation, 299:usual custom, divide the subject matter under different heads: The one fundamental School. ItsMeditation, 309:A beginning will be made with members of the different occult schools, such as the esotericMeditation, 311:two divisions, preparatory and advanced, in the different designated centers under one of the fourMeditation, 314:This - to the outer world - may appear not so different from an ordinary college. The differencesMeditation, 318:from spiritual recognition. As aforesaid, these different occult schools will be practically rayMeditation, 319:the Master, advise as to their passing into the different grades of discipleship, report atMeditation, 337:Emotional Body Here the method of procedure is different. The emotional body is simply a greatMeditation, 359:some chosen from among many, and embody the different aspects of force by means of which the LogosPatanjali, 12:self-expression. Their objective is, however, different from that of the Inner Man and they hinderPatanjali, 17:preliminary stage and has to be superseded by a different method. The student of Raja Yoga has toPatanjali, 35:to various interpretations, and is applied to different stages of yogi achievement. This makes itPatanjali, 94:an object or seedless, and therefore employing a different faculty, and one which is only possiblePatanjali, 121:practices which give man control over the different organs and the entire mechanical apparatus ofPatanjali, 169:there comes the stage when the search takes on a different form and the soul itself searches forPatanjali, 173:lifecycles is to cause a great longing for a different condition and a great desire for liberationPatanjali, 173:all human beings, though it shows itself in many different ways. It is based upon an inherentPatanjali, 214:is a science of postures and about eighty-four different positions, some of them most intricate andPatanjali, 267:interest to search for information given in the different presentations of the one truth anent thePatanjali, 288:three worlds and to others. "Binding to" is of a different nature to "union with." One is full ofPatanjali, 323:on Cosmic Fire will serve to make clear the five different aspects of the five senses on the fivePatanjali, 340:pours in and he knows himself as something different to the forms through which he is functioning.Patanjali, 354:of contact. He will employ all six but in a different manner. The mind will be utilized as aPatanjali, 354:within; the five senses will be transmitters of different types of energy to the chosen objectives,Patanjali, 378:vision, the attainment of the wisdom. They are different from the lower powers, for they abrogate
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