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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Patanjali, 380:their presence felt. This is, however, a very different thing to their use in order to becomePatanjali, 394:a ray of the Higher Self, gathers together from different births and times and places thosePatanjali, 399:must bear fruit at a later date is, however, a different matter and one more completely under thePatanjali, 404:objects are similar they are not presented to different minds in the same light, which shows [405]Patanjali, 405:three gunas and their various combinations in different degrees are enough to account for all that.Problemsto the world's children continue to exist but in different forms and under different conditions toProblemsto exist but in different forms and under different conditions to those of the postwar period. TheProblems, 10:to nation. At present this is not so, and a very different psychology rules. Nations seek andProblems, 30:that all nations are made up of human beings, at different stages of evolution, and conditioned byProblems, 32:consequences in our lifetime - rebuilt along different lines, with different objectives andProblems, 32:lifetime - rebuilt along different lines, with different objectives and incentives and withProblems, 33:during the past few hundred years been of a different nature, the world war might never haveProblems, 44:of people from every known country; over fifty different races or nations compose the U.S.S.R. TheProblems, 45:What initial steps the educators of the different countries take will inevitably determine theProblems, 60:which will guarantee that the children of the different nations (beginning with the millions ofProblems, 77:race, it might well appear that new, better and different methods may now be used to implement theProblems, 97:and to the use and possession of money is widely different to that of the Western, and herein is toProblems, 97:so much a question of right and wrong as one of different standards and inherent racial attitudesProblems, 98:particularly in the larger cities in the different countries. Down the ages, the Jews for measuresProblems, 103:It concerns the interplay between people of different races but recognizing brotherhood in theProblems, 105:2. The Negro Problem This problem is totally different to that of the Jews. In the first case youProblems, 108:exists also in Africa, but it has been of a different kind and has not produced quite the sameProblems, 109:races and by a long cycle of wars between the different Negro groups which people that continent?Problems, 145:the doctrinal presentation will lead to a very different humanity to that which exists today; itProblems, 169:nation; it will be a new world order, built upon different principles to those in the past, and oneProblems, 176:that the East and the West approach life from different angles. The Eastern approach is negativeProblems, 176:Europe look at life and the modern problems from different angles; this makes cooperation difficultPsychology1, xxi:A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is in an entirely different category. In the last analysis, it is for thePsychology1, 90:factor to the scientific mind, which is so different to that of its more mystically inclinedPsychology1, 93:"fearfully and wonderfully made," diverse and different. These in some mysterious way producePsychology1, 94:who beholds and takes action? Is this entity different to and separable from the body, or is it thePsychology1, 97:into a new dimension of consciousness and into a different state of being. This expansion ofPsychology1, 101:are left to indicate to us a vegetation vastly different to that which we now enjoy. Man himselfPsychology1, 168:of His system to vibrate in seven different measures of vibration. The second outpouring causedPsychology1, 169:of consciousness and the ray of the triad are different; the one modifies the other, the formerPsychology1, 235:integrated in the [235] sum total, in a manner different to that which can be seen when consideringPsychology1, 238:of divine life. This living entity has a different objective to the Life which informs the fourthPsychology1, 240:fires, which form such a menace at this time in different parts of the world, are also related toPsychology1, 241:man eats or wears are seen in a connotation very different to that of the one-pointed fanatic. LetPsychology1, 242:we know, and should be approached from an angle different (not only in degree but in kind) to thatPsychology1, 242:can be otherwise, and the emerging truth is different to that which the little minds believe. Psychology1, 249:conscious," the greater again is the higher, yet different, unity and synthesis. Such also is thePsychology1, See pa:for individualization." [See page 164 for a different enumeration of the rays. The apparentPsychology1, 266:producing specific effects, definite and different forms of life, peculiar types of realization,Psychology1, 271:all parts of the world. These again vary in the different civilizations and under the influence ofPsychology1, 273:under one climatic condition presents totally different possibilities under another. Polygamy,Psychology1, 273:have been and are cyclically dominant in different parts of the world, down through the ages, andPsychology1, 274:of a worldwide condition which is probably quite different to their ordinary surmise. I write notPsychology1, 352:given to the unfolding of purpose will be of a different timbre and nature than those which arePsychology1, 377:the other kingdoms of nature their influence is different, and they are called by otherPsychology1, 386:in Germany are on the first subray of the seven different rays, and hence they are from onePsychology1, 389:relation to the rays personal and egoic of the different nations. Take for instance the emergencePsychology1, 394:to rebel and to show some form of initiative different to that of the other units in the samePsychology1, 405:of the fourth kingdom in nature. This will have different effects, according to the ray of thePsychology2, 20:Later they may appear in a totally different light when we know more and the race has advancedPsychology2, 20:significance of these words may appear totally different. Definition is simply the expression ofPsychology2, 20:its formerly important part is seen to be widely different to what was supposed. This must never bePsychology2, 21:three words we have been considering, has a very different idea about them than has a disciple or aPsychology2, 28:a greater rapport, and thus produce an entirely different type of life. The correspondence to thesePsychology2, 54:energies. The fact that the interplay between different types of energy results in the formation ofPsychology2, 55:they produce the changed types, new forms and different notes, tones and appearances. ThesePsychology2, 64:Ageless Wisdom, has in it points of focus for different types of energy. These are called "forcePsychology2, 68:energies and to subordinate them to higher and different aims is to be found that blendedPsychology2, 77:they throw a light upon the various stages from different angles: The stage of concretization andPsychology2, 81:of this third ray. This method is totally different in its technique to that of the two mentionedPsychology2, 81:by souls on this ray, is such that atoms of the different planes are moved as if consciouslyPsychology2, 81:makes itself felt, and atoms collect from widely different points in response to a certain qualityPsychology2, 85:by energies and laws which are of a nature different from those governing personalities. It isPsychology2, 97:revealed. This tendency or urge is something different to desire, as desire is academicallyPsychology2, 97:and to sacrifice in order to redeem works out in different ways in the different planetary schemes.Psychology2, 97:to redeem works out in different ways in the different planetary schemes. Each Ray Lord of aPsychology2, 97:urge in varying ways, and each expression is so different from the others that it is hard for aPsychology2, 108:and proper at a certain time, but capable of a different application at another time, and byPsychology2, 139:could be impressed, here and there, in different parts of the world, and at widely separated timesPsychology2, 164:with a new or bright idea! It is something far different to that. The difference is that betweenPsychology2, 164:directions; that it produces effects upon seven different types of beings and of men, and that byPsychology2, 176:between his soul and his personality. The three different vibrations of his vital body, hisPsychology2, 176:of the soul have been firmly established, these different recognitions become instinctualPsychology2, 179:these soul laws. They will, therefore, strike a different note and produce groups which are weldedPsychology2, 187:groups. The methods and techniques will be so different to those of the past. People may evincePsychology2, 189:the lesser. Telepathic communication between the different aspects of the human being is entirelyPsychology2, 191:will at first work. They will make a deeper and different study than has heretofore been undertakenPsychology2, 194:certain laws, are an effort to bring in new and different conditions, and hence produce a newPsychology2, 202:in time and space, and as having reference to different forms of divine life and to differingPsychology2, 210:being accelerated). This rapidity is, however, a different matter altogether, for many of thePsychology2, 252:But in the realm of consciousness a very different state of affairs will be found. A Master of thePsychology2, 253:in the mineral kingdom produced totally different forms to those which the same consciousness,Psychology2, 268:of soul energy. This impact is made in three different stages or in what are occultly termed "threePsychology2, 296:Had it related him to his monadic ray a very different situation would have eventuated. - The linePsychology2, 301:be apparent that, as the relationships of the different aspects of a man's manifested life appear,Psychology2, 327:and quality of that form as it responds, upon different levels of the planetary life, to the impactPsychology2, 337:to make its presence felt, and to grip in a different sense than hitherto, and in a more activePsychology2, 349:He integrates his various bodies with their different states of consciousness into one activePsychology2, 353:in his direction, a change of method, and a different attitude. These three changes are describedPsychology2, 354:in which he begins to reorganize himself for a different type of activity, and it will be foundPsychology2, 360:the opportunities which come his way (a very different thing) - apply himself to the need to bePsychology2, 360:himself to the need to be met. This is a very different matter and [361] swings into activity aPsychology2, 361:matter and [361] swings into activity a very different psychology. When he can do this and bePsychology2, 371:are then regarded as possessing a relation quite different to the theoretical relationships positedPsychology2, 379:of the Path of Evolution, are significantly different. For one thing it might be said that The
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