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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENT

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Rays, 543:them and know them as constituting three different channels whereby energy reaches him. TheyRays, 556:form aspect of initiation. I here propose a different approach, and would ask you to keep in mindRays, 567:dynamic electric energy has to act in a new and different sense if the four higher initiations areRays, 631:of many nations, of many peoples speaking many different languages, and is consequently staging aRays, 639:new era of harmony. Christ will come in three different ways: Through the over-shadowing, on theRays, 644:the initiate in a new light and with an entirely different significance when the fifth initiationRays, 644:an entrance into a light of an entirely different nature to any hitherto experienced. DevelopmentRays, 649:speaking. What is coming is a civilization of a different yet still material nature, but animatedRays, 661:of understanding, and something new and utterly different enters in. The Law of Analogy holds goodRays, 664:into light, involving the revelation of a different world to the one hitherto known, and theRays, 689:and indicates his entrance into an entirely different cycle of experience. Rays, 690:at the time of his initiation. This is a totally different energy to that transmitted to him at theRays, 729:qualification for service. This creates a very different situation. The decision once made is aRays, 745:what you call the "iron curtain") die out a different state of affairs will gradually supervene andRays, 747:undergoing national and political experiments in different countries throughout the world. All ofReappearance, 15:is nothing new; in it lies nothing unique or different; those who still hold to the idea areReappearance, 16:the dissemination of news will make His coming different to that of any previous Messenger; theReappearance, 16:world to what is new or needed is also uniquely different; man has progressed far in his reactionReappearance, 32:day; it is (1947) translated [32] into eighteen different languages and used by people in all thoseReappearance, 41:divine Son of God has come forth and under many different names. Then the Christ came andReappearance, 44:believer. Seeing and recognition are two very different things, and one of the great recognitionsReappearance, 52:in the human heart can be expressed in many different departments of human living - in politics, inReappearance, 56:to work with Him as far as in them lies. It is a different world to which He is now planning toReappearance, 71:However, the will is in reality something very different to these expressions of it which exist inReappearance, 154:has its great festivals, the Buddhist keeps his different set spiritual events, and the Hindu hasReappearance, 163:there any guarantee that this time it would be different? You may ask why would He not beReappearance, 174:would be responding to a future possibility very different from the present one; we would not beSoulbody of Eastern thinking which is so curiously different from our own and yet, as one discoversSoul, 10:not necessarily better than the Western. It is different. It starts from another angle of approach.Soul, 15:particular situation and why a definitely different thing under subsequent different conditions. InSoul, 15:a definitely different thing under subsequent different conditions. In his view, then, he isSoul, 18:psychology of our two hemispheres is so widely different, the approach to truth so dissimilar, thatSoul, 18:clearer light and beauty. From the union of our different sciences, thought and deductions, a newSoul, 19:control the parts of his makeup, much as the different divisions of an automobile concern produceSoul, 19:divisions of an automobile concern produce the different parts of a car. These chemical factoriesSoul, 24:above the body and the brain there is something different, on a different level, call it mind,Soul, 24:and the brain there is something different, on a different level, call it mind, spirit,Soul, 25:and various other schools. They produce [25] different portraits of the self. But the composite ofSoul, 39:as the carrier of the peculiar hormones of the different glands, and the nervous system [40] seemsSoul, 45:intellectualize. Approaching the problem from a different angle, the student of the Eastern wisdomSoul, 57:and the same, one and forever inseparable, but different aspects however, of the one reality. LifeSoul, 58:there are four subtler planes, or rather four different types of ether. These four are coexistentSoul, 68:created by it, it has succeeded in reaching. Different types of beings best serve its purpose atSoul, 68:types of beings best serve its purpose at different stages." - Joad, C. E. M., B. A., Mind andSoul, 73:as to how the mind goes out of itself to so different an object, or how the object could be itselfSoul, 74:Edition of 1923. As one investigates the different interpretations as to the nature of the soul,Soul, 82:been pointed out, an idea capable of very different interpretations. The word signifies no moreSoul, 83:to every being that has life in it, and the different souls are fundamentally identical in nature.Soul, 88:such as mentality, vitality, memory, etc., to different parts of the brain. Vieussens located theSoul, 89:the seat of the soul," Charles Bonnet said: "The different senses... with which we are endowed...Soul, 89:acts on the body, and by the body on so many different beings. Now the soul acts only by the agencySoul, 112:state is linked to the corporeal state in two different and complementary ways, by the blood as toSoul, 112:and that we are dealing in reality with two different realms in the integral individuality.Soul, 114:As exhibited by segments, the cord shows different characteristics in different regions. RoughlySoul, 114:the cord shows different characteristics in different regions. Roughly speaking these correspond toSoul, 120:in which man demonstrates that his status is different to, and higher than that of the animal, andSoul, 132:This long line of knowers of God have used different terminologies, but it is immaterial for ourSoul, 143:forms of matter on the earth are made up of 92 different kinds of atoms grouped into moleculesSoul, 145:perfect hypothesis, perhaps by some perfectly different way of looking at phenomena, of registeringSoul, 146:in thinking that 'a way of looking at phenomena' different from the way of science, may some daySoul, 156:Mediation and meditation are after all only different stages in the same ascending "path" andTelepathywho are found upon differing rays, who are of different nationalities, and who are each of them theTelepathy, 10:confusion. The two parties concerned are using different centers and are sensitive to certain typesTelepathy, 23:group takes. I refer to an inner group and a different outer group or groups. These groups, on bothTelepathy, 46:being seven in number, constitute seven different streams of impressing energy which affect theTelepathy, 63:the varying mechanisms of contact found in the different kingdoms of nature, has mastered much ofTelepathy, 82:as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. TheTelepathy, 83:and definite reference to humanity. Many different terms might be used in the effort to convey someTelepathy, 83:Science of Sensitivity. All these terms convey different aspects of the reaction of form or formsTelepathy, 86:as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. TheTelepathy, 99:and that therefore their problem is to achieve a different polarization and to become focused uponTelepathy, 133:a constant inflow of energies from several different sources, and these energies galvanize theseTelepathy, 134:many AVATARS, bringing with Them many and very different kinds of energies to those which hithertoTelepathy, 136:Will of Sanat Kumara, then the situation will be different and men will know (as the Members of theTelepathy, 149:some come from one direction and some from a different one, but all are in movement all the time;Telepathy, 162:system of nerves. As a transmitter of many different types of energy, coming from many differentTelepathy, 162:many different types of energy, coming from many different sources; these energies run through orTelepathy, 165:angle of the Hierarchy, conditions are somewhat different. You have the seven centers portrayed asTelepathy, 178:I will not repeat it here as I am seeking a different approach. It might be profitable to point out
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