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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENTIATED

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Astrology, 138:ray is, in the last analysis, the focused differentiated energy of Ray One as it expresses the WillAstrology, 314:In Cancer this living substance assumed a triple differentiated relationship to which we give theAstrology, 641:(C.F. 795) 8. Energy in the universe can be differentiated as follows: "Inter-cosmic - affectingAstrology, 685:according to their relation to each other, the differentiated force of the different schemes canAtom, 26:separate units of consciousness, not only the differentiated atoms within the form, not only willAtom, 78:of substance itself, dealing not with the differentiated substances or elements, but with theDiscipleship1, 68:and all will work with the same divine energy, differentiated into varying forces for the purposesEducation, 122:factors without elaboration: The fusion of man's differentiated spiritual aspirations, as expressedEducation, 127:increasingly self-aware and is being sharply differentiated (with the relationship at the same timeExternalisation, 14:of the psychic, and then the application of differentiated and suitable methods so that he mayExternalisation, 355:conscious of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition of the situation which underliesFire, 5:Men. The Seven Logoi embody seven types of differentiated force, and in this Treatise are knownFire, 44:element with its differentiations. Homogeneous Differentiated 1. Undifferentiated cosmic substanceFire, 66:Logos. Each of the seven Lords of Fire 25 are differentiated into numerous groups of fire entities,Fire, 116:This cosmic physical plane exists in matter differentiated into seven qualities, groups, grades, orFire, 118:or primordial pregenetic substance, and when differentiated by Fohat (or the energizing Life, theFire, 152:By means of this action, all the spheres became differentiated, and form, as we know, the followingFire, 158:of the essence, and the merging again of differentiated matter with the root of matter, The end ofFire, 175:manvantara. And its "cosmic atoms already in a differentiated state" (differing - in the producingFire, 175:rewound. Therefore, I have used the word "differentiated." At the coming of the Pralaya no human,Fire, 191:escape him, while the major group sounds are not differentiated at all. As evolution proceeds andFire, 212:from cosmic levels. The two lesser Rods carry differentiated fohatic force. This logoic Rod ofFire, 246:nucleus of life. An atom contains within itself differentiated molecules, which in their totalityFire, 248:Spirit and matter. A man contains within himself differentiated atoms, which in their totality makeFire, 248:man demonstrates as a sphere (or spheres) of differentiated matter, vibrating to a certain measure,Fire, 375:according to their relation to each other, the differentiated force of the different schemes canFire, 521:only Force in varying degrees, only Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating fromFire, 529:a Force, working through a dual manifestation of differentiated force, through the energy ofFire, 534:egoic levels, remembering that these groups are differentiated and are formed of aggregates ofFire, 568:in its entirety, a concrete whole, and not the differentiated process that we feel our evolvingFire, 574:the law of fire; it governs the transmutation of differentiated colors back to their synthesis. ItFire, 599:the goal, and those who will not, are sharply differentiated into two groups; the seventh is aFire, 626:Physical Plane Ether. The particular type of differentiated force which they embody, when broughtFire, 742:his Heart center three things occur: They become differentiated into seven groups. They directFire, 910:animated by one general life; the other has differentiated, and each entity is a separate unit ofFire, 1022:that it can respond at the needed hour to the differentiated energy. He manipulates planetary forceFire, 1081:the occult terms applied to some of these [1081] differentiated groups, remembering that we areFire, 1117:the units which constitute the One, cannot be differentiated as the consummation is achieved. TheyFire, 1143:These lesser agents might again be somewhat differentiated, each of the following groups beingFire, 1156:past, the present and that which is to come) are differentiated in time and space where theFire, 1180:manifestation of the One Law; that they are but differentiated terms, employed to express one greatFire, 1180:one, basic and fundamental; the other more differentiated and [1182] secondary. These streams ofFire, 1249:synthesis and unity are reached and when the differentiated forces become one homogeneous force,Glamour, 34:and teaching to cover the conditions which are differentiated under the words maya illusion andGlamour, 161:conscious of the threefold nature and the differentiated condition of the situation which underliesHealing, 50:centers in the etheric physical body as seven differentiated types of force. These types of forceHealing, 72:keep these two lines of force-activity clearly differentiated in your mind. Both pass through andHealing, 75:the response to the inflowing forces is slightly differentiated. All of this we will consider withHealing, 122:in it much truth, but also much error. I have differentiated between problems and physicalHealing, 229:also arose the first tendencies to marriage, as differentiated from promiscuity; the formation ofHercules, 34:in nature, came into being when mind emerged and differentiated man from the animals. The aspirantInitiation, 95:embodies, when brought into conjunction with the differentiated force of the planetary type,Initiation, 159:XV - The Giving of the Word 7. Every Word, differentiated or synthesized, affects the devaInitiation, 159:and of an ordinary human being, who - in much differentiated diversified speech - expresses anInitiation, 176:they only become initiations into the wisdom (as differentiated from expansions of knowledge) whenIntellect, 21:religious bias is ignored on account of the many differentiated religious bodies, and the trend ofIntellect, 56:an apparatus which can put him in touch with the differentiated manifestations through which DeityMagic, 9:is known in time and space as composite and differentiated and yet, when time and space are notMagic, 32:in the prism (which is one) there are the seven differentiated colors. Even this is so only becauseMagic, 117:man on earth. First principles deal with the differentiated unit and with evolution throughMagic, 327:and method, has elaborated the ideas and differentiated the six theories into a multiplicity ofMagic, 477:Word, Speech. The latter, in its turn, has been differentiated into words, phrases, sentences,Magic, 611:of evolutionary development) the effect of differentiated fiery essence. This fiery essence can beMeditation, 14:of universality. When a teacher is on the spot, differentiated practice may be carried on suited toMeditation, 38:and egos that are out of incarnation are differentiated and capable of different work. Egos whoseMeditation, 41:instead of the religious differences and the differentiated sects of the many so-called religions,Meditation, 107:vibration and required therefore certain differentiated material. This circle that we term theMeditation, 120:of entities: These groups of entities can be differentiated in a threefold manner: Groups ofMeditation, 142:itself, - something which knows itself to be differentiated from the vehicle which encloses it orMeditation, 147:mystic. It might be of value to us if we first differentiated with care between the two types. IMeditation, 197:balances and arrangements - the auras of the differentiated units in a group, and causes theseMeditation, 211:We recognize it as color. The adept knows it as differentiated force, and the initiate of theMeditation, 221:plane, form in its densest, grossest, most differentiated aspect; one is summed up in the syntheticMeditation, 222:the ultimate glory in view. As long as there is differentiated color there is imperfection.Meditation, 240:primary ray, having through many incarnations differentiated that ray into its many componentPatanjali, 321:not the material self but the spiritual, not the differentiated aspects but the One alone, and thusPatanjali, 334:these are characterized by certain qualities and differentiated from each other by specificPatanjali, 402:or the one Life being the potent cause of all differentiated lesser minds and lives. This must everPsychology1, 20:throughout that form organs and centers of differentiated life which function in rhythm andPsychology1, 25:(not just our universe) our solar Logos is as differentiated and distinctive in quality as are anyPsychology1, 53:through vehicles of varying capacities, of differentiated refinements and of greater and lesserPsychology1, 55:and begins its long career. It is now a differentiated entity. Psychology1, 154:form, and to all forms upon and within it. These differentiated forms are therefore animated byPsychology1, 158:and the kingdom in question; through them the differentiated forms come into being, the specializedPsychology2, 251:of flowers, and from these seeds the needed differentiated forms appear, producing still furtherPsychology2, 252:four kingdoms have separate phenomenal types and differentiated groups of forms. The phenomena ofPsychology2, 293:Volume One of this Treatise, the human being was differentiated into the [294] three divinePsychology2, 411:reality dealing with a most complex aggregate of differentiated energies, through which or amongPsychology2, 417:recognition of reality, which resolves the differentiated parts into a unit, producingRays, 240:Servers, whilst the energy of dynamic purpose, differentiated into seven diverging streams, isRays, 346:in perfect unison and yet - within their differentiated ranks, for each degree stands alone yetRays, 379:Ashram is a unity, for the ashramic life in its differentiated groups is guarded by aRays, 382:where the centers of the Lord of the World were differentiated; function and radiatory activityRays, 440:forces working in seven departments and differentiated also into forty-nine lesser departments, asRays, 454:are in reality six, if the creative thread is differentiated into its component parts, form theRays, 476:participates in and is responsible for all the differentiated aspects, steps and stages -Soul, 75:The conception of the soul or psyche... became differentiated into two conceptions... namely, onSoul, 99:energies or [99] life of the human body are the differentiated quota of that universal principleTelepathy, 16:to that center as it exists as an instrument differentiated from all other instruments or centers)Telepathy, Discip:to energy impacts and of its group reception as differentiated from individual reception, as is the
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