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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFERENTIATION

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Astrology, 31:always the four and the three as a secondary differentiation) and to the seven Sisters, theAstrology, 41:of the above, and that necessitates a ninefold differentiation, for the two first are triple, as isAstrology, 113:is the embodiment of the human soul or ego, a differentiation of the world soul, which expressesAstrology, 615:about eventual fulfilment. Overcomes death or differentiation. All initiates must and eventually doAtom, 153:form, and in the form only, lies separation and differentiation. The ancient books of the EastAutobiography, 262:the many planes, the creative fires and the differentiation of substance have been exhaustivelyDestiny, 68:(England, Scotland and Wales) and also differentiation are the conditioning aspects of the empire.Destiny, 108:of this dualism is the external chaos, the differentiation of the two group ideals into the manyDiscipleship1, 180:have, therefore, to train yourself in the art of differentiation so that you can recognize at willDiscipleship2, 158:conflict - a conflict unparalleled in any other differentiation of the divine Life. In humanity allDiscipleship2, 626:work - the necessary work - of discovery and of differentiation has played its part in teaching usDiscipleship2, 632:give you the esoteric names and symbols of this differentiation: Education, 27:of the basic energies which constitute the first differentiation in time and space; this producesEducation, 30:aspects of man's nature, so that instead of differentiation there will be unity, and instead of aEducation, 124:bodies and affiliations. It would indicate the differentiation of thought, and at the same timeExternalisation, 241:that the many aspects of human unfoldment and differentiation produce one noble [242] whole, andExternalisation, 663:synthesis which will express itself in an outer differentiation. This synthesis will define theFire, 42/43:the 'sea of fire,' of which akasha is the first differentiation of pregenetic matter. Akasha, inFire, 44:which all that exists is born by separation or differentiation. In the various occult books it isFire, 142:first as a totality and then as a sevenfold differentiation. This differentiation of matter isFire, 142:and then as a sevenfold differentiation. This differentiation of matter is brought about by rotaryFire, 184:of the action of the Logos in sweeping into differentiation the matter of the solar system.Fire, 201:Self and the not-self, and is the means of their differentiation in the process of abstraction; theFire, 216:cosmically considered. It led to a sevenfold differentiation in the matter of the system. Just asFire, 216:Law of Attraction led to the sevenfold psychic differentiation of the Sons of Mind, and the Law ofFire, 217:a solar system, is the sacred sound of A U M. In differentiation and as heard in time and space,Fire, 247:I, 89, 183. Every atom is doomed to incessant differentiation. - S. D., I, 167. The object of theFire, 248:active intelligence or adaptability - and their differentiation into the seven principles. These,Fire, 252:principles (as has the Heavenly Man), and their differentiation into the seven as earlier said. TheFire, 257:the three major principles or aspects, and their differentiation into seven principles. These makeFire, 292:His body; it is given from the point of view of differentiation and not of synthesis. A syntheticFire, 303:and follow the usual evolutionary sequence, as: Differentiation, the involutionary process, or theFire, 312:interplay between the polar opposites is felt. Differentiation is first seen, not only in theFire, 312:in the recognized duality of all things, but in differentiation in motion; two vibrations areFire, 316:manifestation. The innate heat of all spheres. Differentiation of all atoms one from another. SolarFire, 319:electrical dynamic origin; all are basically a differentiation or effect of impulse, emanating fromFire, 321:as "that which veils." Color veils the sevenfold differentiation of logoic manifestation and, fromFire, 329:form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionaryFire, 329:evolutionary process, and color the sevenfold differentiation - thus is the work carried on. WeFire, 330:opposites, showing as Dispersion, Repulsion, and Differentiation. The question of the electricalFire, 440:occult books on the study of cycles, and on the differentiation of the one hundred years of BrahmaFire, 521:the solar Logos it is the burning-ground. This differentiation of the subplanes of the systemicFire, 523:Trinity. For man, the microcosm, a similar differentiation is possible; His Monad can be studied inFire, 534:the eighth Son included, and They are the final differentiation of the forty-nine fires, prior toFire, 577:on study, that each subsidiary law is but a differentiation of that law. This second law of theFire, 628:to comprehension is always this law. The basic differentiation in the solar system is as follows:Fire, 630:Themselves all lesser lives. Another broad differentiation must next be touched upon: [631] TheFire, 660:types of force - first, a force which tends to differentiation such as on the mental plane (theFire, 696:worlds (which are also capable of a fivefold differentiation) of the fifth principle, theFire, 782:of this threefold work has been given in the differentiation of the substance of any plane into:Fire, 782:Molecular substance. Elemental essence. This differentiation is not entirely accurate, and a truerFire, 843:that in this tabulation, the planes of differentiation alone are concerned; on the plane of theFire, 850:knowledge grows as Brahmic dissonance and differentiation. Knowledge they know as method, anFire, 910:evolutionary are unlike; one is passing on to differentiation and is composed of entities animatedFire, 915:grouping must be considered as but one method of differentiation out of the many possible. TheseFire, 917:positive electrical energy in its fourfold differentiation, and the triple negative receptive lowerFire, 917:they must be prepared to accept the sevenfold differentiation of the physical plane as stated byFire, 1148:for the three main types. Within this sevenfold differentiation, exist many lesser, and the wiseFire, 1191:the chains and globes and rounds in a sevenfold differentiation. The quality of our earth'sFire, 1199:of the above, and that necessitates a ninefold differentiation, for the two first are triple as isGlamour, 20:all stand for the same general concept or some differentiation of that concept. Speaking generally,Glamour, 79:glamor lies hid in the thought that this triple differentiation veils the secret of creation. GodGlamour, 85:how necessary it is that there should be quiet differentiation between the three types ofHealing, 66:The psychologists are right in their basic differentiation of human beings into the two major typesHealing, 195:center into forces. This involves a process of differentiation into secondary energies of theHealing, 690:has to demonstrate his mastery of the Law of Differentiation and arrive at a knowledge of the SevenHealing, 696:takes much training in the practice of spiritual differentiation. Those vehicles in the form natureInitiation, 5:the seven, and so proceed to inconceivable differentiation. To human vision this interweaving ofInitiation, 48:the seven, these seven showing again as a triple differentiation and a septenary. Students mustIntellect, 194:between the two, are known as one fact, without differentiation. God, the Father, God, the Son, andMagic, 22:the whole by the name of God? Yet where this differentiation of God into a trinity is universal andMagic, 28:for much of the confusion and the sharp differentiation existing in the minds of many peopleMagic, 37:of the universe is - for the sake of clarity of differentiation or rather (owing to the limitationsMagic, 119:groups and the last with unity. One deals with differentiation at its most diverse point, theMagic, 119:into the egoic groups, whilst the third sees the differentiation resolved back into the seven,Magic, 199:with the ninety-six petals, but this is only a differentiation dealing with the energies focused inMagic, 368:Always the Law holds good; - in descent, differentiation. The two or three sense the planMagic, 401:the first ray had also brought about an intense differentiation and crystallization among theMagic, 412:the effects which are tending towards a further differentiation. [413] This must inevitably be soMagic, 450:for much of the confusion, and the sharp differentiation existing in the minds of many peopleMagic, 477:books, until we now have the era wherein this differentiation is at its height, and we haveMagic, 532:below the human, but it enters into another differentiation. It is not self-related. Subhuman formsMagic, 566:and only of use to us through its teaching of differentiation. These three ancient fires are anMeditation, 51:exists is based on sound or on the Word. That differentiation is the result of sound. That on eachMeditation, 54:great Breath. At the second great Breath came differentiation and the instilling of the secondMeditation, 142:evolution the average man is simply conscious of differentiation, or of being separated off fromMeditation, 169:to satisfy the craving of the concrete mind for differentiation these three departments areMeditation, 184:levels. In the Microcosm you find this fivefold differentiation again, and it is in the recognitionMeditation, 238:into the one. The path of manifestation, of differentiation, is the path of acquisition. It is thePatanjali, 225:cyclically, will make its presence felt through differentiation, through the color or quality ofPatanjali, 283:held that all things are seen by reason of that differentiation of Satwa - one of the three greatPatanjali, 5-7 =:earth world. [5-7 = Brahma; 3-7 = Svar.] This differentiation of the world into seven [298] greatPatanjali, 299:to note certain comments of Vyasa on this differentiation, for they blend in with modernPatanjali, 337:are differentiations of the akasha, the first differentiation of the primordial stuff, so all theseProblems, 132:and intolerant body of believers. The spirit of differentiation is rampant; there is no unity orPsychology1, 13:eventuates. 2. A subsequent and painful differentiation of the consciousness into a realizedPsychology1, 17:expression. The seven rays are the first differentiation of the divine triplicity ofPsychology1, 44:matter, or etheric substance produced the first differentiation into the major rays, and theirPsychology1, 56:the medium of a tangible form. In the process of differentiation these various aspects havePsychology1, 56:When studied from the form side, naught but differentiation and separation can be seen. When
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