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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULT

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Astrology, 99:These are interchangeable in their use and it is difficult to tell to which the esoteric planetAstrology, 112:considered) on this point. It is rather difficult for you also to grasp that the involutionaryAstrology, 135:their note felt on the reversing wheel, most difficult to demonstrate. They are: The service of theAstrology, 144:taken from the ancient archives and therefore difficult to translate: The Mutable Cross - The CrossAstrology, 148:today, presenting to the world disciple those difficult situations and crises which will involveAstrology, 153:Capricorn, the Goat This is one of the most difficult signs about which to write, for it, as youAstrology, 250:clear presentation of the pairs of opposites is difficult to get. As regards man upon theAstrology, 251:opposites which makes the man in Libra sometimes difficult to understand; he appears to vacillateAstrology, 262:and their esoteric meaning are abstruse and oft difficult to those who have been reared under theAstrology, 281:though most esoteric in implication and most difficult to understand. Mercury is exalted in thisAstrology, 303:on the subject, as it is an exceedingly difficult one, constituting, in itself, a very advancedAstrology, 311:which humanity is, at this time, tending. It is difficult for the casual student to distinguishAstrology, 322:the Old Commentary expresses it. It is also as difficult and hard for the average student of modernAstrology, 325:accurately this cosmic process. It is, however, difficult for you to grasp this idea, for itAstrology, 326:The above statement is, in itself, complex and difficult and far from easy to grasp; it howeverAstrology, 342:home of its detriment and thus produces those difficult conditions and situations which will leadAstrology, 359:is usually the case, and is, therefore, far more difficult to trace at our present point ofAstrology, 369:rulers in each sign of the zodiac) must remain a difficult and abstruse problem until [370] suchAstrology, 387:[387] and taken all together. This is a most difficult situation for the average man to comprehendAstrology, 387:this sign which makes the understanding of it so difficult. It will not be until humanity hasAstrology, 393:expression of the third ray) demonstrate a most difficult combination of rays, for all are alongAstrology, 394:combination tremendously increases the already difficult task of the Taurian subject. OnlyAstrology, 394:upon the Way is very hard for him. He finds it difficult to apply practically the knowledge gained.Astrology, 408:Before, however, proceeding with our somewhat difficult theme there are a few words I would like toAstrology, 409:for the present world crisis and the present difficult world situation: A welling up of magneticAstrology, 444:of karmic necessity, that is prolonging the difficult and cruel situation and leading himAstrology, 477:- Aquarius Shirk not these crises, hard and difficult though they may appear to be. Difficult theyAstrology, 477:hard and difficult though they may appear to be. Difficult they are. Forget not that the habit ofAstrology, 555:understanding and help to illumine this most difficult [556] subject, indicating the significanceAstrology, 581:to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, true love isAstrology, 589:2. Various Aspects of the Will We have now the difficult task of considering an aspect of divineAtom, 18:form. One reason why things appear to us so difficult of comprehension is involved in the fact thatAtom, 72:to be shaken. Our lot is cast in one of the most difficult periods of the world's history, a periodAtom, 112:part of the road. The person who is reading a difficult book, and reads with the full force andAutobiography, 1:no boundaries. This was the first and most difficult lesson I had to learn and it took me a longAutobiography, 14:because I am very individual (by which they mean difficult and dominant) and also veryAutobiography, 21:an end to things, only to discover it is a very difficult thing to commit suicide. All of theseAutobiography, 34:and so was not surprised that life was difficult. There was no future ahead of me, except marriageAutobiography, 52:right there. It dawned on me then how intensely difficult a thing it is to translate correctly. Autobiography, 62:drunk. The morose drinker is far more difficult but not so common. One learns, too, to distinguishAutobiography, 88:the work and making things almost impossibly difficult for my fellow workers. I was utterlyAutobiography, 100:A. Bailey - Chapter III Chapter III It is very difficult to write about the next few years or toAutobiography, 117:hilarious talking about it. A most peculiar and difficult year now confronted us. It was impossibleAutobiography, 125:ship on which the mails went. I was in a most difficult position; without a relative in the countryAutobiography, 133:things." It was whilst I was passing through the difficult time in which I worked as a factory handAutobiography, 137:I couldn't make head or tail of it. It is a difficult book for beginners for it is badly putAutobiography, 140:come to a study of the Ageless Wisdom find it difficult at first to accept the fact of the Law ofAutobiography, 146:hard-boiled, superior set of men and most difficult to get on with, for they were always right. TheAutobiography, 147:my mind. I'm sure I am irritable and I know I am difficult to live with because I drive myself andAutobiography, 152:and I leave you to find out for yourselves how difficult it is to be harmless in word and deed andAutobiography, 156:for the children. California is one of the most difficult states in which to get a divorce and theAutobiography, 157:was. Little by little we entered upon a most difficult and distressing time. Our affection andAutobiography, 161:The T.S. situation was getting more and more difficult and plans were being made already for theAutobiography, 162:of beauty. This whole subject has been made difficult because of the many metaphysical andAutobiography, 176:makes relatively dull reading. I find it difficult to bring into it a light touch or anything thatAutobiography, 177:It was just a little too raw. This was a most difficult time. We were not married and Foster wasAutobiography, 181:of the children and - which I found the most difficult - with the growing publicity. I have neverAutobiography, 183:began to start in 1921 and inaugurated a very difficult period in my life. I have always felt thatAutobiography, 184:until they are in their 'teens is an exceedingly difficult one - difficult for the children andAutobiography, 184:their 'teens is an exceedingly difficult one - difficult for the children and frightfully difficultAutobiography, 184:one - difficult for the children and frightfully difficult for the mothers. I am not at all sureAutobiography, 184:governess and masters and that, perhaps, made it difficult for me to understand them. I had a veryAutobiography, 194:to teach people true meditation. It is difficult to tread the narrow, razor-edged path which leadsAutobiography, 198:that the work should be hard and stiff and difficult so the non-intelligent would be eliminated.Autobiography, 200:in dirtiness in their thinking and is something difficult to forgive in the Victorian father andAutobiography, 208:traced to this friend and not to me. I find it difficult to talk as I would like to talk about theAutobiography, 215:and those of my daughters, I know now what a difficult time adolescence is. I had a much worse timeAutobiography, 215:did because nobody told me anything. They had a difficult enough time but God knows I had worse. IAutobiography, 215:The next seven or eight years were, therefore, difficult ones for me and I am not at all sure thatAutobiography, 227:the story. On all counts Mildred handled a most difficult situation with poise and serenity andAutobiography, 253:and distribution, A.A.B. has been placed in a difficult position and has been the target forAutobiography, 270:brain. He becomes proficient in playing the difficult, dual role of the disciple. This is to liveAutobiography, 274:emerges. These disciples, entrusted with the difficult work of launching the new schools, areAutobiography, 283:Intentionally, therefore, we make the work difficult and keep the standard of requirements highAutobiography, 299:This arduous undertaking in many ways is as difficult a task as one might well imagine and for thisBethlehemin the field of Christian principles, and a difficult cycle in which I faced the problem of my ownBethlehem, 4:what is known and believed is frequently too difficult for the majority, and they then fall backBethlehem, 4:background, remove its foundations, and make it difficult for the steadily developing [5] mind ofBethlehem, 40:to the Crucifixion Mount is a hard and a difficult one, but it is trodden with joy by the ChristBethlehem, 77:His home with His parents, undergoing that most difficult experience of home life, with itsBethlehem, 81:line of least resistance to the majority. It is difficult to fight one's way to that stage ofBethlehem, 108:is not the purpose of this book to deal with the difficult subject of evil, nor to define the timesBethlehem, 111:lonely souls. They tread uncompanioned the most difficult parts of the long way of return. ChristBethlehem, 128:they are of the fiercest kind and the most difficult to handle. The call of the devil was toBethlehem, 166:to have achieved the earthly goal are far more difficult factors to face. These Christ did face,Bethlehem, 178:efforts to save mankind) is so great as to be difficult to keep account of. The god Krishna inBethlehem, 232:He was present and living among them. It is difficult for us to gain this high achievement inBethlehem, 267:the divine in us is somewhat awakened it is difficult for us to interpret love correctly, and it isBethlehem, 272:and the strengthening of them as they tread the difficult path to the gate which admits into thatBethlehem, 282:set our feet upon the Path of Probation, that difficult path of purification which is a necessaryDestiny, 11:of the present world upheaval, that it is difficult for the average student to conceive of itsDestiny, 16:that the lot of a first ray disciple is hard and difficult. There are disciples of Shamballa justDestiny, 27:is based on so many uncertain factors that it is difficult for a student to arrive at those trueDestiny, 36:of the problem and one that is equally difficult for the Lords of the Left Hand Way as it is forDestiny, 70:will pour floods of light upon the most difficult and complex of problems. When the world againDestiny, 112:two thousand years a much higher, rarer and more difficult process of orientation has been heldDestiny, 119:have been many owing to the refusal (curious and difficult to understand in your eyes) of theDiscipleship1, 4:do the best we can. Note, therefore, the difficult problem confronting those who are guiding worldDiscipleship1, 9:easy for some disciples to achieve but very difficult for others. So many high-grade people todayDiscipleship1, 10:inherent selfishness of human nature; it is a difficult thing to apply to all conditions of life
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