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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULT

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Discipleship2, 259:to these truths and the newer they are the more difficult necessarily are they to present. OnlyDiscipleship2, 278:compromise" which must be learnt and which it is difficult to master, because it negatesDiscipleship2, 282:and in so doing you are embarked upon a new and difficult voyage of discovery; you will discoverDiscipleship2, 283:very ancient phrases. You know yourselves how difficult it is to express the significance of theDiscipleship2, 283:of the sound 0M. This is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yetDiscipleship2, 294:stage of revelation, it becomes increasingly difficult to make clear not only what is revealed, butDiscipleship2, 301:yourselves in my Ashram for training in the most difficult period in the entire history of humanityDiscipleship2, 304:and even the format of these formulas are so difficult to convey in words that I have hesitatedDiscipleship2, 305:is in such constant movement that it is most difficult to describe or to make it live before you.Discipleship2, 306:move forward into the new impulsive causal area. Difficult though this task may be (and, myDiscipleship2, 312:selflessly motivated and is - in a measure - a difficult law for you to comprehend. Pure destiny,Discipleship2, 313:average man, and the most urgent and the most difficult part of his task is correctly to apprehendDiscipleship2, 318:think esoterically, and this is perhaps the most difficult demand that I can make upon you. ADiscipleship2, 338:theme or motif [338] of initiation is one most difficult to explain. Why should the fact of beingDiscipleship2, 339:functions of a Lord of Karma. It is always difficult to convey any true concept of Karma, becauseDiscipleship2, 341:of the Spiritual Triad. This is a point most difficult for you to grasp, because you have not yetDiscipleship2, 353:method of individual initiation. [353] These are difficult matters to make clear, my brothers, butDiscipleship2, 357:which I originally gave to you. One of the most difficult tasks which confronts the Master is toDiscipleship2, 425:physical plane. This must be obviously a most difficult statement for you to grasp, but it is alsoDiscipleship2, 445:have you follow these instructions... Life is difficult these days but you lack not courage, andDiscipleship2, 448:number of seeking souls. This is always a difficult matter for the creative worker to grasp. TheDiscipleship2, 458:He has thrown himself into [458] a supremely difficult task... and his future work will not beDiscipleship2, 459:BROTHER: The past few months have been extremely difficult for you, have they not. Twice I haveDiscipleship2, 464:may not have registered adequately. It has been difficult for you and well-nigh impossible toDiscipleship2, 464:pointed out to you that you were on that most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find outDiscipleship2, 469:with A.A.B. who - like yourself - is also on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage. Discipleship2, 473:time of world crisis, life has been exceedingly difficult. This is not a platitudinous truism - inDiscipleship2, 482:whole; you developed an insulation which made it difficult for you to set up any major relationDiscipleship2, 498:This developed sensitivity is ever a difficult task for the first ray person. They prefer to standDiscipleship2, 504:them. This, as you have been taught, is very difficult for a first ray disciple to master,Discipleship2, 507:For many years you have done our work in a most difficult sphere. I say this to you because I wouldDiscipleship2, 507:Spanish and Portuguese - is one of the most difficult in which to work. The narrowness of thoughtDiscipleship2, 513:point of balance and of equilibrium is ever a difficult one for the disciple to achieve in thisDiscipleship2, 517:expression of a fanatical self-will. To this difficult situation of balancing must be added theDiscipleship2, 522:and that is hard, my brother, because it is difficult to preserve one's equanimity and one'sDiscipleship2, 525:present. The second initiation is a profoundly difficult one to take. For those upon the first orDiscipleship2, 525:or second rays of aspect it is probably the most difficult of them all. The astral nature is deeplyDiscipleship2, 529:held you specially close lately during these difficult postwar days. Disciples such as you reactDiscipleship2, 534:determining nature) was, for you, quite the most difficult, because you did not see as clearly asDiscipleship2, 538:why I am thus emphasizing a somewhat cold and difficult consideration. My reason is as follows:Discipleship2, 545:ray of the astral body (as in your case) a most difficult situation is apt to arise, handicappingDiscipleship2, 558:periods of decision and adjustment are most difficult, but curiously enough, when the discipleDiscipleship2, 563:in one of the subtler bodies is far more difficult to handle. Thus you have presented to you aDiscipleship2, 570:To S. C. P. August 1940 MY BROTHER: It is often difficult to know just how to approach you onDiscipleship2, 578:year to hard-pressed chelas: The way has been difficult. But so it is, and your way in life hasDiscipleship2, 578:of the New Group of World Servers have been difficult, but you are weathering the storm and yourDiscipleship2, 580:to help but who have regarded it as a seriously difficult matter to form Triangles. What a manDiscipleship2, 584:OF MINE: The past twelve months have been difficult for you in every aspect of your life but - whatDiscipleship2, 590:by us for the helping of the world. It is always difficult for the disciple who is working in theDiscipleship2, 591:still hold good. You have had a most difficult year, my brother, and those of us who are workingDiscipleship2, 603:difficulties. But this, as you know, is most difficult of achievement. You ask me: What would IDiscipleship2, 621:[621] eliminated. The task however becomes more difficult as progress on the Path is made, for theDiscipleship2, 624:most technical esoteric psychology. It is very difficult for the beginner to grasp the basicDiscipleship2, 642:D.P.R. To D. P. R. January 1940 Life has been so difficult for you, brother of mine, that IDiscipleship2, 651:are subjected for they exist and are hard and difficult. I refer to your own inner attitude ofDiscipleship2, 668:them later to undertake will eventually prove so difficult that it is essential that they startDiscipleship2, 669:at least one life of most drastic discipline and difficult circumstances, not karmically ordainedDiscipleship2, 669:and temperament the working out of karma. It is difficult for even an advanced disciple at thisDiscipleship2, 675:possibilities." When that is the case, a most difficult setting upon the physical plane isDiscipleship2, 676:provided you succeed in handling a somewhat difficult situation with which you are now confrontedDiscipleship2, 693:tradition and one's social group - is a very difficult and subtle undertaking. It must definitelyDiscipleship2, 727:the business world and led you into devious and difficult situations, and which forced you,Discipleship2, 730:bringing quiescence and acquiescence, it is difficult to predict the happenings possible." YourDiscipleship2, 730:and fatigue, produced a negativity which made it difficult for any positive glamor to show itself;Discipleship2, 731:life you will come into incarnation with the difficult combination of three and one. For this theDiscipleship2, 731:is a real lack of second ray force in your most difficult equipment. There are too many energies inDiscipleship2, 739:moved you from my Headquarters, and this became difficult of fulfilment. The need for you at thisDiscipleship2, 741:to be rendered by you if you can master a difficult lesson at this time. You are exceedingly wellDiscipleship2, 746:though as yet only in an embryonic manner; more difficult and specific training should be given toDiscipleship2, 750:R. January 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I find it most difficult to give a name to the glamor which holdsEducation, 40:consciousness (I cannot say state of mind) most difficult for the modern Aryan race to grasp, orEducation, 90:the place of terror, fear and starvation. It is difficult for modern man to conceive of a time whenEducation, 90:present in human thinking. It was equally difficult for prehistoric man to conceive of a time whenEducation, 91:definitely transitional work and therefore most difficult. It infers a bridging process between theEducation, 99:generation and carry the world through the most difficult transitional period which it has everExternalisation, 5:and consequently undesirable and providing a difficult situation, whilst others take Their standExternalisation, 20:the esoteric student to tread with safety the difficult path of development. Where the emphasis isExternalisation, 50:the fifth group of disciples is by far the most difficult of any for it is in many ways far lessExternalisation, 56:energies and the lunar forces. This involves a difficult task and much understanding; the work toExternalisation, 81:conciliation and conference - we face a difficult period of adjustment, and for this we must beExternalisation, 121:as the urban existence developed. It is perhaps difficult for us to visualize a world as denselyExternalisation, 141:the personal and practical thing to do and the difficult task set before each of you who read myExternalisation, 196:Problem This problem is basically far less difficult of solution. Sound common sense can solve it.Externalisation, 247:you to stand with the Forces of Light. These are difficult and terrible days. Men and women areExternalisation, 261:illimitable more powerful, and definitely more difficult both to evoke and subsequently to contact.Externalisation, 280:and it is both an encouragement and a point difficult of belief. If the sons of men who areExternalisation, 317:the nadir point of human distress, at the most difficult moment in human history, at a point ofExternalisation, 323:have to be accomplished in a period much more difficult than the pre-war period. The nucleus ofExternalisation, 325:and women of goodwill is today infinitely more difficult than it was before the war. It can only beExternalisation, 341:possible. This phase will prove in many ways as difficult as the war itself, but will work out onExternalisation, 344:to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. For the vast majority of men, true love isExternalisation, 354:great Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is difficult to write clearly about this matter ofExternalisation, 365:and political readjustment can approach this difficult problem with any hope of making a usefulExternalisation, 370:revenge and pain. These dangers will be the most difficult to avoid. A deep seated hatred of theExternalisation, 382:first four steps, and they are perhaps the most difficult, for they are non-spectacular and almostExternalisation, 450:a foundation could be created for the far more difficult international conference to be held in SanExternalisation, 487:appear to them to demand too much, to be too difficult and the forces opposing what they seek to doExternalisation, 489:restore the Plan on Earth. [489] It has been difficult to translate into understandable andExternalisation, 495:factor in their defeat, though one that may be difficult for you to realize. It is not so in theExternalisation, 525:so - for Them - it is going to be still more difficult to be in touch with those who are not even
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