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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULT

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Externalisation, 526:kingdoms, the Hierarchy has made certain difficult adjustments and alignments between the planetaryExternalisation, 540:As all this is taking place in the present difficult period of world rehabilitation, the immensityExternalisation, 576:stages, the task of preparation is arduous and difficult. Things will be relatively easy for theExternalisation, 581:new structure of material relationships - a most difficult task, owing to the evil "pull" of theExternalisation, 586:the consciousness of disciples in the intensely difficult, though interesting, period with whichExternalisation, 590:Christian [590] will find it increasingly difficult to induce the intelligent masses of people toExternalisation, 602:faith. But all of them have made His work appear difficult for man to grasp, and the undue emphasisExternalisation, 607:and again to demonstrate divinity in far more difficult circumstances. The Christ suffers, however,Externalisation, 613:Yet simple as the problem may be, it is most difficult to solve. Your reaction to what I have toExternalisation, 613:source of spiritual light and power, the more difficult is his problem, and at the same time theExternalisation, 624:This presents them with a most impressively difficult task and one which is responsible for theExternalisation, 629:for educational institutions. It is exceedingly difficult to raise money for the spread ofExternalisation, 661:and the Buddha, preparing Himself for the most difficult task with which He has ever beenExternalisation, 662:extra-planetary sources. Above all, He has the difficult task of training or adapting His physicalExternalisation, 682:of this subject: This concerns one of the most difficult problems confronting the Masters at thisFire, 67:Plane The fiery essences of this plane are more difficult for us to comprehend, having not, as yet,Fire, 237:The third question involves one of the most difficult problems in metaphysics, and covers in itsFire, 316:utilizing an instrument, brings us to that most difficult of metaphysical problems, the distinctionFire, 414:passing on to other matters, we took up the very difficult subject of the moon chain and answerFire, 508:made. We must always remember in studying these difficult matters that we are dealing with theFire, 546:the knowledge petal will be for it the most difficult to open. Second, that the effects of oneFire, 547:development of response to subsidiary vibrations difficult of attainment; certain peculiarFire, 580:is transcended. This law is one of the most difficult for the race to understand. Some of itsFire, 614:evolution - during the period of Light - it is difficult for the human being (until he has attainedFire, 688:until the fifth, yet light may stream in on a difficult point. Equally so in the next solar system,Fire, 722:through the medium of the physical body. A very difficult and mysterious subject might be touchedFire, 760:and Incarnation Perhaps light upon this very difficult question of the incarnating jivas, of adeptsFire, 769:now have him, some light may be thrown upon this difficult matter. Fire, 909:of making escape from the marriage relation more difficult, but will take effect at the other end,Fire, 912:is experienced upon the two, it will be difficult for human beings to differentiate at firstFire, 985:the line of demarcation is so slight as to be difficult of recognition by those who, as yet, meritFire, 1033:the highest degree and its origin is, therefore, difficult for us to comprehend. Perhaps all thatFire, 1046:and the greater cycles, which are so much more difficult for man to follow, as relating to theFire, 1070:of the atom. Until that time it will be as difficult to express the hylozoistic conception in termsFire, 1141:with this, students may get much light on this difficult question of force if they bear in mindFire, 1144:Cycles has ever been regarded as one of the most difficult for a man to master, and it has beenFire, 1148:dogmatic assertion on this most peculiar and difficult subject. The fringe of the matter has butFire, 1184:follows a different route, which is a little difficult to make clear. This particular set of activeFire, 1192:may learn much and achieve new light upon a most difficult subject. In considering this question ofFire, 1209:poles." The whole subject is very involved and difficult but light will begin to dawn before longFire, 1254:totally different group of cosmic workers. It is difficult to convey a clear meaning in thisFire, 1256:is basically the science of the soul. It is difficult to express in words the method employed by aFire, 1256:is but a symbolic way of expressing a basic and difficult truth. The symbol of this Path (and theFire, 1261:man to ponder upon these figures. They are too difficult to compute and involve calculations mostGlamour, 17:of vital importance can be rendered in this difficult sphere of activity unless there is thisGlamour, 17:attitude. You are to work in one of the most difficult spheres of activity - perhaps the mostGlamour, 17:difficult spheres of activity - perhaps the most difficult to which a disciple can be called - andGlamour, 37:he was, but still has much to do. It is always difficult for the third ray person to cultivate theGlamour, 39:must be very carefully handled. My task is a difficult one, because I write for those who are stillGlamour, 72:as a part of the general world glamor; it is difficult for him to differentiate between his ownGlamour, 72:is more clearly defined, even if it is equally difficult. [73] Astral glamor is a form of energyGlamour, 73:in astral substance itself, that it is most difficult for a human being to become aware of it or toGlamour, 78:this devotional sentiment can be particularly difficult, and bring about a lengthy imprisonment.Glamour, 84:[84] the condition as one of glamor and it is difficult to give a clear and infallible rule wherebyGlamour, 84:give you here some practical assistance in this difficult battle between the pairs of opposites,Glamour, 96:Commentary calls it - that true perception is difficult and at first well-nigh impossible. BlindlyGlamour, 98:conditions and recognizes another and far more difficult situation. The pairs of opposites upon theGlamour, 106:makes clear choice and right discrimination difficult and, in the early stages, impossible. ItGlamour, 129:ideas, as in the case of those who find it so difficult to adjust themselves to the new vision ofGlamour, 161:third section relating to world glamor. It is difficult to write clearly about this matter becauseGlamour, 205:by educators and enlightened parents. It is difficult for the average person today to realize thatGlamour, 218:that this is so. Then comes an important and difficult phase of the work in which the worker namesGlamour, 222:it and brings in a quality which makes it most difficult to penetrate. Their complete assuranceGlamour, 226:work is gained, the group can pass to the more difficult tasks and handle the glamors furtherGlamour, 264:reads these fairly simple elucidations of a difficult [265] process but that in itself is delusion.Healing, 2:correct, some erroneous - and this makes it most difficult for new ideas to enter and for theHealing, 20:of disease from the angle of karma. It is difficult for me to convey to you anything of the truth,Healing, 26:field of expression. [26] This is a point most difficult for the average healer to recognize; it isHealing, 33:of knowledge on your part. This makes my task difficult. This teaching on healing is likewise theHealing, 64:and the understanding psychologist. They face a difficult situation. Healing, 70:problems will demonstrate to you how intensely difficult it is for men to face up to life. It willHealing, 80:"tied up" (to use a modern phrase which I find difficult) with the development, unfoldment andHealing, 90:heir which are mentally based. It is exceedingly difficult to establish what they are. There areHealing, 94:through the mind, that can finally solve this difficult problem. We cannot consequently affirm thatHealing, 123:- particularly where the disciple is concerned - difficult situations, apparent cleavages and theHealing, 123:the commonest and frequently some of the most difficult to handle. These problems are based onHealing, 167:is needed; and the reasons which make them seem difficult and complicated, unnecessary and wastefulHealing, 220:esoteric information, and this will be far more difficult for the orthodox thinker to accept. [221]Healing, 232:think of death until the summons comes." It is difficult for us in these days to appreciate or toHealing, 244:within the planet itself. These are necessarily difficult matters for you to grasp. [245] ThisHealing, 250:healing and what should be accomplished in the difficult task of offsetting conditions alreadyHealing, 255:public. The field of medicine is a most difficult field in which to work, for the subject is soHealing, 273:must necessarily be present and a period of difficult adjustment must inevitably take place withinHealing, 302:to make still wider gaps." It has been most difficult to describe the nature of the imperfection ofHealing, 304:- Our Karmic Liabilities These are abstruse and difficult concepts, but they should be ponderedHealing, 312:usually a mixture of all three. You will find it difficult to find a person or a patient "changingHealing, 314:is established potently that it is exceedingly difficult to do anything helpful. Yet the cure isHealing, 318:govern rebirth are given to the world it is difficult for me even to explain the processesHealing, 325:the point in evolution. The subject is vast and difficult, and I would have you all remember thatHealing, 327:that a re-establishment of a vital control seems difficult or impossible, there must be recognitionHealing, 330:or Atlantean. The whole question is incalculably difficult. I might answer your question, however,Healing, 338:of Melancholia These problems of melancholia are difficult to place and are due to a wide varietyHealing, 340:has led to a condition which makes it very difficult for sensitive people to live normally at all.Healing, 357:and group purpose. Why then is it so extremely difficult, if not altogether impossible, for earnestHealing, 378:and the more advanced the person, the more difficult it will be to get a photograph. As regards theHealing, 409:concerned - is in the same category. This is a difficult matter for you to grasp, because desireHealing, 411:Such a gigantic collective insanity is more difficult to credit than the alternative of an expandedHealing, 436:to suicide, evidenced increasingly in these difficult times. The sin of murder is in reality basedHealing, 516:which cannot be done. Infinitely more difficult is the attempt I am here making to depict theHealing, 527:keep the will in leash." This is one of the most difficult qualities to be developed, for the will
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