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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULTIES

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Healing, 99:yourself. You should be aware of some of these difficulties in your own experience, at least toHealing, 115:plane. The disciple is more prone to mental difficulties and to those complaints which areHealing, 118:of the higher correspondences to the lower difficulties and diseases, and the recognition that theyHealing, 120:the specific problems of all disciples, and the difficulties incident to soul contact. We need hereHealing, 122:precedes all the initiations, they do produce difficulties and problems of some kind or another,Healing, 123:forceful energy inevitably produce problems and difficulties for him; these are based on the humanHealing, 124:and the ray of those affected. There are also difficulties and problems of a more subtle natureHealing, 125:As time goes on he learns - through the difficulties brought about by the necessary heart approachHealing, 125:upon the disciple, certain definite physical difficulties are apt to occur, and with these I willHealing, 125:shortly deal. It should also be pointed out that difficulties of rhythm are apt to occur, andHealing, 126:of learning this, he passes through great difficulties. He, as a soul, subjects himself to a lifeHealing, 126:Causes of Disease Many psychological difficulties arise whilst this process is being mastered,Healing, 127:to the higher which produces the main difficulties to which the disciple is subjected. It is thisHealing, 128:however, is more susceptible to the problems, difficulties and diseases incident to the bloodHealing, 129:of the glandular system, with all its attendant difficulties. His over-stimulation or hisHealing, 129:glands, and they in their turn produce character difficulties which necessarily, in their turn,Healing, 130:which develop from the four categories. These difficulties are of a most general kind but do affectHealing, 132:Causes of Disease This third group of difficulties, problems and diseases are of course those ofHealing, 132:of the Sound, the incidental problems and difficulties far more easily than those on other rays.Healing, 133:the causes of the many human ills and physical difficulties. Before proceeding to our next point,Healing, 135:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease 2. Difficulties incident to Soul Contact Today we begin aHealing, 135:to Soul Contact Today we begin a study of the difficulties, the diseases and the psychologicalHealing, 137:be posited that: A. All diseases and physical difficulties are caused by one or more of threeHealing, 138:progress, but at the same time certain attendant difficulties. The objective before the initiate isHealing, 151:we shall attempt to discover the diseases and difficulties incident to the energy stimulation orHealing, 190:can, however, consider the handling of similar difficulties which arise in the individual unit;Healing, 192:and psychological, and all the major and minor difficulties to which humanity seems heir. InHealing, 200:was very little eye trouble either, and no nasal difficulties, for the ajna center was unawakenedHealing, 201:increasing mental imbalance), and of eye difficulties, until the nature of the centers and the typeHealing, 207:of the centers produces, basically, all the difficulties, permitting entrance to infections andHealing, 243:not here referring to infectious or contagious difficulties. Perhaps one point which I mightHealing, 250:is gained by laboring these points. These difficulties will all be offset in due time through theHealing, 278:problem - to mention only one of the incidental difficulties of this success. This "unnatural"Healing, 292:of Karma These carry the cause of all human difficulties, including ill health and disease -Healing, 302:treatise and need not further enlarge upon the difficulties here (In Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II,Healing, 328:in his astral body. This brings about serious difficulties at times and often hinders true physicalHealing, 347:There it creates situations and produces difficulties which are closely connected with a man'sHealing, 357:the group quality. That is one of the incidental difficulties of group work. To participate and yetHealing, 385:a great detriment to his freedom from the difficulties which lie between him and complete healing.Healing, 526:a spiritual healer for broken bones or for those difficulties which orthodox medicine has alreadyHealing, 539:will-to-live is rapidly leaving him. To these difficulties must be added the fact that very fewHealing, 540:principles. If the patient is unconscious, the difficulties of the healer are greatly increased inHealing, 555:of energy results in cure." One of the major difficulties with which the healer is faced,Healing, 559:will be little disease present and the physical difficulties of the highly developed patient willHealing, 560:by the centers above the diaphragm; however, the difficulties brought about through the minorHealing, 561:to serious liver trouble, to constant gastric difficulties and to cancer. Where hatreds and deepHealing, 562:explosions which can be diagnosed as brain difficulties and temporary insanities; they may lead toHealing, 563:more advanced man it leads to chronic bronchial difficulties, gastric ulcers and unhealthyHealing, 563:which are responsible for the physical difficulties with which he is called upon to deal. He willHealing, 565:life, suffer so frequently from physical difficulties? It is probably because they are at the stageHealing, 566:type of disease is responsible for many of the difficulties of advanced people, aspirants andHealing, 581:be turned to the dispelling of subtler difficulties, such as fear in some form or other, emotionalHealing, 581:emotional imbalance and certain psychological difficulties which greatly enhance the problem withHealing, 592:Under this first category also would come those difficulties which are brought about, for instance,Healing, 593:mechanism in the three worlds. These secondary difficulties, due to the interplay between theHealing, 594:these relationships there are possibilities of difficulties, resulting in an undesirable effectHealing, 664:cataclysms and of the myriad occurrences and difficulties which make individual life, national lifeHealing, 675:plus right interpretation of the existing difficulties of the patient, or of those which may existHealing, 693:age into another, and this necessarily creates difficulties which have hitherto not beenHealing, 694:may perchance enhance the visional and realized difficulties, but may nevertheless prove useful inHealing, 700:clearer if you consider the great number of difficulties which are presented when both the rays ofHercules, 3:of that universal Path and of its inherent difficulties is not warranted unless the application canHercules, 21:which produces the condition of turmoil and the difficulties which characterize that stage. It isHercules, 36:achievement, even though at the time the difficulties with which he was faced seemed insuperable.Hercules, 67:in a new age and a new world. Consequently, new difficulties and problems arise and we find SaturnHercules, 67:discipleship; the planet that brings about the difficulties, problems and tests that offer to theHercules, 187:decanate governed by Saturn, hence our present difficulties, our political upheaval, the dividingHercules, 207:upon the universal Path, and analysis of the difficulties to be faced whilst treading it is notHercules, 229:arduous, slow and carried forward under great difficulties, and often in blind ignorance of theInitiation, 72:and of suffering is necessarily endured. These difficulties arise from various causes: TheInitiation, 75:a thorny one; briars beset his every step, and difficulties meet him at every turn. Yet in theInitiation, 75:treading of the path, in the overcoming of the difficulties, and in a single-hearted adherence toInitiation, 81:foregoing will lead to the realization that the difficulties between thinkers, and betweenIntellect, 208:or an hour for study presents insuperable difficulties. They are so busy with the social amenities,Intellect, 242:of salvation" and lead a man out of all his difficulties; it can be constructive and liberating,Magic, 56:feet, handle his own life, solve his [56] own difficulties and become so strong and poised inMagic, 132:his manipulation of the human equation that the difficulties arise. Units for work fall into threeMagic, 132:me to the third point, the problems and the difficulties with which the Masters have to contend asMagic, 543:which lies immediately before them. These three difficulties of: Lack of qualification, DangersMagic, 559:is, persist. Failure never prevents success. Difficulties develop the strength of the soul. TheMagic, 587:and where he best can serve, and has learnt that difficulties are ever of a man's own making andMagic, 622:temperaments are such that well nigh insuperable difficulties are presented. Through theseMagic, 632:who are true Aquarians. These work under real difficulties, for their vision is beyond the grasp ofMeditation, 223:Master, and the incidental clearing away of all difficulties. In the formulating of high mentalPatanjali, 50:further realization, The overcoming of the difficulties incident to the limitations of the vehiclesPatanjali, 75:of the obstacles which hinder and of the difficulties which must be surmounted. Then comes thePatanjali, 127:"distraction" has more specific reference to the difficulties which assail the man who seeks toPatanjali, 189:be so profound in the aspirant to yoga that no difficulties can turn him back. Only when thisPatanjali, 195:will find himself confronted by very definite difficulties. Truth is entirely relative whilstPatanjali, 269:sutras have considered the hindrances and difficulties that have to be overcome before truePatanjali, 340:of the covering of light." The great difficulties under which all translators labor is apparentProblems, 7:trouble (focusing as it has in the economic difficulties of the past two hundred years and in theProblems, 49:to war and malnutrition, present definite difficulties at first. Educators and teachers will needProblems, 49:it will be paralleled by a profound sense of the difficulties to be overcome and the problems to beProblems, 86:is in a measure also responsible for some of the difficulties. These racial faults and difficultiesProblems, 86:of the difficulties. These racial faults and difficulties are usually frankly ignored by theProblems, 115:at times as presenting well-nigh insuperable difficulties. Certain questions inevitably arise inProblems, 126:has been subjected during the centuries to the difficulties and the mistakes incident to constantPsychology1, xxiv:This is an attempt, carried forward in the difficulties [xxv] of a transition period which lacksPsychology1, 92:to be free, eventually and finally, from all the difficulties of physical existence. The soul can
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