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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULTIES

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Psychology1, 248:that we find the secrets, the problems, the difficulties and the mysteries insoluble. APsychology1, 269:license on the part of men. Attendant upon these difficulties, and growing out of these wrongPsychology1, 365:harmony and synthesis that those internal difficulties and disorders emerge which (if of longPsychology2, 184:he now is. When, therefore, one dwells on the difficulties and the possible barriers to success,Psychology2, 188:the physical body apparatus and the brain. The difficulties are, therefore, great. What has to bePsychology2, 261:conditioning influence was needed if certain difficulties (present since 1525) were to be averted.Psychology2, 261:effects above mentioned are indicative of the difficulties incident to premature development and toPsychology2, 291:The capacity to endure, no matter what the difficulties. Individual isolation. The man is alwaysPsychology2, 315:fall into two major groups: A group of difficulties wherein the psychologist has to deal with thosePsychology2, 315:mediocre and irregular. Another group of difficulties concerns those human beings whose vehicles ofPsychology2, 315:is based upon this. There is a third class of difficulties which concern those who [316] are on thePsychology2, 318:individual, with the fact that they lead to many difficulties and strains and stresses whichPsychology2, 403:usefulness, fulfilment and service. Some of the difficulties which have to be faced as onePsychology2, 405:of Integration, which produce many of the difficulties of the more advanced people. The ProblemsPsychology2, 409:ranges all the way from the "split personality" difficulties of so many people to those of thePsychology2, 409:of Integration, which produce many of the difficulties of the more advanced people. The Problems ofPsychology2, 411:body of this death?" (Romans VII, 14-24) These difficulties will call for increasing attention asPsychology2, 413:comprehension, a wise solution of the difficulties, and a correct interpretation of thePsychology2, 414:to emerge, that the real problems and the major difficulties and dangers are encountered and thePsychology2, 414:aware of his situation. Before that time, the difficulties are of a different nature and revolvePsychology2, 415:in mind, we will not deal with the earliest difficulties but will begin with those of modern man,Psychology2, 419:and lies nearer home. The handling of these difficulties and their right solution is of aPsychology2, 438:sense can bring, therefore, serious troubles and difficulties. This type of person, under thePsychology2, 438:a problem of integration. All these difficulties can be obviated and offset if the man can bePsychology2, 454:This, in its due turn, produces certain difficulties, such as Over activity o the mind, whichPsychology2, 464:made or psychological, psychopathic, and nervous difficulties will inevitably supervene. Again, letPsychology2, 482:to find a way of escape from the troubles and difficulties of life by living always with a sense ofPsychology2, 484:in various roles. Much of the psychological difficulties found in esoteric groups can be traced toPsychology2, 498:if the subjective dream life and the hidden difficulties were left untreated - temporarily atPsychology2, 504:I might add at this point that one of the major difficulties with which a psychologist isPsychology2, 515:with this whole subject of the diseases and difficulties of the mystical life which it would bePsychology2, 520:life) and a large number of our psychological difficulties are connected with this fact. Many a manPsychology2, 527:be borne in mind as we study the mystic and his difficulties; first of all, the period of awakeningPsychology2, 527:Each of these stages brings with it its own difficulties and problems. We shall, how ever, concernPsychology2, 530:and conflict in the life of the mystic, causing difficulties of a definitely psychological naturePsychology2, 532:problems, disease, and the many and varied difficulties of a phenomenal nature to which [533]Psychology2, 535:would like to indicate the general nature of the difficulties to which the mystic can be physicallyPsychology2, 535:lead to serious eye trouble, to many aural difficulties, to various forms of neuritis, headache,Psychology2, 535:forms of neuritis, headache, migraine, and nerve difficulties in various parts of the body. It canPsychology2, 535:parts of the body. It can produce also many difficulties connected with the pituitary body andPsychology2, 536:[536] forms of heart trouble and for the various difficulties connected with the autonomic nervousPsychology2, 536:awakened, hyperthyroidism with its attendant difficulties and its often dangerous effects upon thePsychology2, 536:effects are well-known and recognized. These difficulties are increased and this higher creativePsychology2, 537:trouble. It produces a great deal of the nervous difficulties to which women are particularlyPsychology2, 537:troubles of the time, as well as intestinal difficulties. One of the most powerful sources ofPsychology2, 537:congestion has a general and widespread effect. Difficulties arising from the awakening of thePsychology2, 538:trace the true history of the development of the difficulties connected with sexual expression, norPsychology2, 538:leading to lack of control and to many of the difficulties known to physicians and psychologists.Psychology2, 539:brain trouble. I have here hinted at some of the difficulties in an effort to give you a generalPsychology2, 539:of a center. Let me explain this phrase. Certain difficulties also arise when a center is used toPsychology2, 539:highly nervous. This produces widespread gastric difficulties, indigestion, stomachic and liverPsychology2, 540:of forces which not only produces physical difficulties of many kinds (as stated above) but whichPsychology2, 540:forces of every kind - thus augmenting the difficulties - that they assume eventually completePsychology2, 540:nervous disorders of every kind and difficulties of a physical nature which definitely [541]Psychology2, 542:turmoil, over-stimulation, revolt and many other difficulties. The problems, therefore, are manyPsychology2, 546:of transference which are going on. One of the difficulties which tend also to increase the strainPsychology2, 546:but I want first of all to deal with the psychic difficulties of the mystic, for both the psychicPsychology2, 546:of the mystic, for both the psychic and physical difficulties arise from the same basic cause andPsychology2, 548:and each stage brings its own physiological difficulties: The stage wherein the energy of the lowerPsychology2, 550:of reproduction (both male and female). These difficulties are of two kinds: Those to which normalPsychology2, 552:beginning to understand and deal with these difficulties. Clarification will come once the premisePsychology2, 553:But, curiously enough, a great many of the difficulties connected with the entire breathingPsychology2, 553:of the body is upset bringing attendant difficulties. The race is advancing so rapidly in itsPsychology2, 556:bearing on our theme which concerns the psychic difficulties of modern man. These difficulties arePsychology2, 556:the psychic difficulties of modern man. These difficulties are rapidly growing and are causing muchPsychology2, 575:awakens. Humanity will then be wrestling with difficulties and pathological and psychologicalPsychology2, 582:lies at the root of a number of their undoubted difficulties. They are faced with issues theyPsychology2, 582:Problems of Disciples and Mystics The psychical difficulties, which eventually are many, fall intoPsychology2, 591:of these premises. [591] When psychic difficulties arise in the case of the advanced mystic, thePsychology2, 595:to the thyroid gland and the brain, as well as difficulties connected principally with thePsychology2, 596:by the power of the directed will. Many of the difficulties of mystics and occultists today are duePsychology2, 598:say here in connection with the problems and the difficulties of the psychic powers as they unfoldPsychology2, 599:I am generalizing and not being specific. The difficulties to which such mystics are prone arePsychology2, 600:this is somewhat unusual) serious psychological difficulties are apt to be found. These havePsychology2, 604:This is one of the major psychological difficulties which leads to the common phenomenon ofPsychology2, 604:I realize as I give you this teaching upon the difficulties of the mystical life - devitalization,Psychology2, 606:Revelation of Light and Power and Attendant Difficulties The problems with which we must now dealPsychology2, 607:the mind and a definite influx of power. These difficulties only come to the man in whom the throatPsychology2, 607:divide the problem of light into two groups of difficulties if one so desires - one related to thePsychology2, 610:and proper use, but a way of escape from the difficulties of life and a short cut out of consciousPsychology2, 611:I would also like to point out that one of the difficulties today is that the light of thePsychology2, 613:time. A study, therefore, of the three types of difficulties, emerging out of the development andPsychology2, 613:of the mystical vision with its attendant difficulties is facilitated when the second ray isPsychology2, 613:come eventually to the disciple, the three major difficulties with which we have been dealing, -Psychology2, 615:that they can and do succumb to those difficulties which group life imposes. Today it is thePsychology2, 616:It is not my intention to deal here with group difficulties, for that is not my theme. I amPsychology2, 616:for that is not my theme. I am considering the difficulties (amounting often to physical disease)Psychology2, 616:of the lives, physical condition, problems, difficulties and deaths of group leaders. I would callPsychology2, 616:will see the problems more defined and the difficulties more clearly delineated. They are: ThosePsychology2, 617:you that the first and most important of these difficulties will be those arising from groupPsychology2, 619:this is not of such a poisonous nature as the difficulties above referred to, for - though it isPsychology2, 620:the more definite will be the group problems and difficulties, however. Groups in the New Age willPsychology2, 620:that much infection arises, leading to difficulties of a physical nature. Disease is largely ofPsychology2, 620:In these early stages of true group work, the difficulties which arise from group contacts arePsychology2, 621:from group contact; I do not refer to the same difficulties which are brought by the individual toPsychology2, 621:of what they are doing, carries with it definite difficulties. However, the special difficulties ofPsychology2, 621:it definite difficulties. However, the special difficulties of group work in the New Age can bePsychology2, 622:the new groups are in their infancy and group difficulties have not yet developed on a large scalePsychology2, 622:aspirant. This has led to much of the digestive difficulties, plus the emotional problems (and arePsychology2, 622:one of the factors which will increase the difficulties connected with the various psychological
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