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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULTY

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Discipleship1, 394:have held ever before you. Such conditions of difficulty must be expected by all aspirants who haveDiscipleship1, 403:the second and the third rays often works out in difficulty, for they express two different ways ofDiscipleship1, 404:you realize. This year has been one of supreme difficulty, has it not, and the end is notDiscipleship1, 404:in the face of all that seeks to produce difficulty. Your personal problem is enhanced and becomesDiscipleship1, 413:you desire to do it. Wherein then lies the difficulty? What causes the over-intensification of theDiscipleship1, 418:- D.H.B. March 1935 You have had a time of difficulty, my brother. Such times are growing times andDiscipleship1, 419:of the disciple, he brings to an end the time of difficulty and emerges thence freer, richer andDiscipleship1, 419:turmoil. You are emerging from the condition of difficulty and you are facing - as a result - aDiscipleship1, 419:deepened understanding of others. Freedom from difficulty will never be your lot. Would you have itDiscipleship1, 424:Be not deterred or discouraged by pain and by difficulty. You are not alone. Carry the work forwardDiscipleship1, 426:may thereby be of help and save you much future difficulty. That is, my brother, if you accept whatDiscipleship1, 433:personality vehicles. They are a real source of difficulty if not mellowed and motivated by aDiscipleship1, 440:the glamor of physical disability. This physical difficulty initiates in you a profound feeling ofDiscipleship1, 445:practice of observation? How can I offset this difficulty? How does the assumption of the attitudeDiscipleship1, 455:for you a period of change, of readjustment and difficulty. The testing of the intuition to whichDiscipleship1, 469:attitude of thought and mind (which he with real difficulty has assumed), when sudden changes occurDiscipleship1, 477:stood steady under several years of strain and difficulty and you have not deviated from yourDiscipleship1, 484:to discover and develop during many years of difficulty. I believe that you yourself will haveDiscipleship1, 489:than adequate compensation for any strain and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hour ofDiscipleship1, 498:for them or to interfere with you, and hence the difficulty of your problem. You have to make yourDiscipleship1, 501:Ray of Will or Power and hence much of your difficulty in the past. A first ray astral body is aDiscipleship1, 509:far from unique. What has constituted the main difficulty has been based on the fact that you are aDiscipleship1, 526:you live in a perfect sea of glamor. Hence the difficulty of your problem, for had you (forDiscipleship1, 527:held steadily and unquestioning in the midst of difficulty and discomfort. One thought only will IDiscipleship1, 552:To you, the way of meditation is of no profound difficulty. In earlier lives you established theDiscipleship1, 552:their problems. Life has held for you much of difficulty during the past three months; manyDiscipleship1, 567:you, except in one or two cases of dire need and difficulty, such as have not arisen in connectionDiscipleship1, 580:which you have to face. A great deal of the difficulty, incident upon the intense fluidity of yourDiscipleship1, 585:questions) has this been so? Wherein lies your difficulty - a difficulty you can now face becauseDiscipleship1, 585:this been so? Wherein lies your difficulty - a difficulty you can now face because you haveDiscipleship1, 586:of the soul are pouring in on you. [586] The difficulty lies in the fact that you have a first rayDiscipleship1, 596:by the force of your ray impulses, and by the difficulty of the era in which you live and the stageDiscipleship1, 604:life technique that lies at the root of all the difficulty. It is governed so oft by expediency.Discipleship1, 611:present glamor, that it is with the greatest difficulty that I can reach you at this time. I amDiscipleship1, 620:[620] especially today, know the intense difficulty of service in present world conditions, and theDiscipleship1, 623:comes the time when there is an interlude of difficulty. During that interlude, discovery is madeDiscipleship1, 636:soul life is blocked at astral levels. Another difficulty, growing out of this, is the fact thatDiscipleship1, 641:of your personalities. You have given but little difficulty in this connection, for your soul hasDiscipleship1, 646:your environment; in these days of turmoil and difficulty, every rhythmic center is of value to us.Discipleship1, 650:and you have proved your mettle in the fire of difficulty. Much dross has been burned out. YourDiscipleship1, 666:ray problem of your mind has its major [666] difficulty and this for the following reason: In thisDiscipleship1, 666:the need for some balancing factor. The difficulty is helped, however, and the problem aidedDiscipleship1, 701:the Master's point of view and herein lies their difficulty and - at times - their failure.Discipleship1, 708:he erroneously regards as the depth of human difficulty and iniquity (if necessary), preservingDiscipleship1, 741:warn aspirants anent this matter is great. The difficulty is enhanced by the fact that lowerDiscipleship1, 765:or of any other of the bodily functions leads to difficulty. Chronic invalids are frequently soDiscipleship1, 766:emphasis and, therefore, to increased difficulty in the treading of the Path. The more advanced aDiscipleship1, 786:my anonymity with great care and under real difficulty, owing to the fact that hundreds of peopleDiscipleship2, 5:attempt certain group limitations initiated difficulty and led to the closing of the severalDiscipleship2, 13:met and rightly handled provides (once the difficulty is occultly "under the feet") the place fromDiscipleship2, 13:Each of you has passed through a cycle of real difficulty and strain. This is true of allDiscipleship2, 24:demands. The time equation is one of great difficulty to the average disciple. He is either workingDiscipleship2, 86:transition carried forward without any change or difficulty will greatly reassure all groups. YoungDiscipleship2, 252:hold out to you no easy way but only one of difficulty and adjustment. [253] In all forward stagesDiscipleship2, 262:some of you concern because of their extreme difficulty of interpretation. I would ask you to bearDiscipleship2, 274:recognitions, and not of soul consciousness. My difficulty in explaining the higher meaning of theDiscipleship2, 283:I have pointed out to you before the difficulty of putting these ancient symbols or symbolicDiscipleship2, 283:they can convey meaning through language. This difficulty is well-nigh insurmountable in connectionDiscipleship2, 311:three points which we are considering here. The difficulty consists in this, that in relation toDiscipleship2, 341:of the disciple, is the factor which presents difficulty and calls for careful reflection. Take,Discipleship2, 381:of group initiation must be, I know, one of difficulty for you to consider. Many questions mustDiscipleship2, 394:which they seem to go; they complain of the difficulty of working in the dark and of seeing noDiscipleship2, 447:and richer experience of life, and this involves difficulty. In some ways, the war has not reallyDiscipleship2, 459:in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamor and reality.Discipleship2, 461:plexus is not unduly stimulated, and thus your difficulty increased. I wish also to give you aDiscipleship2, 465:my beloved brother, will be work of profoundest difficulty. You will meet with rebuff from thoseDiscipleship2, 466:one, but of compensations which far outweigh the difficulty. My blessing is yours and my hand isDiscipleship2, 470:of time. You have come through a period of great difficulty and danger with no loss of yourDiscipleship2, 470:people who, like yourself, repudiate without any difficulty all separate attitudes and who ever actDiscipleship2, 472:which - when added to the other three spheres of difficulty - often make the disciple feel that hisDiscipleship2, 473:to humanity - a lesson which A.A.B. had much difficulty in learning. I give you no meditation toDiscipleship2, 502:ordinary human enterprise, as you do today. The difficulty lies in the fact that, fundamentally,Discipleship2, 507:of bringing spiritual liberation one of peculiar difficulty. Do you realize, my brother, that youDiscipleship2, 513:problem and hence your opportunity: The intense difficulty of shifting from one ray-to another ray.Discipleship2, 523:protected you during this time of trial and of difficulty, as has the love of A.A.B. She asks meDiscipleship2, 524:group brothers are handling problems equal in difficulty to yours; proffer rich cooperation to themDiscipleship2, 524:- may hasten the process. Yet I feel very great difficulty in approaching you, though not for theDiscipleship2, 526:second initiation and - because of its intense difficulty - I have watched over you for the pastDiscipleship2, 536:and this distinction itself will increase your difficulty. Then write a short paper on love as itDiscipleship2, 537:Herein lies much clarification plus increasing difficulty, because the decisions made are apt toDiscipleship2, 544:other people. He wonders constantly where the difficulty lies. Often it lies in an unsolved problemDiscipleship2, 559:which at times gives you much trouble and difficulty. Let not the physical limitation undulyDiscipleship2, 568:in touch with your relatives; you have had no difficulty in assimilating the Ageless Wisdom and youDiscipleship2, 575:of progressive attachments. This makes for difficulty for it involves that training in paradoxesDiscipleship2, 577:unfold too rapidly, and so bring about needless difficulty... It is a general preliminary exerciseDiscipleship2, 611:But - paralleling the period of pain and difficulty - is a compensatory activity of the soul whichDiscipleship2, 615:be adjusted from your side, and herein lies the difficulty. This is enough on this distressingDiscipleship2, 618:in the New Seed Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. I myself was the central focal pointDiscipleship2, 623:that book much of your question is answered. The difficulty in distinguishing between thought andDiscipleship2, 637:the angle of the Ashram. There is a peculiar difficulty connected with the realization that thereDiscipleship2, 643:his trained imagination also presents special difficulty for he can include possibilities whichDiscipleship2, 652:years of your life have been years of great difficulty and much pain - not only for yourself butDiscipleship2, 656:you that illusion more than glamor is your major difficulty for you are mentally polarized. [657] Discipleship2, 674:in your case) with a first ray astral body, the difficulty which confronts you as a disciple isDiscipleship2, 674:mind and cease all harsh judgments. When in difficulty, go or write to A.A.B. She knows from wideDiscipleship2, 679:is responsible. Here lies a great deal of your difficulty. You want to work your own way manyDiscipleship2, 706:in you but will also evoke the latent seeds of difficulty, which must perforce be removed. StudyDiscipleship2, 713:those who, like you, have worked and served in difficulty and distress and under the drasticDiscipleship2, 723:meditation which is responsible for much of your difficulty, because meditation over-stimulatesDiscipleship2, 736:to that particular life, the man has had little difficulty. He is conditioned by precipitating
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