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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFICULTY

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Healing, 110:the lack of this combination much of the present difficulty and confusion can be ascribed. TheHealing, 124:some of the major initiations), [124] then the difficulty can be very real and most disturbing.Healing, 124:understanding, and the trying time of difficulty is ended. It is not possible for me to enter intoHealing, 138:eventual stabilization. This inevitably produces difficulty, and the vitalization or inspirationHealing, 139:the overlapping of states of consciousness, difficulty, disease, psychological problems, illnessHealing, 162:unfold which in many cases produces disease and difficulty; it is the unbalanced unfoldment of theHealing, 162:sets forces in motion which eventually lead to difficulty. The stage of reaction to response and ofHealing, 162:to the theory also institutes a cycle of intense difficulty and complexity, because it leads to aHealing, 162:and freedom from danger and emancipation from difficulty and liberation from disease takes place.Healing, 166:technicalities which I have given here and their difficulty and apparent uselessness. It might beHealing, 171:the situation is one of acute and extreme difficulty. Mankind, through the individual and alsoHealing, 175:plexus center into the heart center will cause difficulty, very frequently of a serious nature;Healing, 175:of the individual disciple's life it is of great difficulty and oft of tragedy. Similarly, theHealing, 201:being, developed. In the meantime, there is much difficulty everywhere, and mental diseases,Healing, 202:condition the glands and produce psychological difficulty and disease in some form or another. YouHealing, 208:of energy, is the nervous system. Here, however, difficulty is usually to be found. There is a lackHealing, 238:types of activity which will evoke corresponding difficulty within the heart. Heart disease willHealing, 241:them as the paramount source of physical difficulty; inevitably, though slowly and patiently, theHealing, 253:and to all this must be added psychological difficulty, mental diseases and definite brain trouble.Healing, 255:long and careful bridging. A great deal of the difficulty is, curiously enough, to be foundHealing, 274:traced to the individual etheric body when the difficulty is purely local, or to the planetaryHealing, 278:- Chapter III - Our Karmic Liabilities Another difficulty which I have to face (as I seek toHealing, 283:instance, the patient is suffering from such a difficulty as gastric ulcer, the stimulation of theHealing, 283:nature will share in the stimulation and real difficulty will arise. They can stimulate a centerHealing, 287:of all to the organ involved or the area where difficulty is to be found, and then is sent out toHealing, 307:be positive in some way or another). When the difficulty takes place as it pours into the center,Healing, 307:to which the allied gland can respond. When the difficulty is in the outlet into the physical body,Healing, 308:the location of congestion and any other form of difficulty-producing objective disease: There is,Healing, 308:enables the healer to see visually where the difficulty lies. This form of diagnosis is not alwaysHealing, 308:unerringly to put his finger on the place of difficulty and to know its cause, its effect and itsHealing, 309:the healer to register in his own body the same difficulty of which the patient is aware. This isHealing, 310:predisposition, an hereditary lesion or a latent difficulty, based on earlier life interests orHealing, 310:visible manifestation of physical disease or difficulty; this can be serious or relativelyHealing, 310:alone is adequate to produce disease, but the difficulty is that modern medicine does not yetHealing, 311:effect and is an expression of group karma. The difficulty of the matter is consequently great.Healing, 316:relatively simple categories: Those where the difficulty is due to the breaking down of the brainHealing, 316:the pituitary and pineal glands. Those where the difficulty is due to the over-stimulation of theHealing, 316:insanity. Those where there is no real physical difficulty, no lesions, or diseased tissues, butHealing, 341:but it is right here, my brother, that the difficulty lies. At the time of the full moon (over aHealing, 374:physical illness, of obsession, or of mental difficulty and - working under soul direction or someHealing, 435:time, solely through the process of death. The difficulty at present is that relatively few peopleHealing, 577:must be able to penetrate to the source of the difficulty, or to its psychological background;Healing, 580:based upon the emotions. With this type of difficulty we have dealt in an earlier part of thisHealing, 588:such as that can be used to cover all forms of difficulty, and that the ultimate producer of theHealing, 592:turmoil, and thus producing serious solar plexus difficulty with resultant gastric, intestinal andHealing, 596:the general reaction of the man to the area of difficulty and to the general disability produced byHealing, 602:column. If the patient should be suffering from difficulty in the heart or the lungs the healerHealing, 603:important point. So much disease and physical difficulty among ordinary people is abdominal,Healing, 603:of these desirable conditions only increases the difficulty, for soul energy will pour in withHealing, 606:normally inactive and unawakened and where the difficulty is more apt to be due to the action ofHealing, 630:symptoms, to determine the nature of the difficulty; this is because the usual healer has not hadHealing, 649:action. Here the healer, having ascertained the difficulty and then located the needed center upHealing, 656:via the head center directly to the point of difficulty, and towards this point the aura of theHealing, 660:or the form will succumb to the increase of the difficulty and the probability is that the patientHealing, 677:the healer is apt to absorb the patient's difficulty and will experience symptoms of the troubleHealing, 677:the instruction is to use love, and here a major difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love,Healing, 677:heart so is he"; then, without obstruction or difficulty, pure love will pour through him and theHealing, 689:of the seven - hence so much of our struggle and difficulty. [690] From "the silence which isHealing, 702:with its condition. The acuteness of the difficulty and the chance of a cure. The danger of deathHercules, 23:power to dare," no danger affrighted him and no difficulty turned him back. Perhaps his outstandingHercules, 24:accomplishment, no matter by what failure and difficulty he might be faced, and in his power ofHercules, 144:we are told. This would imply that every difficulty, however terrible it may appear to be, containsHercules, 223:It is the cross of daily crucifixion and of difficulty and symbolizes the incarnation period ofInitiation, 24:every experience, have surmounted every difficulty, and have won out. These elder brothers of theInitiation, 66:on any possible subject without the slightest difficulty. Thirdly: Instruction is given in whatInitiation, 72:and during the transition stage much of difficulty and of suffering is necessarily endured. TheseInitiation, 75:but the intermediate stages are fraught with difficulty for all who stand on the verge ofInitiation, 181:upon this point, which is one of the greatest difficulty, might be summed up in the following threeIntellect, 24:did. The pioneering individual has still as much difficulty in making himself felt in the presentIntellect, 28:of the educated class. It is right here that the difficulty of defining education becomes apparent,Intellect, 108:of daily concentration gradually overcomes the difficulty of control and brings about results whichIntellect, 134:and sees all its developments without much difficulty... Hence it follows as it perfects itself itIntellect, 209:insuperable? Is there no way of overcoming the difficulty? Have we to renounce all hope ofIntellect, 218:day. There is always a way to be found out of a difficulty, if we want a thing badly enough, and aIntellect, 221:development, and its practice leads to much difficulty and danger. It is possible for instance, toIntellect, 230:focused thinking will have to be done, and much difficulty will be found to eliminate all thoughtsIntellect, 242:dangerous work and may land a man in serious difficulty. It can be destructive and disrupting; itIntellect, 254:Need for Care in Meditation The second type of difficulty which we should consider is the one thatIntellect, 255:interested aspirant, at this stage, is himself a difficulty, for he is so anxious to master theMagic, 22:[22] one writes deals with the undefinable, then difficulty is encountered. It is no difficultMagic, 22:If this is so of man, how much greater is the difficulty when we seek through words to express thatMagic, 114:are involved, one of which is secondary. The difficulty lies in the fact that (both beingMagic, 130:surface. Could you but see it, the unrest and difficulty everywhere is producing a good which farMagic, 198:[198] naturally suppose - to a good deal of difficulty and to chaotic conditions. The heart centerMagic, 200:with these questions, the true teacher finds a difficulty. It is not easy to make clear theMagic, 312:tendencies to perversions which cause so much difficulty now. Sadistic tendencies and sexMagic, 346:the proper method of procedure in meeting the difficulty. Having exhausted all the higher rationalMagic, 346:from intuitional levels, added light on the difficulty. If your intuition and reasoning facultyMagic, 486:physical plane occurrence, and therein lies the difficulty. The inner facts of the occult life, andMagic, 489:trouble. This is one of the commonest forms of difficulty, for it has its seat in the selfishMagic, 503:sheath arrives, there will be no problem nor difficulty. I will therefore, give you four simpleMagic, 513:the exigencies of existence and also in the difficulty he evidences in patience and in waiting andMagic, 542:called, will most surely die out. Three: Another difficulty which I experience in elucidating theseMagic, 565:in our thought to the physical plane, the more difficulty is experienced by the magician, whetherMagic, 586:Men run away, almost unrealizing it, from difficulty, from inharmonious conditions, from placesMagic, 588:and egoic, of the aspirant. Hence the difficulty of the subject and the impossibility of givingMagic, 613:Plan, and when one works on partial knowledge, difficulty and mistakes are bound to supervene. ItMeditation, 82:Spirit inevitably entails a period of great difficulty, of violent conflict both internally andMeditation, 83:you to comprehend, and I fully realize it. The difficulty lies in the fact that so little [84] canMeditation, 93:of our virtues, and therein lies much of the difficulty. They are largely the dangers of a fine
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