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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIFFUSED

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Astrology, 113:group life, of mass or [113] group activity; its diffused consciousness has not yet beenAstrology, 265:This shows itself in two stages as: Diffused inchoate power. Personality integration. It signifiesAstrology, 329:Cancer - The Light within the form. This is the diffused light of substance itself, the "darkAstrology, 329:point of light logoic, or divine. The light diffused in Cancer focuses and reveals eventually aAstrology, 330:in parables - the light of Cancer is only diffused, vague and inchoate that the influences of theAstrology, 569:in which case it is in the nature of a diffused call, and, later, consciously, when it takes theDiscipleship1, 53:and station of light has been formed. It is a diffused and widespread light and its channels are toDiscipleship1, 90:pineal gland. The energy is now focused and not diffused. The dispatch of this focused energy byDiscipleship1, 490:oft this directed power is not being adequately diffused, and minor or near objectives being tooDiscipleship1, 598:the light in the room was dim and only partially diffused. You are today like a man who has turnedDiscipleship2, 12:and of their respective characters. Less diffused attention to the multiplicity of inherited habitsDiscipleship2, 52:of intensification: It is, first of all, a diffused light, surrounding the head, discovered laterDiscipleship2, 52:radiance, which is the rudimentary halo. This diffused light then consolidates and becomes an innerEducation, 139:egos, for the light body is inchoate and diffused and simply hovers over the physical form of theExternalisation, 48:before there was none. Before there was only a diffused atomic light but no central point of lightFire, 171:expresses it) of dimly glowing fire, a fire diffused throughout but of no real intensity. The wheelFire, 859:to another center, but is consciously diffused. When its correspondence in the head center isGlamour, 225:this would be the work done by the Church in a diffused and vague way in piercing the glamor ofHealing, 368:to be accorded by science to an universally diffused omnipresent Deity (the ether of space is anHealing, 633:point of will which is that of the soul, and the diffused ever present will of the elemental spiritIntellect, 171:and is often sequential in its development. A diffused light is first seen, sometimes outside theMagic, 107:brain experience. Frequently students speak of a diffused light or glow, this is the light of thePsychology2, 411:in the early stages, nothing more than a vague diffused awareness, undefined, unidentified and freePsychology2, 608:than the later. These are: The sensing of a diffused light outside the head, either before the eyesPsychology2, 608:or over the right shoulder. The sensing of this diffused misty light within the head, permeating,Psychology2, 608:the entire head. The concentrating of this diffused light until it has the appearance of a radiantRays, 146:upon the physical plane; the good is more diffused and not so pure in its concentrated essenceRays, 170:the stars shine not, but in the darkness light diffused is not, but only focused points ofRays, 540:said: "The light must enter vertically and be diffused or radiated horizontally." This creates theSoul, 63:ethereal substance, very subtle and not a little diffused." - Ibid., pp. 182, 183. Coming again to
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