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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DILIGENCE

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Discipleship1, 179:soul, via the mind, if you apply yourself with diligence to the task involved. Your whole lifeDiscipleship1, 383:and with high expectancy. You have sought with diligence to follow my directions and I think youDiscipleship1, 462:speed and joy must be the keynotes of my life; diligence with the task assigned; speed to assent toDiscipleship1, 483:thing I would urge upon you: Follow with great diligence the keeping of the diary to which IExternalisation, 144:Sacred Word, and have sounded the OM with great diligence. I would like here to ask: With whatGlamour, 6:and, when carried out with faithfulness and diligence, will produce three effects: It trains in theInitiation, 63:are lacking in his disposition, and seeks with diligence to bring his personality under control. HeMeditation, 190:is fully possible and is subject only to the diligence, the sincerity, and the capacity of theMeditation, 272:been known when a man has acquired - through diligence - the technical requisites for initiationMeditation, 277:for it carries with it an incentive to greater diligence and application. If the pupil himself onMeditation, 288:the possession of inadequate bodies. Through diligence, application, high endeavor, and the longProblems, 19:of the British Isles. She has wrought with diligence for a stability among the nations which willPsychology2, 683:thus educating the public must go forward with diligence and tact, and wisdom must be cultivated in
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