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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIM

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Magic, 610:of light and of life. The shadow stage is the dim and uncertain period which is found prior toMagic, 616:He sounds the words of magic, but muffled, dim and lost, the mist returns them to him, and no trueMagic, 616:mist, free of the running stream. Some outlines dim appear. He sees a little distance on the Path.Magic, 617:forms are seen and sounds are heard, though dim as yet, for loud the thunder roars and heavy is theMeditation, 191:stand firm in suffering. [191] Now having some dim idea of the results to be achieved, and thePatanjali, 87:Logos. The student can only arrive at a very dim understanding of the nature of these dream statesPatanjali, 173:with the present condition is based upon a dim memory of a time of satisfaction and of bliss. ThisProblems, 149:God and man or man and his brother. Back in the dim past of history (hinted at through symbolismPsychology1, 43:psychological. As we read, ponder and study, the dim outlines of the Plan appear, but until thePsychology1, 83:began. The doors were closed. The light shone dim. The temple walls could not be seen. The sevenPsychology1, 92:constructed out of the unrealized hopes and dim unuttered longings of his deeply hidden thoughtPsychology1, 131:the clairvoyant investigators would see the dim glow of the light within the elements whichPsychology1, 131:the form nature. As evolution proceeds, these dim points of "dark light" intensify their glow; thePsychology1, 132:planetary light is the sum total of the light, dim and uncertain, to be found in all atoms ofPsychology1, 250:or explanation. In the animal kingdom the first dim indication of sorrow and pain is seen, whilstPsychology1, 253:eye sees more clearly than the left." The first dim indication of this tendency towards lucidity isPsychology1, 314:can be seen faintly shining in humanity, and the dim light which flickers within the human form,Psychology1, 397:your gains. "Always shall there be the knowledge dim of Him Who watches over all. Always the urgePsychology1, 398:great step. They came back with a latent and dim recollection of the episode which separated themPsychology1, 427:eye sees more clearly than the left." The first dim indication of this tendency towards lucidity isPsychology2, 25:desire for beauty begins to appear, and a dim sense of aesthetic values. His consciousness isPsychology2, 25:Moods and feelings come to be recognized, and a dim desire for peace and the urge to find thatPsychology2, 169:unto the sun. But in the pyramid, down in its dim laboratory, a Worker stood, toiling at work. HisPsychology2, 169:fires. The heat was great. The toil severe... Dim passages, in steady progress, led upward to thePsychology2, 184:factors and characteristics, emerging out of a dim and distant past, which have tended to make eachPsychology2, 203:their awareness of themselves and of life is so dim and nebulous, that only the lowest forms ofPsychology2, 219:for the disciples and aspirants to catch the dim outline of that structure, that purpose and thatPsychology2, 220:comprehend as those opened up when we pass, in dim and nebulous imaginative consciousness, beyondPsychology2, 290:terms: "The Lord of Will took being. His dim reflection followed in His steps. The little lord ofPsychology2, 305:way. All have a light in them, but it is dim and feeble; all have the three petals (not more)Psychology2, 307:the centers below the diaphragm is beginning to dim, but the center of the lotus is becoming morePsychology2, 307:ray is scarcely felt and only flickers with a dim light at the heart of each lotus. At the stage ofPsychology2, 357:A glimpse of the "Guardian Angel," who is the dim reflection of the Angel of the Presence, thePsychology2, 360:with that which may materialize in some dim and distant future, and he fails ever to achieve thePsychology2, 457:of other and greater possibilities becomes dim or begins to fade out, the moment a body ofPsychology2, 524:which can be seen wherever there is a center is dim; the point of electric potency at the centerPsychology2, 524:diaphragm. The centers above the diaphragm are dim and dull and relatively inactive; the point atPsychology2, 575:more than slowly revolving, palpitating disks of dim light. In Lemurian days, the sacral center wasPsychology2, 701:that the soul is the directing factor; some dim idea of the goal and of the purposes underlyingPsychology2, 701:with the affairs of its shadow, its dim reflection, the personality. What is true of the individualRays, 21:VI For Applicants: The purificatory fires burn dim and low when the third is sacrificed to theRays, 38:to the greater light? Is the group light a dim flicker or a blazing sun? Such are some of theRays, 55:cycle becomes possible and the first dim note of the OM can be faintly heard. In the individual manRays, 70:waking consciousness of humanity. Prayer is the dim, faint and inadequate expression of this;Rays, 96:of which man in the three worlds is a dim and uncertain shadow. Some clue to the higher quaternaryRays, 114:would also assume for them the outlines of a dim and distant goal. [115] Rays, 147:totally unawakened? And I mean, totally. But the dim outlines of the general picture must beRays, 166:plane, becomes the dominating factor. Some faint dim light on the significance of this may come ifRays, 198:and heart doctrine. It is not related to the dim vision, the sensing of half truths and theRays, 198:(of which the mystic's dark night is only a dim reflection, to speak paradoxically) marks a veryRays, 202:and intuitional sensitivity are but the dim and distorted reflections. This is a factor of someRays, 225:will be seen in a new light - a light which will dim and throw into the shade all previous goalsRays, 233:to say. It is not yet fully earned, and only its dim and uncertain outline can be seen from theRays, 247:forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense is thereby conveyed of the ritual of SanatRays, 257:of Avatars have been and are today only the dim distant symbols. They preserve this concept of theRays, 291:loudly comes the voice; then suddenly the voices dim and listening now gives place to knowing - theRays, 319:Shamballa, and therefore, my brothers, are only dim hints to you. [323] Rays, 366:of the average student or probationary disciple; dim recognitions, based on past acceptances are,Rays, 463:the same plane. As we strive to arrive at some dim comprehension of the nature of the work to beRays, 516:of this the light of the soul is the dim reflection. The disciple has learnt the significance ofRays, 567:higher four initiations he slowly arrives at a dim understanding of the purpose of creation; theRays, 718:no disciple has had more than a glimpse and a dim sensing of possibility. I then lifted these threeRays, 763:that envelops and the light that naught can dim. Seize on the cup and swiftly drain, delay not forReappearance, 105:those centuries wherein history is relatively dim and faint in its outlines, the intelligence ofReappearance, 106:of Christ's birth remains debatable), the first dim influences of the Piscean Age could be felt,Soul, 152:the visible world before, Asking to be combined, dim fragments meant To be united in some wondrousSoul, 153:arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dim splendor ever on before In that eternal circleTelepathyand the many factors (emerging out of a dim and distant past) which have contributed to make eachTelepathy, 148:from form to form. Some are bright and some are dim; some move or circulate with rapidity, others
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