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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIMENSION

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Atom, 138:thinker explained it to me thus: "The fourth dimension is the ability to see through and around aAtom, 138:to see through and around a thing. The fifth dimension is the ability, for instance, to take anAtom, 138:eyes in the solar system. To see in the sixth dimension might be defined as the power to take aAtom, 138:accord with the entire planet. Now in the fifth dimension, where [139] you took the eye, you wereAtom, 139:of manifestation, but in the case of the sixth dimension, where you took a pebble, you were put inBethlehem, 28:of Discipleship?) which will lead us into a new dimension, into the interior world of true fact andBethlehem, 36:of the human consciousness in a higher dimension and in a richer field of experience. Humanity isBethlehem, 231:that they saw clairvoyantly, or in another dimension. The important matter was that He did riseDiscipleship1, 20:urge of men themselves, a new realm and a new dimension has been contacted. Humanity has loosedDiscipleship2, 262:dissipated; the stage of penetration into a new dimension, into a new phase of effort and ofFire, 86:lowest to life in a higher world and of another dimension. So it will be found in all the bodiesFire, 1084:the lesser wheels from the first to the tenth dimension. These in their cyclic turn hold in theirFire, 1084:of the mother. When the wheels of the fourth dimension, of which our sun is one and all that is ofHealing, 413:which will reveal the nature of the fourth dimension, and will blend the subjective and objectiveHercules, 143:air; that is, translate his problem into another dimension, in order to solve it. In all humility,Hercules, 145:mind. He seeks to raise his problem to a higher dimension, not to stir endlessly in the slough ofHercules, 148:of the desire for union. Raised to a higher dimension, hate is transmuted into the repudiation ofInitiation, 2:order changeth," but primarily it is a change of dimension and of aspect, and not of material or ofIntellect, 32:always means giving a thing a meaning; the dimension of Significance lies in the direction fromIntellect, 35:is sealed to the majority, and to function in a dimension of which even our most advanced thinkersIntellect, 37:a sign of superstition to believe in a higher dimension and in another world of Being. Even theIntellect, 72:of consciousness and Being and into another dimension. The goal of achievement has shifted intoIntellect, 177:inevitability of a great transition to another dimension of living, seeks the way to knowledge andMagicleads to the portal admitting to a kingdom, a dimension and a state of being which is inwardly orMeditation, 38:not so limited but work in another direction or dimension. The difference lies in the focusing ofMeditation, 82:its force must demonstrate through the higher dimension. [83] Each etheric center has to bePatanjali, 171:entrance of the aspirant into an entirely new dimension and his identification with a life and aPsychology1, 97:egoic - which does initiate them into a new dimension of consciousness and into a different statePsychology1, 184:which will reveal the nature of the fourth dimension, and will blend the subjective and thePsychology1, 328:alone, and no "passing on and up" into another dimension, into another state of consciousness andPsychology2, 90:An expanding realization of progress from one dimension to another, until today we talk in terms ofPsychology2, 110:polarization and his consciousness in another dimension, and functioning actively behind thePsychology2, 664:the perpetuation of the conscious soul in some dimension. These great souls are primarilyRays, 677:and plans for, lies in another and higher dimension. He has, through his willingness to pass
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