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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIMMED

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Astrology, 147:light of the personality has been "put out" or dimmed by the light of the subjective Sun,Bethlehem, 8:myth, and the clear outlines of the story have dimmed and have come frequently to be regarded asBethlehem, 17:the human kingdom. Personality then fades out, dimmed by the glory of the soul, which, like theDiscipleship1, 323:You can be used and when the lesser light is dimmed, the first ray quality of your soul will beDiscipleship1, 434:whose eyes see clearly because they are not dimmed by the fog and smoke of the outer world battle.Discipleship1, 486:hearing" (as it is esoterically called) has been dimmed. So great has been your [487] determinationDiscipleship1, 711:if the loud assertions of personality are dimmed and the light of the soul is permitted to pourDiscipleship2, 487:has been a life of loveliness, though somewhat dimmed by negativity. You are in process of steppingDiscipleship2, 687:of the earlier process. The solar plexus is dimmed. The radiance of the heart is substituted. TheFire, 1001:the inner light becomes veiled, its brilliancy dimmed, just as the inner light of the Ego in itsFire, 1001:its shadow, or thought form, man, is similarly dimmed and hidden. [1002] Meditation, 252:and known. Only when the light of reason is dimmed by the radiant sun of wisdom will all things bePsychology2, 136:because the Voice of the Silence has been dimmed by the clamor of the astral plane; he will bePsychology2, 170:he whipped himself to effort new. The opening dimmed its light. A shutter seemed to close. The
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