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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECT

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Discipleship1, 550:The way to that knowledge is through alignment. Direct knowledge of your fellowmen, so that youDiscipleship1, 550:through a study of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. Direct knowledge of the inner group of workersDiscipleship1, 562:also upon those devotional aspirations which you direct so oft to me, and cast them from you. ThenDiscipleship1, 566:body is upon the fourth ray, thus completing the direct representation of this line of divineDiscipleship1, 568:are: An effort to achieve a deepened and a more direct contact with your soul through a focusedDiscipleship1, 585:today and second ray aspirants are needed to direct this work and to strengthen the hands of theDiscipleship1, 591:group of disciples which is working under my direct supervision. The details of the Plan have inDiscipleship1, 600:would like me to save you a lot of trouble and direct your way, and give you information as to whatDiscipleship1, 617:now on the Path of Discipleship and under the direct influence of myself, the Master... your majorDiscipleship1, 702:inspiration of their soul, as their souls may direct and dictate strengthened by contact with theDiscipleship1, 732:teaching. The thought-form of a Master. A direct contact with the Master in meditation. AnDiscipleship1, 735:from which you can consciously and effectively direct soul energy. This is the true esoteric work.Discipleship1, 737:technically the task of the Master to evoke the direct response and the conscious reaction of theDiscipleship1, 748:to the privilege. I cannot give these techniques direct to you. When you are "on the thread," youDiscipleship1, 755:in the later stages of the Probationary Path. A direct line of influential approach is made betweenDiscipleship1, 760:neophyte endeavoring to distribute forces, to direct so-called energies in a specific andDiscipleship1, 760:the right - I had almost said privilege - to direct force in specific directions. When their statusDiscipleship1, 767:and the safeguarding of a Master into a direct relation with the Master of all the Masters, theDiscipleship1, 767:stage and after a certain major initiation, a direct line of energy or of life - sensed,Discipleship1, 786:of the new discipleship. These people received direct personal instructions from me and certainDiscipleship2, XII:instructions which are amazingly frank and direct. A few personally assigned meditations areDiscipleship2, 6:It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with Humanity. What, therefore, is theDiscipleship2, 8:a disciple, as an individual, from having direct approach and direct contact with a Master withoutDiscipleship2, 8:an individual, from having direct approach and direct contact with a Master without being dependentDiscipleship2, 8:What is it that prevents you from having such direct relation to myself? One or two in this groupDiscipleship2, 8:to myself? One or two in this group have direct approach, and another one of you has it but knowsDiscipleship2, 12:scant. I am only seeking to indicate and not to direct; [13] I intend to point out, but not dictateDiscipleship2, 30:plane - his goal: His own soul - through direct contact, as the result of alignment. The Master -Discipleship2, 119:of the Full Moon and in group formation, plus direct contact with myself, you were permittedDiscipleship2, 122:center is brought into real activity by the direct action of the soul, via the head center, inDiscipleship2, 122:brought into real constructive usefulness by the direct action of the soul, via the heart center.Discipleship2, 128:that is the need for Alignment. You need a more direct contact between heart-head-soul. This,Discipleship2, 129:lead to a more constant application and a more direct and understanding occult obedience. I wouldDiscipleship2, 152:the human mechanism responds. He must be able to direct the flow of energy to any particularDiscipleship2, 161:the Hierarchy, but increasingly making its own direct appeal. There is necessarily a subtleDiscipleship2, 161:energies is brought about in three ways: By the direct action of the Hierarchy, as its MembersDiscipleship2, 177:done in the past, had it not been for, the direct line of attack on my Ashram...As I have told you,Discipleship2, 181:and from there - choosing the needed energy - direct a particular type of energy through someDiscipleship2, 181:in his heart, so is he." There is therefore a direct relation between Meditation I and MeditationDiscipleship2, 181:energies in line with the Plan; he will then direct such energies from his own place within theDiscipleship2, 181:through his own centers before he can proceed to direct ashramic force through them from what isDiscipleship2, 184:the Way of the higher Evolution. There is then a direct channel of contact - whenever needed andDiscipleship2, 199:who employ the method of occult meditation and direct invocation. Meditation is the instinctualDiscipleship2, 200:other developing aspects; all of them are in direct relation or alignment with one of the BuddhasDiscipleship2, 200:our planet, the Earth, and the planet Venus into direct alignment. This made possible the coming ofDiscipleship2, 210:Rays. They are the Custodians of life, under the direct inspiration of the Buddhas of Activity, andDiscipleship2, 211:love aspect of the divine purpose; they wield, direct and control the Law of Attraction - theDiscipleship2, 212:for the better. These people are not open to direct spiritual impression, but the intellectualDiscipleship2, 248:of alignment is the production of effective and direct contact with the soul. The alignment toDiscipleship2, 290:the third initiation. He learns consciously to direct force in the correct manner through theDiscipleship2, 292:far behind, but when man saw and could focus and direct his course by sight, it marked a stupendousDiscipleship2, 317:the more advanced disciple, it is the Ashram and direct service under the instigation of someDiscipleship2, 348:is somewhat constructed and there is some direct communication from the Spiritual Triad to theDiscipleship2, 349:the inner eye, and the Monad are brought into direct alignment with "the Eye of God Himself," soDiscipleship2, 349:are also brought, through initiation, into direct alignment, who, again, can predict what theDiscipleship2, 349:into alignment with the Lords of Karma in a direct relationship and as signifying the ending ofDiscipleship2, 366:slowly to study and eventually to comprehend by direct program-forming in your own life, and makingDiscipleship2, 376:He has not yet reached the stage wherein direct contact is permitted, but still needs the ashramicDiscipleship2, 397:by him in space - within a set time and then to direct them accurately (via the ajna center) intoDiscipleship2, 399:the will must be employed as the Monad may direct." You can see from the above how abstruse allDiscipleship2, 399:mind, the Son of Mind and the abstract mind, a direct channel for vision is created. The medium ofDiscipleship2, 405:levels to the buddhic plane, thereby making direct and unimpeded etheric reception possible. ThisDiscipleship2, 426:The result will be the creation of a direct channel for the precipitation of "light supernal" intoDiscipleship2, 444:those you seek to inspire, for this leads to direct transference of energy; develop divineDiscipleship2, 445:with which you must learn to put yourself in direct contact. There is the magnetic will of theDiscipleship2, 447:then leave you to arrive at right decision, via direct or intuitive knowledge, alone and unaided.Discipleship2, 464:of K.H. and will have received your instructions direct from him. He feels as I do, that in theDiscipleship2, 479:soul of mine whose nature is love and wisdom direct events, impel to action, and guide my everyDiscipleship2, 479:of the soul attract and the light of the soul direct all whom I seek to help. Thus will humanity beDiscipleship2, 486:three words and (for the remainder of your life) direct your thinking towards contact with yourDiscipleship2, 499:picture is as follows: You will note here the direct line of spiritual force descending from theDiscipleship2, 520:life of the planet, brings its energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from SiriusDiscipleship2, 566:Ashram subsidiary to his. Why, therefore, did I direct you towards the will aspect when bothDiscipleship2, 567:use of the spiritual will as it can affect and direct the affairs of the personality is anotherDiscipleship2, 567:it is here that you must seek to learn the direct action of the will of the soul as you face theDiscipleship2, 571:their emotional reactions a way of escape from direct and practical action on behalf of humanity.Discipleship2, 574:therefore, for the form building energy is direct. To this again you can add the fact that yourDiscipleship2, 574:other in sequential order, producing again a direct channel. You should consequently (if you areDiscipleship2, 595:a passage from the Old Commentary which has a direct reference to the work you are attempting toDiscipleship2, 603:the personality simultaneously is so rapid and direct. This is the result of a measure of alignmentDiscipleship2, 607:of the cells of the physical body, to stem a too direct stimulation of the centers in the ethericDiscipleship2, 608:the stream of outgoing teaching can become so direct that you will establish a teaching facilityDiscipleship2, 616:by you in certain aspects though not her work in direct relation with K.H.) the transfer was made.Discipleship2, 736:to the free choice and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on the part of theEducation, 20:Ponder on this. The soul creates through the direct agency of the lower mind and hence theEducation, 26:within the environing whole. The sutratma is the direct stream of life, unbroken and immutable,Education, 26:which can be regarded symbolically as a direct stream of living energy flowing from the center toEducation, 30:the mind and to bridge the divisions, and so can direct at will the lower attention in any desiredEducation, 36:factor in the dense body, and its capacity to direct the activities of the man through the mediumEducation, 42:humanity of the two periods directed and still direct their attention. The Atlantean civilizationEducation, 50:civilize the child will be to train and rightly direct his instincts. The second obligation uponEducation, 114:repeat part of what is there said for it has a direct bearing on our theme: "In the final analysis,Externalisationits emphasis upon individual understanding and direct knowledge. The activity of these forces,Externalisation, 72:before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control all five of the powerful energiesExternalisation, 126:the embattled forces. A mere handful of men, the direct descendants or rather the reincarnations ofExternalisation, 126:light or of darkness and bringing into being a direct line-up of millions of men whose will is thatExternalisation, 126:which induced the watching Hierarchy to permit a direct inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite ofExternalisation, 130:are similar focal points or those who plan, direct and produce the outer happenings and events.Externalisation, 132:U.S.S.R. will eventually place its emphasis and direct its major interest upon Asia, bringing aboutExternalisation, 149:the Hierarchy and Humanity into conscious and direct cooperation, as well as Shamballa and certain
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