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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECT

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Meditation, 37:and enclose the permanent atom, its first direct approach to the Triad. By definite work on colorMeditation, 43:a field of expression. First ray monads have a direct link with this ray and seek to wield the lawMeditation, 54:and the future, or that which we call Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle it manifests asMeditation, 84:attitude of perfect peace and calm. There is a direct relationship between the two twelve petalledMeditation, 95:of a serious nature. This inhibition has a direct effect upon the physical brain, and is the causeMeditation, 96:mental body into the causal, and so bring in the direct action of the Ego upon the lower threeMeditation, 103:should only be permitted to circulate under the direct instruction of the Master and consciouslyMeditation, 106:the results of agelong development. He has to direct the attention of the creative impulse to theMeditation, 117:around him, to recognize responsibility and to direct or help. In doing thus, the Guides of theMeditation, 127:body. This will be done in future years with the direct aid of the devas of the shadows (the violetMeditation, 135:factors. The inherent forces of evolution that direct all on to eventual perfection. The WhiteMeditation, 157:are for three objects: They put the pupil in direct contact with his own ray, either the egoic orMeditation, 164:is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication. You will seeMeditation, 165:formulas of words, sung by the pupil, which have direct effect on one of the three bodies. TheseMeditation, 166:certain psychic faculties. Some mantrams have a direct effect on the centers of the body, and willMeditation, 168:that which we studied yesterday) there are three direct lines of contact between the higher and theMeditation, 171:fashion. The solar system being in itself a direct expression of the Logos, and of His love aspect,Meditation, 176:the elementals. [176] Rites that control and direct them when summoned. In working with the devasMeditation, 177:he who unwittingly lays [177] himself open to direct contact with any elemental, runs a risk, andMeditation, 189:controlled by fire devas, and under the direct guidance of an initiate or disciple for someMeditation, 194:is one of the most usual methods, and the most direct way of forming a funnel for the transmissionMeditation, 200:be employed The great event on the planet in direct relation to the human race is the WesakMeditation, 207:Love or Wisdom Ray. The Lord of the World is a direct reflection of the second Aspect. Blue,Meditation, 207:which is the complementary to blue and which has direct connection with man as an intelligence. HeMeditation, 208:indigo, and also the color of buddhi, and on the direct line of the second Aspect. I give the aboveMeditation, 219:apportioned and considered as influences having direct effect upon the evolving life, or upon theMeditation, 226:on the transference of polarization. There is a direct correspondence between: The violet of theMeditation, 236:the law. Certain things will then be possible: Direct contact with the deva or angel evolution willMeditation, 244:as you can see, necessarily involves either direct scientific knowledge, or else it involves theMeditation, 246:and colors, and vibrations, which will have a direct physical effect, and by the cooperation of allMeditation, 247:of vitalization and magnetization, which involve direct action on the etheric, and this again willMeditation, 261:approach to the line of least resistance, the direct path, is found through the practice ofMeditation, 287:reaches a high point of vibration, and there is direct connection between the fourth plane ofMeditation, 292:a pathway (if so we may term it) that leads him direct to his Master. This is a literal statementMeditation, 307:be profoundly occult and an advanced school in direct communication with the inner grades. ThisMeditation, 313:a mountainous region, for the mountains have a direct effect on the occultist and impart to himMeditation, 337:be formulated and made into tabloid form, with direct effect upon the etheric body. This will notPatanjali, 15:that there are three modes of apprehension: Direct cognition through the avenue of the senses, eachPatanjali, 16:of the Law of Correspondences or of Analogy. The direct cognition of the yogi or seer, centered inPatanjali, 63:man to deal consciously with the vital fires and direct [64] their right progression up the spine.Patanjali, 74:intended to express, then he will know how to direct his will with exactitude so as to bring aboutPatanjali, 87:to emphasize this. These seven ways have a direct relation to the four initiations of thePatanjali, 102:definition. He is aware, in a full sense, of his direct Spiritual Identity. Patanjali, 109:lower bodies are aligned upon it, producing a direct channel of communication with the physicalPatanjali, 144:attached to the necessity for establishing direct egoic contact, via the thread or sutratma, forPatanjali, 192:can be easily ascertained for they will be the direct opposite of the inhibiting thoughts. 5. ThePatanjali, 207:by the quiet realization of life as it is and a direct appreciation of what he may make of it. ThusPatanjali, 209:lower man. The secondary meaning has of course direct reference to the work of the kundalini orPatanjali, 222:downpouring egoic force must also be left for direct teaching by a master in this science to hisPatanjali, 271:Christ or buddhic principle and which are the direct cause of objective manifestation and thePatanjali, 277:referred to in the sutra comes in three ways: Direct ability to see the records if so desired. ThisPatanjali, 278:with their pledged disciples. [278] Through direct knowledge of the group activities and relationsPatanjali, 278:to do thus and so in the three worlds, is the direct result of past experience, and knows too thatPatanjali, 284:of the thinking principle and setting up that direct alignment and functioning which is possiblePatanjali, 285:and every deed, act and thought is governed by direct knowledge, and in no way chains him. ThePatanjali, 286:shadows are reflected, the thread provides a way direct from the circle to the center." From thatPatanjali, 313:in the three worlds, but can turn it inward and direct it upward into those realms wherein thePatanjali, 318:is the lowest point which pure spiritual life, direct from the Monad, our Father in Heaven,Patanjali, 353:has been developed into a usable instrument, and direct apprehension of all knowledge,Patanjali, 378:higher powers which can be covered by the terms direct knowledge, intuitive perception, spiritualPatanjali, 389:carry on powerful meditations and though he can direct and control the "modifications of thePatanjali, 392:now that these three types of karma have direct reference to: The plane of materiality - thePatanjali, 410:all egos work in group formation and under the direct control of those Thinkers who embody thePatanjali, 417:time the intuition will supersede the mind, and direct spiritual perception take the place ofPatanjali, 417:and important one, and opens the door to direct illumination. Nothing need now hinder the downflowPatanjali, 425:and mental, and will raise his eyes and direct them away from himself, he will become aware of "theProblems, 40:spiritual values will need awakening. There is direct evidence, however, that this spiritualProblems, 122:who claim to represent the spiritual life, to direct the spiritual approach of the human soul toProblems, 122:where divinity rules and to those Who guide and direct that approach, will inevitably go on; theProblems, 145:moving out from under doctrinal authority into direct, personal and spiritual experience; they areProblems, 145:spiritual experience; they are coming under the direct authority which contact with Christ and HisPsychology1, 5:complexes and diseases of the mind which are direct results of its own methods. The knowledge wePsychology1, 67:been in manifestation since A.D. 1425, has a direct effect upon the fifth root race, the Aryan, andPsychology1, 83:workers which prompted Those Who guide so to direct the incoming spiritual energies that thePsychology1, 102:the uses of electricity, which discovery was a direct result of this intensification. ThePsychology1, 192:the appearance, is intended to control or direct the feeling or desire life of the personality, forPsychology1, 398:the first of our humanity to achieve, and was a direct descendant of the eldest of the originalPsychology1, 406:influenced by the egoic ray. The Egoic ray has direct and specific action upon the astral body.Psychology2, 16:that realization of new achievements which will direct his steps on to the Path of Discipleship andPsychology2, 26:the indwelling soul. The above is a simple and direct statement of a long and difficultPsychology2, 190:itself with the education of the masses, as a direct intermediary between the higher mind and thePsychology2, 290:Path of Discipleship, and are the result of the direct and intelligent action of the Soul, prior toPsychology2, 317:psychologically" were used, with the intent to direct the attention of the student to the soul orPsychology2, 341:into activity. This leads eventually to a direct alignment of the centers upon the spine, so thatPsychology2, 346:purpose and truth, when grasped, brings into direct conflict the will of the personality (thePsychology2, 355:I, at the point, attract. I, at the point, direct and choose and dominate. I, at the point, lovePsychology2, 356:the needed alignment. There is therefore a direct way or line (speaking symbolically) between thePsychology2, 375:some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do? Danger there is. The taskPsychology2, 386:the intuition, which brings the illumination of direct knowledge to the mind. The one to which IPsychology2, 387:aspect which [387] man can conceive follows a direct line of approach, or pours down through aPsychology2, 387:direct line of approach, or pours down through a direct channel from The level of Atma, or thatPsychology2, 396:Illumination of the mind will be seen to be direct and infallible and will usurp the place of thePsychology2, 401:to that assured faith which is based upon direct knowledge and vision. I have briefly indicated thePsychology2, 406:the bulk of those desires and impulses which direct the undeveloped or average man, and which canPsychology2, 408:in mind control and when that mind is taught to direct the desire nature and the brain, producingPsychology2, 414:to control and to govern their stars and so direct their own lives. I refer to the recognition ofPsychology2, 418:power of centralized control and no capacity to direct action or to provide in any way a lifePsychology2, 484:the heads of the organization claim to be in direct communication with a Master or the entirePsychology2, 490:those who are mentally focused. It is a form of direct, but unconscious, telepathy. The guidance,Psychology2, 492:to brain, via the mind. This, when clear and direct, is true divine guidance, coming from the inner
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