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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECT

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Psychology2, 510:the body or in meditation, he has to learn to direct them correctly from mind to brain and toPsychology2, 510:that a similar condition exists; there is a direct line from the soul to the brain. This is true ofPsychology2, 513:it will, and when it does it will be the direct result of the activity of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 533:heart center, and the other coming from the soul direct to the highest head center) to thePsychology2, 564:rightly understood and utilized, they can be direct avenues of approach to certain states ofPsychology2, 564:gifted, more wise and more able to advise and direct other human beings than is the ordinary man.Psychology2, 565:or of one of the Masters as indicative of a direct and personal interview with these advancedPsychology2, 566:and Mystics True telepathy, however, is a direct mental communication from mind to mind and in itsPsychology2, 593:use of all the faculties (higher and lower) but direct contact with the soul. It will produce thatPsychology2, 616:the group leader and in collaboration with him, direct the group policies. [617] Psychology2, 653:natures, and to think clearly and wisely. As a direct result of a growing awareness of the twoPsychology2, 664:each other, men of similar ideals and also to direct and further their efforts. Knowledge of thesePsychology2, 690:angels and of men. He has been constituted the direct intermediary between the earth and thePsychology2, 748:servers of the Great Ones and of humanity will direct their attention. They must refrain from allRaysposition the real man, the directing agency will direct and guide all his members, imposing uponRays, 10:by the world of the Master and the two are in direct opposition to each other from the standpointRays, 28:call the causal body and the establishing of a direct relation between the Monad and its tangibleRays, 28:the center at the base of the spine will be in direct unimpeded relation; monadic will andRays, 28:It is, technically speaking, Shamballa in direct relation with humanity. What, therefore, is theRays, 29:a disciple - as an individual - from having direct approach and direct contact with the MasterRays, 29:an individual - from having direct approach and direct contact with the Master without beingRays, 29:the New Age, Vol. I. and II.) two or three have direct approach; and others have it but know itRays, 30:the energy of Shamballa streams out and makes a direct contact with humanity (omitting theRays, 31:is gradually transmitted, via the antahkarana, direct to the man upon the physical plane. ThisRays, 50:wherein - after the fourth initiation - there is direct unbroken relation between the Monad, viaRays, 118:the Great [118] Lives at Shamballa are now in direct relation with humanity. Hitherto that contactRays, 118:humanity. Hitherto that contact has not been direct, and They have not been in touch with currentRays, 120:given to applicants in the New Age, is a direct evidence of the new Shamballa contact, becauseRays, 121:the fact that they are the result of a new and direct relation between Those Who implement the willRays, 145:these Lights know that the danger of premature direct contact with humanity, and of consequentRays, 149:from the control of forces - and begin to direct energy in conformity with the great Plan. TheRays, 153:problem is to know himself as he truly is, to direct energy to the needed centers which areRays, 153:to learn to contact energy, to handle and direct it. This entails a comprehension of the mechanismRays, 158:worlds. These are, under the evolutionary law, direct reflections of the three higher worlds of theRays, 159:first time, and in this century there has been direct impact. The diagram on page 160 may make thisRays, 161:there is consequently a free play of energy in a direct line between the Spiritual Triad and theRays, 163:individual will can assimilate, focus, use and direct) that he augments his own will and itsRays, 182:the outside to the within and must endeavor to direct his life from above downwards, if theseRays, 193:into the consciousness of humanity in a new and direct manner, as the brain of man became involvedRays, 206:very seldom of a planetary nature. They are in direct rapport with the Planetary Logos upon His ownRays, 216:builds the antahkarana and thus establishes a direct channel of communication between the Monad andRays, 218:the group causal body and the establishing of a direct line of relationship between the pure AshramRays, 226:sounding-forth of the Word and establishing direct relation with Shamballa as an integral part ofRays, 239:methods. These older methods, built around the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple,Rays, 239:motives and persistence can be tested, prior to direct acceptance. This is something new, for itRays, 240:from Shamballa, has been divided into two direct and distinctive streams. One stream, embodying theRays, 240:enthusiastic will, is reaching humanity direct, via the New Group of World Servers. Hitherto aRays, 249:and to arrive at understanding through direct experience. Then no questioning can ever arise andRays, 257:becomes a channel of unimpeded communication direct from Shamballa to the group because everyRays, 271:this, they will come - as a group - under the direct emanation of the Higher Three and under anRays, 279:created the antahkarana in order to establish direct relation between the Monad and theRays, 283:call a factual expression) of identification - direct the lowest aspect of cosmic desire upon theRays, 288:knowledge of the initiate is to say that it is direct awareness of God, thus putting it intoRays, 294:preservation of hierarchical contact, of which direct, conscious soul contact is now an incidentRays, 368:definitely receive energy from Shamballa in a direct reception, via the Hierarchy. This informationRays, 371:the plan. There is, as you will later see, a direct relation between the seven Paths and the sevenRays, 378:the gradual formation of the seven Ashrams under direct ray activity. This process lies in the pastRays, 401:nature that the Master has to work. He learns to direct the currents of this essential energy, andRays, 418:the Jewish dispensation, was organized under direct Sirian influence and modeled as far as possibleRays, 437:alignment, or for the creation of a channel of direct relation from the brain to the desired pointRays, 437:The antahkarana must be completed and direct contact must be established with the Spiritual TriadRays, 442:thus again demonstrating a clear alignment and a direct channel from the Spiritual Triad straightRays, 448:and to have bridged the divisions, and so can direct at will the lower attention in any desiredRays, 449:contacts within the environing whole. One is the direct stream of life, unbroken and immutable,Rays, 449:which can be regarded symbolically as a direct stream of living energy flowing from the center toRays, 458:through the medium of the soul. This involves a direct effort at divine creative work. The clue toRays, 471:which we call Humanity. This is brought about by direct alignment, and not via the Hierarchy as hasRays, 472:line of relation or of connection can be and is direct. The initiate then "stands in the ocean ofRays, 483:duality - Monad (spirit) and form (matter) - in direct rapport with the consciousness aspect, theRays, 497:is to bring humanity to the point where a direct line of contact is established between theRays, 506:tangible fact, you will then have the following direct contact: This contact, when completed, marksRays, 507:of vision and of application indicates the way direct, evokes the will to follow, and welds theRays, 539:on the basis of the newly acquired knowledge to direct his steps still further. I am not hereRays, 545:of the Master and present no barriers to direct contact with the Master's mind. This contact,Rays, 546:train him to recognize what we might regard as a direct call from the Center of the Ashram. As theRays, 550:development, energy from Shamballa has made a direct impact upon this third planetary center. ThisRays, 565:reason and the atmic or state of spiritually direct will intention. In giving you some insight intoRays, 580:energy which has, for the first time, made direct contact with Humanity, is producing an emotionalRays, 586:Master Morya, as He seeks to find, influence and direct the activities of workers in the politicalRays, 640:be adjusted, but men decide for themselves direct action; they make their own choices and exertRays, 658:the forms in all the four kingdoms to the direct stimulation of His impelling will, you willRays, 680:the Zionist movement, and the group of men who direct and control the policies of Russia, areRays, 689:disciple begins consciously and creatively to direct the energies being made available to him,Rays, 691:that eventually he may consciously control and direct all the incoming divine energies. This is, inRays, 695:been successfully completed and that there is a direct line of energy from the Spiritual Triad, viaRays, 709:that (in its turn) will be superseded by the direct energy of the Monad itself; the initiate willRays, 710:through him, via the antahkarana, and then to direct them towards the immediate objective of theRays, 711:which is the word we use to describe a direct contact with the Mind of God at some relatively highRays, 712:of the Masters that the disciple comes into direct relation with these dynamic, revealing andRays, 715:that Plan implements Purpose. To produce this, a direct, understanding and powerful expression ofRays, 716:force has - during this century - made its first direct impact upon humanity; heretofore, itRays, 716:to which we give the name of the Hierarchy. This direct impact will again take place in 1975, andRays, 717:energy, focus it within the Hierarchy, and then direct its potency to certain ends known only toRays, 735:Group of World Servers. Then you will be in the direct line of spiritual descent, of divine energy;Reappearance, 53:relations by intelligent humanity. Thus the direct line or thread of God's will reaches now fromReappearance, 65:these Knowers now work actively, under the direct impression of the Christ, in leading [66]Reappearance, 76:the Most High to aid, inspire, reveal, lead and direct. It is the history of the presentation ofReappearance, 90:the past, and the destroying energy which they direct against anything which is of the old regimeReappearance, 94:will, hitherto undeveloped in man. Capacity to direct energy (through understanding and intent)Reappearance, 101:of Peace and of Equilibrium, can implement and direct the energies which will produce the coming
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