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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECT

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Reappearance, 129:and were also conscious of admittance into direct relation with the Hierarchy. At present, we useSoul, 44:to stimulate the brain cells and to have a "direct and important bearing upon the personality." WeSoul, 79:immediate cause of death is not disease, but the direct action of the soul, which leaves the bodilySoul, 108:one wick.' 'The Yogi,' says Aniruddha, 'is in direct connection with the primordial principle ofSoul, 115:column. The two centers in the head have a direct relation to the faculties of mind and motion. TheSoul, 130:which may in time suffice, through the mass of direct available evidence, to give us a clearerSoul, 135:Poise. Right control of the life force and hence direct action by the soul upon the etheric body.Telepathy, 16:The area around the solar plexus (though not in direct relation to that center as it exists as anTelepathy, 16:energy, for this area in the etheric body is in direct "touch" with the astral body, the feelingTelepathy, 16:found that center near the spleen which is the direct instrument for the entrance of prana into theTelepathy, 35:human being; it is based, as you know, upon direct knowledge, unimpeded by any instrument normallyTelepathy, 41:the more universal and prior stage than that of direct telepathic reception. The occultist everTelepathy, 88:with group telepathy, soul communication and direct relation with the Master - a relationship atTelepathy, 89:third type of communication become possible - direct messages which are due to contact with theTelepathy, 98:and use in order to register impression or to direct etheric or mental impression out into theTelepathy, 105:- A Normal Unfoldment This impression must be a direct descent from mental levels to the brain,Telepathy, 105:with the astral body; only in so far as this direct descent is attained will the recordedTelepathy, 107:the necessity of a factual alignment so that a direct channel is created, along which theTelepathy, 117:Their disciples in this service. Such disciples direct the desired impression to the solar plexusTelepathy, 117:of the world; they have necessarily made a direct contact with the soul and are therefore wide openTelepathy, 121:the lines of the seven Paths; these are not the direct energies of the seven Rays, because theseTelepathy, 146:to use and through the means of which he can direct energy where needed. Each of these sevenTelepathy, 156:antahkarana is built and acts, therefore, as a direct channel for the cosmic ethers to which weTelepathy, 157:four cosmic etheric levels. The channel is then direct, completed and unimpeded; the ethericTelepathy, 168:the four cosmic ethers; there is nevertheless a direct relation between them, and this theTelepathy, 168:in the vehicles of humanity. There is also a direct relation between the four aspects of karma (theTelepathy, 186:central Triangle. They will then discover, by direct action, when and if mankind is ready for suchTelepathy, 186:if mankind is ready for such an experiment of direct control and if it has developed the neededTelepathy, 192:therefore to the solar plexus center; there is a direct line of hitherto unrecognized energy
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