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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTED

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Astrology, 52:of the rising sign are all being controlled and directed by the illumined spiritual man, you willAstrology, 55:physical plane can be seen in the conscious and directed fusion of the planetary forces with theAstrology, 55:of the sun sign and of the planets are perfectly directed and adjusted. The analogy can also beAstrology, 117:for this reason that the life of service and the directed intention to serve constitute aAstrology, 123:which are brought about by a more permanent and directed life tendency. Astrology, 128:life, but also that which can be controlled and directed finally by the soul. The significance ofAstrology, 185:a soul, is upon the Fixed Cross, comes under the directed energy of four planets, three of whichAstrology, 190:prior to firing the arrow which, when rightly directed and correctly followed, will carry himAstrology, 195:has been esoterically described as "unavoidable directed purpose." Within our solar system, VulcanAstrology, 225:this sign and assumes a position of power and of directed influence. Venus, the intelligent mind,Astrology, 230:and the start of the outgoing life; you have its directed desire in Taurus, producingAstrology, 230:orientation and of discipleship in Scorpio, the directed, controlled life of the disciple inAstrology, 233:who climb freely where they choose and are self-directed in conduct and attitude. ThisAstrology, 261:In this final stage, he returns to the same directed method, rhythm and measure of the earlier massAstrology, 261:reorientation of his energies so that they are directed towards the production of synthesis andAstrology, 272:Their goal, but Their energies are still directed towards and focused upon our planet. They are notAstrology, 288:is the man who is aware of purpose, of a self-directed life and of a developed and definite lifeAstrology, 300:not further expand these suggestions, but the directed reflection of the illumined mind may bringAstrology, 308:animal Kingdom. Charts of the cosmic lines of directed forces such as the above can be given forAstrology, 308:love-wisdom. Uranus - 7th ray - organization or directed manifestation. Neptune - 6th ray -Astrology, 309:through sensitivity to the higher vibration and directed intelligent service of the Plan. Ponder onAstrology, 315:in Taurus was His, just as the secret of directed energy in Scorpio was the source of the strengthAstrology, 320:of the initiate up to the third initiation are directed to this end. Such is the way of theAstrology, 330:they blend; they rise. Sagittarius - A beam of directed, focused Light. In this the point of lightAstrology, 333:towards Capricorn Blind, undirected experience Directed Personality effort Recognition and workAstrology, 333:The Director of men Experimental approach Directed Approach The controller of the Gate 10.Astrology, 338:The threefold lower nature, synthesized and directed, controls all activity. Cancer-Capricorn TheAstrology, 339:there is one-pointed soul effort, spiritually directed activity and a demonstrated readiness forAstrology, 368:is focused or conditioned into one united and directed effort. The versatile changeable man becomesAstrology, 368:The versatile changeable man becomes the self-directed disciple, one-pointed in effort, yetAstrology, 373:and the Shamballa force is wrongly employed and directed. The result of this dual effect of theAstrology, 375:as desire in the mass of men and as will or directed purpose in the disciple or the initiate. ItAstrology, 389:in the life of the subject and be consciously directed and controlled in Cancer, thus leading toAstrology, 397:characteristic of the Bull, must give place to directed spiritual energy, for temper is but energyAstrology, 398:would do well to employ the [398] method of directed and motivated speech of an outgoing andAstrology, 434:unconsciously employed and later consciously directed and attuned - a fully magnetic and attractiveAstrology, 452:- Love. Wisdom - Planetary heart center - Directed Love Humanity - Intelligence - Planetary ajnaAstrology, 452:- Intelligence - Planetary ajna center - Directed Mind Four other centers remain to be considered:Astrology, 458:through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility than through the other threeAstrology, 479:in consciousness, of duality, the application of directed motion and the appearance of twoAstrology, 540:This seventh ray sweeps into organized and directed activity the world of forces upon the outerAstrology, 555:because the man is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. FromAstrology, 585:It could then create such a driving force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become aAstrology, 594:Itself in manifestation as pure incentive, directed impersonal energy, divine instinct which latterAtom, 134:upon the planet, there has ever been an ordered, directed unfoldment of the powers of the soul, andAutobiography, 231:the Masters' disciples who, in their turn, are directed and guided by a few world disciples whoseAutobiography, 268:plans in the interest of group purpose - ever directed to the service of humanity and theAutobiography, 270:of the race; this he does through a conscious, directed use of the trained mind, of his controlledAutobiography, 277:of consciousness and as the result of self-directed integrations, is also studied. 3. The Nature ofAutobiography, 287:Later the attention of the student is directed towards Those Who bring inspiration and truth toBethlehem, 88:use and understanding the mind is definitely directed and properly oriented, it is brought enBethlehem, 104:was, through the consistency of His constantly directed effort, the first of our humanity to emergeBethlehem, 126:living and expression. All His desires were directed towards God; every activity of His [127]Bethlehem, 156:know reality exists. But life, with its emphasis directed on phenomena, its stresses and itsBethlehem, 156:appear, and their intuitive reactions be rightly directed. It was necessary that Christ should haveDestiny, 35:be understood, correctly handled and rightly directed towards constructive and desirable ends. InDestiny, 36:either thinking independently or are thinking as directed by the powerful minds everywhere to beDestiny, 37:plastic and receptive to the powerful forces directed by the two contributing groups - theDestiny, 65:and the whole trend of the present teaching is directed to the awakening of humanity to this whileDestiny, 93:through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility than through the otherDestiny, 128:until he has discovered what they are and has so directed his thought that those motives can, inDestiny, 128:motivated from the mental and - at times - directed by the soul. But the potency of this desire andDestiny, 134:The stimulation of etheric forms through rightly directed force. The correct distribution, throughDestiny, 145:ray influences will increasingly and steadily be directed. Humanity has reached a stage where theDiscipleship1, 42:the imposition of stronger and more definitely directed energies. The groups are intended to workDiscipleship1, 64:between the imposition of the will and the directed impression of ideas. There is too much desireDiscipleship1, 65:a man free? Because it will be kept clear of all directed will-force; all that workers andDiscipleship1, 65:with definiteness, and it can be positively directed. That of working on mental levels with yourDiscipleship1, 65:produce a living, embodied form which can be directed as I may determine. Discipleship1, 67:of some individual. This pondering and carefully directed thinking produces construction; it is aDiscipleship1, 89:work. The visualizing of what might be called "directed process" goes on in a more focused mannerDiscipleship1, 90:energy is gathered by the disciple and then directed with intention to one or other of the centers.Discipleship1, 92:the desire of the soul by the power of his directed thought. The personality can also do nothing,Discipleship1, 104:in feverish anticipation of a few more years of directed occult effort under my tuition. The timeDiscipleship1, 144:is of importance to a disciple, for the rightly directed will is the controller of force and theDiscipleship1, 159:upon the right seizure of opportunity, upon directed skill in action and upon a sustained egoicDiscipleship1, 159:by the following words: Alignment. Dedication. Directed thought. Recognition of the Plan. Clear-cutDiscipleship1, 160:this higher will, your personal will is steadily directed. This "qualifies" your life in the threeDiscipleship1, 161:as it takes shape on the physical plane must be directed towards the spiritual uplift of theDiscipleship1, 167:and the stimulation of my love. One-pointed, directed effort can achieve results in spite of worldDiscipleship1, 175:time at the alignment of the personality. This directed attention to the matter must have, and has,Discipleship1, 185:to reach two of your group brothers through directed thought, joy and outgoing love. Choose any twoDiscipleship1, 195:shows itself as joy. 3rd month - The will, as directed by love and expressed in freedom. 4th monthDiscipleship1, 207:your output of service to humanity and for us, a directed synthesis and an enhanced potency whichDiscipleship1, 243:usefulness in service. That your will is directed to service is well known to me and to your fellowDiscipleship1, 244:influence of your soul ray and be one-pointedly directed towards some determined program, there isDiscipleship1, 310:come and will, if your intention and thought are directed towards these ends. As you grow older,Discipleship1, 324:fiery force of your life is now one-pointedly directed towards your goal. Naught can cause you toDiscipleship1, 324:in service indicates energies which have been directed to the wish or the will to serve. Can I makeDiscipleship1, 350:you, via your emotional nature, is rightly directed by your soul. Being on the same line of energyDiscipleship1, 374:express itself as personality love, actuated and directed by soul love. Can you see the picture, myDiscipleship1, 375:come the effort of your personality will towards directed orientation. The divine aspect of yourDiscipleship1, 410:to your physical body, and which is [410] directed by your mind. Coming from the mind, itDiscipleship1, 423:A long period of learning and of recognitions directed toward the soul and the life of the soul inDiscipleship1, 423:An interlude of assimilation and of recognition directed towards the world of men is again - forDiscipleship1, 458:set you free from yourself. It should also be directed toward a wise care of the physical body andDiscipleship1, 490:whose personality is basically upon the line of directed power and focused will. This you shouldDiscipleship1, 490:should most carefully bear in mind, for oft this directed power is not being adequately diffused,Discipleship1, 495:upon the soul. This sounding of the O. M. is directed upward from you, the personality, to theDiscipleship1, 510:The same attentiveness and potency of thought, directed away from your circumstances and to the
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