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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTED

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Discipleship1, 549:and would wield greater power through rightly directed thought. Ponder on this. Your mental body isDiscipleship1, 581:and within the center to which your soul has directed you. These constructive results will reachDiscipleship1, 617:This you will do by a constant attitude of directed attention, a controlled personality life andDiscipleship1, 624:period of the next few years, your work can be directed by me, if so you will, and thus, for aDiscipleship1, 639:rapid progress that your entire life will become directed towards your chosen and indicatedDiscipleship1, 683:to work in collaboration with others at some directed piece of work is a part of the evolutionaryDiscipleship1, 684:This precipitation of thought is due to clearly directed intent, to comprehension of the purposeDiscipleship1, 695:and begin to form part of the Master's sphere of directed influence. This is the opportunity whichDiscipleship1, 696:to take form. By the power of his focused and directed thought, he attracts to him those whose typeDiscipleship1, 703:point of tension, a fusion of [703] energies, directed towards a common center and involving twoDiscipleship1, 712:two important factors: The first factor is that directed, hierarchical impression is not imposedDiscipleship1, 720:the use of the fire of mind. This fire is always directed at a brother and the effort to refrainDiscipleship1, 731:This force and energy is, in the last analysis, directed by a Master, by a group of three seniorDiscipleship2, XII:to the public which are not safe except as directed by a physician. An examination of the text willDiscipleship2, 36:the lines of energy, carried by thought and directed towards me, are steady but not so brilliantlyDiscipleship2, 36:'impulsive energies' and its inciting forces are directed towards the expansion of the humanDiscipleship2, 40:for new spiritual forces and energies which - directed by the Hierarchy - will pour into the humanDiscipleship2, 63:are the hope of the world. This outpouring of directed energy means a great stimulation of allDiscipleship2, 81:moving forward and of expansion (implemented and directed by the Hierarchy). The spiritual vortexDiscipleship2, 115:of the heart center to the head by means of directed, controlled aspiration - deliberatelyDiscipleship2, 118:the heart center, and then from the heart it is directed by an act of the focused will - expressedDiscipleship2, 122:of the spine is the result of an act of the will directed from the head and resulting in theDiscipleship2, 132:conditioned by countless minds, misdirected oft, directed wisely sometimes, yet all of themDiscipleship2, 150:situation, which obsessed the German people and directed the Japanese people, and which workedDiscipleship2, 152:idea behind that meditation was the free flow of directed energy. You need ever to bear in mindDiscipleship2, 153:with care. The fourth meditation was definitely directed towards bringing about a closer relationDiscipleship2, 170:and brought into activity. By clear thinking, directed thought and mental perception, they can beDiscipleship2, 174:hearts of men, these evil qualities and these directed energies which keep the door of evil openDiscipleship2, 181:- Part X - Meditation II Meditation II - Directed Energy - Circulation This meditation constitutesDiscipleship2, 186:work possible; they will develop a technique of directed concentration which will enable them toDiscipleship2, 196:followed for one year. If this is done by you as directed and with no questioning as toDiscipleship2, 209:and its recurring civilizations, is directed by them; the manifesting kingdoms in nature, greatDiscipleship2, 211:upon it here. Basically, they work through directed meditation and each Ashram is a center ofDiscipleship2, The fu:carried forward in united meditation, under directed guidance and the highest possible inspiration.Discipleship2, 223:The whole creation is the result of his directed and controlled thought - a process of sustainedDiscipleship2, 224:concentrated meditation, visualization, directed invocation (producing evocation) and leading toDiscipleship2, 260:part of the hierarchical effort. That effort is directed towards an orientation to the greaterDiscipleship2, 265:the divine Will or Power, the Eye, through whose directed gaze the power flows outward to itsDiscipleship2, 289:soul levels, intelligently utilized, becomes directed from those levels and pours into what is nowDiscipleship2, 293:It is a world of pure energy, of light and of directed force; it can be seen as streams and centersDiscipleship2, 323:through the focused intent and the directed impulse of the Monad. The next sequential revelationDiscipleship2, 333:of special spiritual events, such as: [333] The directed attention of Shamballa. An inflow ofDiscipleship2, 333:of extra-planetary force. The "nearing" or the directed power of an Avatar of some degree. TheDiscipleship2, 333:hierarchical thought and activity into some one directed event, such as the Wesak Festival and,Discipleship2, 342:and are my thoughts and activities rightly directed? This would involve the dual life of theDiscipleship2, 353:fear and penalty to relinquish his own self-directed life - is a growing menace to mankind. It isDiscipleship2, 355:interpret and apply it in terms of the Plan, of directed energy and [356] of the Ashram, as itDiscipleship2, 358:and under order - that order being the directed focused will of the many Ashrams within the oneDiscipleship2, 371:which the energy of a planetary center is directed in the service of humanity at this particularDiscipleship2, 371:centers of the planetary Logos are necessarily directed in their inflow and outflow from Shamballa,Discipleship2, 371:under the inspiration of the divine Purpose and directed towards the carrying out of the Plan. ItDiscipleship2, 378:intention, but is a fluid energy which can be directed toward the plane of desire wherever andDiscipleship2, 378:aspect of light under the action - definitely directed - of the Will, in order to bring about theDiscipleship2, 387:wherein the divine thought is projected, directed and held true to the originating impulse of theDiscipleship2, 414:the light of the Spiritual Triad can begin to be directed upon the soul-infused personality, viaDiscipleship2, 434:an ocean of energies - energies which are being directed by groups of Living Beings who work fromDiscipleship2, 444:(the three bodies) with fixed intent to the directed will of the soul. For you, I would repeat,Discipleship2, 460:as it produces physical plane expression of directed soul activity as the intelligence (focused inDiscipleship2, 506:three worlds, and to each other; carry the same directed thinking on to soul levels and shift theDiscipleship2, 538:decisions. By means of these decisions you have directed your energies in some one specificDiscipleship2, 546:of focused vision, with the eye of the mind directed towards the soul. When your focus seemsDiscipleship2, 561:beam of light focused within the chela's heart, directed by his eye, penetrates in turn the outerDiscipleship2, 572:within the dynamic vibration of your soul-directed personality. Seek to tune in on world needDiscipleship2, 578:my brother, is all that karma is - the impact of directed energy upon the Earth, upon the kingdomsDiscipleship2, 623:field of his observation and the focus of his directed attention The present status of the humanDiscipleship2, 743:of your thinking; shift now your attention to directed service. Undertake a task for me and bringEducation, 22:faculty and in the power of choice and of directed purpose. He must be brought to a truerEducation, 23:development of innate faculty to function under directed purpose and ritual. This particularEducation, 30:unity, and instead of a fluid, moving attention, directed here and there into the field of materialEducation, 33:through meditation, discipline, service and directed attention. When this has been accomplished, aEducation, 37:ideas which will enable him to become a self-directed, intelligent human being. Psychology, withEducation, 42:towards which the humanity of the two periods directed and still direct their attention. TheEducation, 51:years of training will be seen as an ordered, directed process, and the goal will be clearlyEducation, 54:and [54] this will give awareness of the Plan, directed purpose, and group synthesis. The first ofEducation, 56:Petals Participation (in the Plan) Purpose (Directed Will of all Disciples) Precipitation (of theEducation, 72:developed, highly intelligent and mentally directed human being. The trouble with the majority ofEducation, 84:investigated and his incoherent life purposes directed along right lines; he will be taught toEducation, 89:that the consciousness of the child (so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume anEducation, 99:of meaning), a wise parent, a controlled and directed personality. We shall now proceed to take upEducation, 100:individual part, and at the same time a group-directed part, in the life of the community whereinEducation, 100:young people in the world for intelligent, but directed, citizenship. Today, among the so-calledEducation, 112:forget that it is the Life, its purpose and its directed intentional destiny that is of importance;Education, 138:cyclic experience, psychological preparation and directed, controlled body-building may go forwardEducation, 141:producing the manifestation of a powerful, self-directed, high grade human being. The fusion of theEducation, 148:by power and the other by love, and all directed to the illumination of the individual and ofExternalisation, 4:great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focused at this time on human affairs,Externalisation, 18:period is the yoga of one-pointed intent, of directed purpose, of a constant practice of theExternalisation, 25:determines its own destiny; the effort is directed towards establishing a closer relationshipExternalisation, 48:into expression of the first group and the directed attention of the Hierarchy, working under theExternalisation, 52:system and the government, but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals ofExternalisation, 59:group is to study the significance of money as directed and appropriated energy. [60] ThisExternalisation, 66:harmful. This harmfulness is due to a powerfully directed thought-form, constructed by men andExternalisation, 76:type of energy - the energy of focused and directed hate, of separation, of fear and pride. WithExternalisation, 83:organized efforts of the Great White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organized forces ofExternalisation, 93:forces, shifting cycles and constant mutation directed towards the inscrutable ends of Deity -Externalisation, 96:tension - scientific because induced and directed; you can, if you so choose, picture these twoExternalisation, 98:was intellectual, and the self-conscious self-directed man was the result. The fruit of thisExternalisation, 100:today to self-conscious man and to this self-directed individual is the revelation of the largerExternalisation, 100:to make to the planet - gifts of definitely directed energies producing peculiar and equallyExternalisation, 101:activities should be and to what end they are directed, for there is an esoteric distinction
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