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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTED

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Externalisation, 103:these are lacking, this simultaneous oneness and directed thought and this "group aroma" (as it isExternalisation, 113:be developed and not a race of responsible, self-directed, aspiring men. This must surely beExternalisation, 144:with the power of the soul as well as with the directed attention of the mind, they automaticallyExternalisation, 148:will be impressed by and responsive to the directed thought of the guiding Elder Brothers of theExternalisation, 173:and cruelty. The fusion of many minds into one directed activity is today of supreme importance;Externalisation, 173:nations, France and Great Britain. Unity of directed thought and purpose is the guarantee ofExternalisation, 173:is omnipotent. The potency of focused and directed mental activity is unpredictable. If you acceptExternalisation, 174:is backed by the focused will. The [174] directed determination of the man or the group who isExternalisation, 213:certain determinations which could, if rightly directed, carve out for them a new and betterExternalisation, 220:of the divine life are not to be permanently directed into wrong channels of activity. TheExternalisation, 231:side of law and order, and whose will-to-good is directed towards right human relations and trueExternalisation, 247:will then be anchored in right action, soul directed. On the emotional side of life, you will findExternalisation, 247:is going on and all emotional energy will be directed to the pursuit of every available mode ofExternalisation, 248:effort, time, and personality emphasis will be directed to the shouldering of your due share inExternalisation, 248:is in you and all that you are, integrated and directed to a sustained, substantial, one-pointedExternalisation, 261:place which can only be reached by intentionally directed, selfless thought. Are there enoughExternalisation, 261:and illumined thought can be organized and directed towards these Lives in such a manner that TheyExternalisation, 295:The massed intent of the world aspirants is directed towards the world of truer Values, towardsExternalisation, 301:the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directed to the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy is heirExternalisation, 301:plane, who have clear vision, potent resolve, directed will and open minds, plus of course,Externalisation, 302:only feebly. This phrase is "the principle of directed purpose." This principle involves threeExternalisation, 303:over-shadowed by the Avatar of Synthesis and directed in His activities by the Christ, the Lord ofExternalisation, 306:This is done through meditation, through a directed stream of thought energy, the presentation of aExternalisation, 336:of courage, of spiritual demand and of directed will is potent in results and will bring all thatExternalisation, 346:It could then create such a driving force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become aExternalisation, 347:and their task is to react to the stream of directed energy. These are the points I would have youExternalisation, 349:secret place of the Most High the aid, help, and directed recognition which will bring about aExternalisation, 352:must be the Christ and every effort must be directed to aiding His work as Representative for theExternalisation, 380:a totally different category, for they have been directed to the male youth of their countries andExternalisation, 388:energies then set in motion may be aided by your directed thought and you yourselves may come moreExternalisation, 390:of men "stand with massed intent" and with eyes directed towards God so that their cry can mount toExternalisation, 407:focused and from which His divine purposes are directed. From it the great political movements andExternalisation, 419:thought of the masses and the focused, directed thought of the New Group of World ServersExternalisation, 420:work and enhance powerfully the thought currents directed to the waiting Spiritual Lives. AtExternalisation, 433:Two streams of mental energy or of thought-directed ideas impinge powerfully at this time upon theExternalisation, 437:that its destructive aspect may be transmuted or directed towards the stimulation which will resultExternalisation, 438:can take it. The three times it has been directed, unimpeded and untransmuted, towards humanityExternalisation, 439:The first phase or form of destruction was directed by the disciples, the aspirants and the clearExternalisation, 439:The second phase or form of destruction was directed by evil, and was focused through those nationsExternalisation, 439:your cooperation can be intelligent and rightly directed. First, at the time of the May Full Moon,Externalisation, 446:or goals human thinking and planning will be directed. The masses of mankind everywhere have onlyExternalisation, 461:work be set in motion. This phase is directed towards those activities and the development of thatExternalisation, 477:the unworthy, unless definitely and deliberately directed. The Hierarchy was therefore faced withExternalisation, 478:followers, the Masters of the Wisdom, have been directed towards clarifying the true issues in theExternalisation, 486:that they are an integral part of a group of directed and intelligent world servers, and yet toExternalisation, 489:situation, which obsessed the German people and directed the Japanese people, and which workedExternalisation, 495:was overcome and the "energy of the future" was directed or impelled by Those Who were seeking theExternalisation, 495:four of real interest: There was a clearly directed inflow of extra-planetary energy released byExternalisation, 514:Himself. It is almost as if a golden strand were directed from His heart to the heart of theExternalisation, 521:cry of the masses everywhere, plus the directed invocation of the spiritual people of the world,Externalisation, 529:of new personnel is being watched over and directed by the forty-nine Masters who are in charge ofExternalisation, 539:with mankind. Since 1925 the Hierarchy has directed Its thoughts to men, but It has not vitalized,Externalisation, 539:up of magnetic centers which, through their directed activity, will influence humanity in theExternalisation, 541:because a fresh tide of spiritual impulse and directed second ray energy will flood the entireExternalisation, 557:way into an Ashram where that service may be directed. It calls for sacrifice until it hurts, andExternalisation, 577:coming from the Ashram of K.H. will be largely directed towards the general public, but they willExternalisation, 579:in relation to forces, or forces as they are directed by energy. This the emerging group ofExternalisation, 582:the full expression of ashramic energy will be directed to practical world affairs and to theExternalisation, 585:the Master, they can be reached, impressed and directed, and most definitely they are so reached;Externalisation, 586:his service and his life intention are directed entirely to the cause of human betterment. In thisExternalisation, 596:mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritual sources, no matter byExternalisation, 598:of the invocative cry of humanity has been directed into those channels which reach from Earth toExternalisation, 642:(to a far larger extent than you realize) are directed towards the Christ. It is upon His concernsExternalisation, 645:Their Lord and Master; through Their united and directed effort, these energies will flow. ForgetExternalisation, 647:Your daily actions will be those of goodwill, directed towards the establishing of right humanExternalisation, 656:imagine, a sevenfold energy, emanating from and directed by the seven major Ashrams, under theExternalisation, 656:4. The energy of humanity itself, organized and directed by the advanced thinkers and workers inExternalisation, 657:for these energies must be most carefully directed and their resultant impact be mostExternalisation, 661:under all the Masters); the energy of love is directed primarily towards the third great planetaryExternalisation, 662:possible of assimilation by the Hierarchy is directed by the Masters towards the Christ and is usedExternalisation, 665:all the work of impressing receptive minds is directed towards spiritualizing the concepts of theExternalisation, 667:the activity of its energy, when correctly directed and used, a right rhythm is being imposed uponExternalisation, 673:have our being that events, as expressions of directed energies, mean little to us, except in soExternalisation, 674:they will be - for the first time in history - directed from etheric levels, from the etheric bodyExternalisation, 674:three worlds; hitherto, these energies have been directed from the buddhic plane which is theExternalisation, 674:level. These energies have for untold aeons been directed from the fourth or lowest of the cosmicExternalisation, 675:present modern exits for energies, through which directed energies can pass to carry out theExternalisation, 675:plane utilization of energy through the power of directed thinking and on behalf of the evolutionExternalisation, 680:world for the past one hundred years has been directed towards individual rapport with a Master,Externalisation, 685:orienting Themselves - in an entirely new and directed manner - to the fourth kingdom in nature. AtFire, 31:the wheel of life. The cosmic fire radiates as directed from the second sphere, controlled by theFire, 98:the upper part of the body, from whence they are directed downwards to the center which is calledFire, 125:brought about: The kundalini fire is consciously directed and controlled by the mind or will aspectFire, 125:of the inner fires of matter (controlled and directed by the conscious action of the fire of mind)Fire, 126:and the liberation of the Spirit by conscious directed effort from out its threefold lower sheath.Fire, 127:result of spiritualized knowledge, and must be directed solely by the Light of the Spirit, whoFire, 138:are located. These centers of force are always directed by manas or mind, or by the consciousFire, 208:at the base of the spine is definitely [208] directed to whichever center is the object of specialFire, 209:of kundalini is aroused, and its upward progress directed. The fire at the base of the spine, andFire, 210:of the spine, and the fire of mind are [210] directed along certain routes, or triangles, by theFire, 215:of the entities who embody this aspect are directed to the attracting of matter to Spirit, and theFire, 397:Logos. They are the life force of a Heavenly Man directed in a certain direction. These "shaktis"Fire, 472:myriads, work unconsciously, being guided and directed by words and sound. In this way vibrationsFire, 512:Dragon of Wisdom-Love. This force when rightly directed and properly controlled is the greatFire, 544:of producing results - constructive, if rightly directed; destructive, if left blindly to followFire, 610:subjective demand, and after being consciously directed, and manipulated, is finally discarded.Fire, 625:and controlled. Through their activity, directed through the centers, the material sheaths -Fire, 649:and the direction of the serpent fire be directed higher. This holds the clue to much. A furtherFire, 653:the dual, centripetal and centrifugal force are directed towards one point - Man. - S. D., II, 179.Fire, 713:permanent atom via the antahkarana and is directed to whichever center the Hierophant - under the
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