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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DIRECTED

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Fire, 774:for the greater part of the time, or are directed towards arousing the permanent atoms, [775] andFire, 776:of sounds involved as time elapses) the force is directed, the petals concerned are stimulated intoFire, 805:impulse is slow and heavy, and the vibration is directed to producing response between the egoicFire, 831:order into the Heart of the Sun; they will be directed outward again in another solar system. TheFire, 843:the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested and directed elsewhere, while the Pitris already activeFire, 909:and the future efforts of civilization will be directed towards the spreading of a revolt againstFire, 925:of divine thought, and from thence (through directed streams of intelligent energy) acquiresFire, 928:of energy from the seven logoic centers are directed downwards. The logoic Song of Love or Desire -Fire, 939:of a solar system. [939] First, their work is directed to the steady increase of the human physicalFire, 949:it means that one small stream of life-energy is directed into new channels, and away from the oldFire, 950:force of the fourth order. This force is then directed towards this distorted creation of theFire, 952:and of the words and sounds whereby they are directed and controlled. When the energy currents ofFire, 952:When the energy currents of the human family are directed from egoic levels only, when desire isFire, 954:those forms for but a brief period, will be directed towards the creation of that desired by theFire, 972:thought form energy of some kind. This energy is directed from one or other of the three higherFire, 975:very imperfectly. Just as long as the "Eye" is directed to the created form, the current of forceFire, 1008:energy, transmitted via the physical brain, is directed now to the work of sending forth the form,Fire, 1008:of that eye that the thought form is energized, directed and controlled and the lesser builders orFire, 1011:a triangle; that He can, through the energy directed from it, control and direct the builders, andFire, 1011:of service; and that through his eye by means of directed energy currents He can help and stimulateFire, 1148:and becomes what is occultly termed "a self directed point of fire." He is then stronglyFire, 1155:of certain forms of energy consciously directed by the Ego or Self, with the intent of driving theFire, 1211:by response to those lives which are consciously directed by Him, and who are, therefore, theGlamour, 29:to make those needed, and often divinely directed, compromises which profoundly help humanity; toGlamour, 52:consecration and right purpose enhance the directed inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves.Glamour, 86:sphere of influence, and then become potent directed streams of force, seeking emergence intoGlamour, 96:of his own revolts, his own acts and selfishly directed energies. Here the man discoversGlamour, 118:and mental tendencies, attention will then be directed to the discovery of the rays governing theGlamour, 133:of their thought-form-making faculty and their directed attention, which necessarily implies theGlamour, 143:to the "heart of the Sun" which is always directed by the "central spiritual Sun," localized in theGlamour, 144:brothers are projecting. Thus a great flood of directed light coming from several trained aspirantsGlamour, 144:of illumination and will only concern those directed forms of work and those presentations of theGlamour, 154:the whole personality is then theoretically directed towards liberation into service. The problemGlamour, 190:direction - energy, force and forces are directed into the world of phenomena and produce definiteGlamour, 204:plainly seen, and the searchlight of the mind is directed upon the glamor which it is intendedGlamour, 232:as a great searchlight whose beams are to be directed through an act of the will downward from theGlamour, 233:to throw behind the searchlight their united directed and dynamic will or intent; this carriesGlamour, 237:of the mind is turned upon the glamor, directed by thought. The naming of the glamor and the tripleGlamour, 241:can only be dissipated by the inflow of clear, directed light; this is true of the life of theGlamour, 243:be disregarded, that forces can be organized and directed by energy and that the world of thought,Glamour, 247:the etheric body, can be controlled and rightly directed, then vision and expression will and mustGlamour, 247:of projected thought? Is it perhaps to be directed by an energy greater than any of these butGlamour, 250:the highest activity of the personality can be directed upon the physical plane. You have thereforeGlamour, 252:are brought under rhythmic control. Energy is directed into them or through them; they are steadilyGlamour, 256:the antahkarana can begin to use, with care, directed breathing exercises. But, in the lastGlamour, 256:be attempted. You see, my brother, only the directed will, using the organized rhythmic breath asGlamour, 257:effect when not impelled or motivated by directed thought and when they are not the result of theGlamour, 261:be regarded as an automaton, influenced and directed by: The vital body and the forces of maya; orHealing, 13:non-resistance. At present, by the power of his directed thought and his intense antagonism toHealing, 94:will energy of the soul) is released and rightly directed by the mind, then disease can be handledHealing, 96:of people, can achieve integration and a thought-directed life. The second question asks whether anHealing, 97:when possible, by the use of energy rightly directed and by detailed visualization; love also playsHealing, 98:The concentrated will of any individual and the directed will of a united group [99] should neverHealing, 101:radiant energy. This stream of energy should be directed to the center nearest to the location ofHealing, 104:Think this last sentence out. Then use thought, directed thought, for a brief moment and think ofHealing, 104:and pours out through the two hands. It is thus directed on to the patient. Visualize it as pouringHealing, 121:or non-assimilation, and its rightly directed use. The other ills to which all flesh is heir atHealing, 122:are in process of becoming points of focused, directed energy. Their function and activity alwaysHealing, 122:is not desirable, nor is the energy wisely directed, deflected or retained. Intelligent intent mustHealing, 122:radiatory centers of healing force, consciously directed, this informing and then transmittedHealing, 125:forth the note, giving his message, distributing directed love energy, and influencing those aroundHealing, 129:to the flow of energy to all parts of the body, directed by either the personality, some aspect ofHealing, 153:and actively in the head, and their activity is directed from the head via the two head centers.Healing, 164:also animated by the unified life of the whole, directed from the head by the intelligent will orHealing, 172:of the solar plexus center itself have to be directed to the heart center. The energies of theHealing, 174:instrument (when rightly understood and rightly directed) for aiding in the integration of theHealing, 174:desire. What are his goals? To what are his aims directed? What is the nature of his realizedHealing, 181:roused into full activity by an act of the will, directed and controlled by the initiate. It isHealing, 201:which issue from the spine. Today this planned, directed esoteric control of energy is not present,Healing, 217:in ill health) floods the lower nature with ill-directed energy (or should I say misdirected?). TheHealing, 220:meditation, carried on in the head center, and directed towards some one or other of the centers,Healing, 231:urges and to the primitive instincts, but was directed to objects and objectives extraneous to theHealing, 239:of the emotions into aspiration and love and directed [240] control is not present, and theHealing, 240:when the centers are all properly organized and directed, that the effects of the energy which theyHealing, 282:(as they are erroneously called) which are directed to certain areas of the etheric body - whereHealing, 283:a twofold nature: They can, through the power of directed thought, pour energy into the centerHealing, 286:the patient which will attract the thought-directed energy of the group. The healer or the healingHealing, 287:not be forgotten. The pranic energy (thought-directed) is not sent to the center and thereHealing, 314:(which I may later elaborate) is to blend the directed will of the patient and of the healing groupHealing, 314:stronger tissue can take place. If the energy is directed to the cancer itself, the cancerousHealing, 317:are duly recognized and his thought life directed, and the [318] dynamic effectiveness of newHealing, 321:and any aspect of the human body, where the directed life energy goes. Germs are living organisms,Healing, 332:statement, that the soul pours its consciously directed energy into the dense physical body throughHealing, 356:its emanating source by an effort of the will, directed by the intuition. The clairvoyant can seeHealing, 370:that radiation is uneven and not rightly directed. Some people radiate physical or animalHealing, 410:processes of abstraction, and will then (with directed purpose) "ascend to the place from whence heHealing, 424:This essential substance is as much a vital, directed unity as the world soul of which one hears soHealing, 431:functioning as an elemental being or as the directed intention of the soul, is an aspect of desire,Healing, 448:(to use a totally inadequate phrase) of directed and focused will-energy. This is so magnetic inHealing, 454:is focused elsewhere. His attention is no longer directed towards things tangible and physical, butHealing, 497:to the waiting one," and by the power of that directed potency instantaneously reorients theHealing, 508:person with a deeply selfish or cruelly directed life is a personality, with all the powers of hisHealing, 525:functioning of the mechanism of received and directed force within the head. [526] Power to expressHealing, 538:the automaton of the physical body according to directed intent; they will then produce theirHealing, 538:as it will be by many factors. These energies, directed via the etheric body of the patient, orHealing, 549:causes. The healing with which I am concerned is directed towards the reorganizing and theHealing, 549:found. But the keynote of all his work will be directed distribution, and the center of hisHealing, 551:obstacles, and all available energies can be directed unimpeded to the diseased area. If the healerHealing, 554:will, regarding them as distributing points of directed energy. This directed energy, I would haveHealing, 554:as distributing points of directed energy. This directed energy, I would have you note, is not
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